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Teranga Fiero Tour Goalie Stick Tapered Hockey Shaft Features

Painted Laminated Blades Midi/U shape

  • Hockey Stick
  • Wood
  • Made of Wood
  • Length: 100 cm
  • Weight: 990 g
  • Hockey Sticks

The lowest Teranga Fiero Tour Goalie Stick Tapered Hockey Shaft Price in India is ₹1,920 at Flipkart.
Buy Teranga Fiero Tour Goalie Stick Tapered Hockey Shaft online at Flipkart.
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Teranga Fiero Tour Goalie Stick Tapered Hockey Shaft Specifications

Length 100 cm
Weight 990 g
Width 4 cm
Brand Teranga
Brand Color Multicolor
Color Multicolor
Flex 75
Material Wooden
Model Number Goalie Stick
Suitable For Advanced
Tapered Yes
In the Box
2 Hockey Sticks

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Teranga Fiero Tour Goalie Stick Tapered Hockey Shaft Reviews from YouTube

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TRUE AX9 Goal Stick Review | TRUE NEEDS TO FIX THIS!!!
I love mine and I think I'm down to about two left, they are over 20 years old. I need a new supply!
I loved my Curtis Curve sticks. I had 7 Eagle Curtis Curve sticks. I still have one that has never been used.
So this Is what Brent Burns does in the offseason
It's not brand new it was around in the early 90s
I used one as a kid. Thought it was the greatest thing ever until... I tried any other stick made. But I was a kid and didn’t know any better.
Nobody likes extra weight to a stick
These guys are trash, this is one of the greatest goalie sticks of all time!
I litteraly use one. I found 2 buried deep in a hockey shop in Australia. It's heavy but stick down saves all day, hextall slashes really hurt and leave fibre glass splinters
Date u dum dums
U should make a vid on the bauer supreme 2s goal stick
Got me!
I remember seeing that when i was 15
I had one and might be one of the few that loved it.
Great vid
There is a chunk of lumber. I remember them. Ugly and heavy. Never had any in the tall paddle size that I ever found. Thought to try one out, but, meh.
No fool's will buy this stick. Happy April!
Is it embarrassing to say that I had one of these?
HAHAHAHA "Everyone wants to pick that thing up...no!"
Zou je de Grays sticks aanbevelen boven de Nedstar DH1
Why goalkeepers hockey weird hook shape....?
What price will the new grays sticks be?
My question is to all of you is how did you get to play on such high levels and how did you pull it off
When will the stick be released? The MH 2000
Also, it is not stronger, the put like an aramid bumper on the shaft. Stiff sticks kept breaking, because of the high carbon content. Carbon is not stronger, it's stiffer but it breaks more easily but has more 'ping'. To prevent breakage and cracking of the stick, they put in a aramid bumper, to absorb some of the force down the shaft
Good video, but they had the basics of the goalie line already last season, like the gx6000 goalie
My question is: how to best approach being asked to play up for a higher team than you normally do? I was asked to play up last week and was really nervous about how different the level of the game would be and that my skills wouldn’t be good enough.
And 2 other questions 1 when can I Buy the Maddie Hinch Grays goaliestick ? And the second question What exercises can You do at Home To improve my reaction skills or my technical skills?
My questions for Sam and Maddie are: What is your favourite food that you eat before practising? And what is your favourite exercise for a goalietraining?
Congratulations for 5k
How lang do You play Maddie en Sam
Last season my team got promoted and so far this season we have lost every game we have played, as a goalie this is so demoralising. Sometimes I get to half time and don’t want to play on. Have you got any tips for how to stay motivated and focused even if you are losing?
My question:would you ever use a Osaka stick or even one of the obo goalie sticks?
A question for all 3 of yous have you ever gotten a card while playing in goals?
Great vlog Dennis.. die keepersticks zijn kei cool😉😵 keep it up👍👍 Love from Belgium🇧🇪🖤💛❤🇧🇪
