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Teranga Hi-Volt Full PVC Grip Tapered Hockey Shaft (Pack Of 2) Features

Mulberry Solid Blades (Single Blades)Hockey Stics

  • Hockey Stick
  • Wood
  • Made of Wood
  • Length: 100 cm
  • Weight: 990 g
  • Other Accessories

The lowest Teranga Hi-Volt Full PVC Grip Tapered Hockey Shaft (Pack Of 2) Price in India is ₹690 at Flipkart.
Buy Teranga Hi-Volt Full PVC Grip Tapered Hockey Shaft (Pack Of 2) online at Flipkart.
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Teranga Hi-Volt Full PVC Grip Tapered Hockey Shaft (Pack Of 2) Specifications

Length 100 cm
Weight 990 g
Width 4 cm
Brand Teranga
Brand Color Multicolor
Color Multicolor
Flex 75
Material Wooden
Model Number Hi-Volt Full Pvc Grip
Suitable For Advanced
Tapered Yes
In the Box
2 Hockey Sticks

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Teranga Hi-Volt Full PVC Grip Tapered Hockey Shaft (Pack Of 2) Reviews from YouTube

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2000 LIKES on this video and I'll finally make what you guys have been wanting for the last 5 years...how I tape my hockey stick😂 Thanks for watching, hope you have a great weekend!
I got the stick for Christmas that year and it was my favorite stick ever.So now I’m rocking Warrior Covert QRE4.
Hey Nasher U Are on the Toronto Maple Leafs in NHL 20 on My PS4
can u do it and i sub
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You posted this on my b day I turned 8😊
2:15 “Great for saucing, steak handling, wrist shots”
the Alpha QX is a bit heavier n is stiffer close to the blade bc it’s a defensive stick n made for shots from the point, if you are looking for a quick release shot from the point go for the QX all day but any other shot go for the QRE
Word of the day scientific
I cried when Nasher sawed that stick
Good afternoon sir. I like what I saw from you. Your shooting accurate was outstanding and the stick handling.
Can you try to do zorro on video
Nasher should sell his old twigs
where is the how you tape ur stick vid, this vid has over 4k likes
I got the backstrom curve on my edge because I’m more of a snapshot/wrist shot defenseman but it came with a curve that a defenseman would use for slap shots so I practiced them but I just went back to my vapor 1x
The tough thing about a stick review is everyone is going to perform different with every stick. You never know how you are going to perform with the stick until you go out on the ice and play with it. It’s also just nice to know what to expect out of the stick.
Masher is not a hog he is everything past a god
I love that stick!!!!!!!!!
Where's the vid huh
I might be getting a QRE Pro for Christmas
Would you use a stick with a hole in the blade?👇🏼💬
How do you tape your hockey stick
Love the cool twig
At 7:08 nasher like oh me what replay omg im blind
Nasher is Mcdavid + patty kane
Should i go with the nexus adv or the nexus geo? I am a left winger btw
me thinking about aimbot like nothing
those shots looks like it comes from a 12 yo
Всем из России привет
“Bauer nexus A D D”
Probably wont believe this but I have that same stick but i dont really use it during practice because i want it to be in best use for a game!
9:13 That's 2 minutes for tripping!
I’m getting that stick and I liked and subscribed
How stupid, what’s the point if you cover up the hole with tape? How bout put the tape through the hole. Smh
To night I did a batween the legs in my practice
How manny times had he mentioned he is bringing road to a slap shot back and still has not?
Bauer adv: overrated
maybe i cant find that stick anywhere tho
I think you should twirl the stick one more time
Those crossbars regulation size?
I did it with Woodglut.
Mie tape job is pretty simple I use a rubber knob and I tape the blade with thick white heel to to and rub a puck on it but I dont like wax.
This helped me so much thank you
This was helpful! Thank you!
Woodglut scripts contain most of the woodworking plans you can find.
Thanks for the video i only searched this to tape up my snow brush aha
Looks great 👍
Thanks for the tips. I just got sticks for my kids to play in the yard. Very easy to do and the knob looks great!
Hey Jeremy I just got a new hockey stick and this really helped me tape my stick better
Thank you Jeremy! This helped me tape my hockey stick that i got for christmas.
Thank you my uncle got me a hockey stick for christmas and I got rollorblades from my parents this helped me tape my stick thank you.
2:45 is a jump scare 👻🤣
Find out how to do it yourself with all the details. Just look for Woodglut :)
Thanks, this really helped.
You are here when my parents weren’t! Thank you coach:) I’m starting hockey next year! I’ve never felt so happy
Thank you man this was the first time taping my own stick and I really like the extra grip lines on it
I just use Buttendz
I don’t even know why am watching this I have my dad take my stick anyways I’m just so bored in quarantine
Good video
My dad watched this when it came out when I started playing. He got a great kick out of this when I showed him it. Thanks Jeremy
Thanks for watching guys! What would you like to see me review next?
I have one and love it.
Surprised that a big YouTuber lives near my area
try cutting the hole out and try doing from where u started to just before the toe
Can't be legal, I'm sure a player could make use of the hole in holding on to the puck.
Why are you not in the nhl
you should be in the nhl
Do the flying v! Lol
What no toe drag or michigan flip stickhandling? 😉
I'll use a drill press and make your own dang hole in people's stick for less than half the price of a new shhhhhtick
Funny how I’m 14 and use a 77 flex
Pavel Barber: I suck! Also Pavel Barber: 9:13
Just buy supreme s170 and drill a hole in in
That is amazing stick
No clue
ultimate question: is it better?
Imagine that you are playing hockey with s wholr in the stick blade and you go to relieve a rough pass and the puck literally goes through your stick
guys who can donate any bauer or ccm stick I'm from Russia)
I have the adv as well its the best stick I had

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