A few questions for all three of you. - What makes a good keeper kit? and What makes a good warm-up on match day? A question for Maddie, Would she be willing to or have the time to help train a local university's hockey teams goalies, not far from Bisham Abbey?
how old were you when you first played in goal (maddie)
How did they get noticed to play such a high level?
My question is who is the tallest young goalkeeper you have met? (if hinch remembers me from the MH1 camp in the summer with fortitude then I think I am the tallest she’s met)😂😂🏑
Surprise Sunday upload. Wanted to share my review of the TRUE AX9 goal stick. Are you buying an AX9? Subscribe ➝ https://www.youtube.com/user/Trav4oilers?sub_confirmation=1 ====================================== CHAT ME UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram ► http://instagram.com/trav4oilers TikTok ► https://www.tiktok.com/@trav4oilers Patreon ► https://www.patreon.com/Trav4oilers ======================================= PRODUCTS I USE. “TRAVSUCKS” PROMO CODE WILL SAVE YOU $$$ ON ALL PRODUCTS GoalieBLOK ➝ https://www.goalieblok.com Pro Laces ➝ https://www.prolaces.ca/en/15-productsstore Buttendz ➝ https://buttendz.com/shop/ Preworkout and Supplements ➝ https://www.popeyescanada.com OTHER PRODUCTS I USE Insta360 OneR ➝ https://www.insta360.com/sal/one_r?insrc=INRP0XR Insta360 OneX ➝ https://www.insta360.com/sal/one_x?insrc=INRP0X DJI Osmo Action ➝ https://click.dji.com/AMg5e4uNsDefXLyF82L_FQ?pm=link Drone ➝ https://click.dji.com/AN7ngAxxRtR7g0BzEIYg6Q?pm=link =======================================
I couldn’t agree more on true sticks. They are great. Feels great. But like you said, they last like a month
my 4.5 has lasted for 1.5 seasons (except for the back of paddle where i smashed it :( ) btw i play bantam AA
Top notch stick for sure, hopefully it will last a couple of ice sessions in Sweden ! Keep moving forward Trav !
I have 2 true 6.0s and I loge the stick I had them all last seaoen and I was facing 60-70 shots a game and it barely chipped
Dude...get it that you’re triggered...but you’re babbling through the end...could have been 4 minutes shorter. You can’t call it a great product and then in the same sentence say it’s not a great product because it doesn’t last...LOL!!
300 dollars/stick and its showing wear? FFS. That's bad.. hockey gear is expensive as it is
I use True sticks and they’re prone to chipping. However, it’s taken me entire seasons to “break” (not really broken, but it sounds weird) these sticks. I wouldn’t say a chip is a break tbh, and I’ve found their sticks to be really reliable. (For reference, I use the A4.5 with a toe curve)
crazy how many break from shots off the shaft .. i always wanted a composite until watching you LOL .. i cant handle the puck worth shit so i'll stick with my wood shaft foam core stick LOL
Trav, you are on the swedish national news! https://www.msn.com/sv-se/sport/ishockey/k%C3%A4nd-fr%C3%A5n-youtube-nu-ska-han-g%C3%B6ra-hockeykarri%C3%A4r-i-sverige/ar-BB18y2cu?ocid=msedgdhp good luck!
the sherwood bpm 150 stick is like 129.99 on sale at pro hockey life in full right
@trav4oilers Hockey or girls ?? And why
While I have not broken my True 6.0 HT (QMJHL return), I was worried about its durability after my first game with it because of how much it chipped in a single game. I even had dents in the blade where I was swatting at the puck near a forward's skates. There is a grip on the 6.0 HT (at least mine does), but it's more of a speckled pattern, as opposed to looking like it's been dusted for fingerprints of the Hulk. By the time I will be considering an AX9, they might come down in price a little. I hope.
Also best of luck in Sweden. I’m excited to see what you have ahead in the future
Thanks so much for answering my question in the last video. That was unreal. Also, it might just be me but the look of the True stick is crazy. I love the design
Will the team in Sweden provide any of your gear, or is that your problem along with rent and food?
I’ve never been a big fan of true, too expensive
That was a good stick review. Good luck in Sweden.
We all know about them True 👎
Hey trav just wanted to tell you this ice time might be the best you have ever played on camera you looked super solid. Good luck in Sweden bud

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