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Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag Colours:
  • Black

Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Tenstar
Color Black
Sport Boxing

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 punching bag price in india
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good vid thanks
Hello, im here for the domestic abuse joke Update: i found it
Why the fuck did this come up when i looked up the cum box?
great video haha
I died.
Thank you so much for this video. Iv been using the heavy bag for about 9 months now for exercise and have been using those glove wraps you put on underneath your boxing gloves because I was just too lazy to try and learn how to use actual wraps because it just looked so complicated and time consuming. They worked fairly well but I finally decided I wanted to learn how to use actual wraps. I found your video and wow, what a difference using actual hand wraps make! Your video was very easy to follow, very precise and right to the point. Thank you so much and my hands and fingers thank you as well!
Are youbusing 120 or 180?
كفو ماتقصر
I never boxed in my life, but, I guess YouTube wants me to exercise. 😅
and what about the blood presure?
what is the material
Thanks for sharing this very useful information for me because I don't know how to wrap my hands😍
I just started boxing and I look up "how to" and this is the first thing that comes up
And now I know how to wrap my hand even though I never boxed, but I've been thinking about kickbox
아임 그루트 이걸 발견한 님이 ㄹㄱㄴ
BENZEMA watched this video
Manny Pacquiao
I did a Muay Thai class today and didn't know how to wrap my hands.... The instructor had to do it. Thank God I found this video 🙌
Good workout!
is this what the actual classes are like ?
La Chica hace mejor las cosas... El de Short Gris es un Boboo
1. First step stop hitting the tree. 2. Proceed to Apologise to the tree. 3. Hug tree & give him some water. 4. Have a great day !
I love these fat guys with the big huge stomachs trying to teach martial arts.
Me gustaría verlo en español...buen vídeo..
Pimp slaps 101.
"Treeeees, don't hit back". Kidding good video
Dont want to get slap from that hand.
Dear Sir Dale Leonard, Iron Fist Conditioning is also one of my absolute favorites and I liked your video of course. My utmost respect & interest and good job! I hope I can inspire you to watch my short video with bare knuckle exercises on random rough gravel/loose stones. I do much more with Iron Fist workout & exercises. Hopefully you will watch them and you can see lots more push ups variations on my YT channel (if you like). https://youtu.be/P5pxHOva6us Thnx again for your time. Kind regards & utmost respect, Jacky from Holland
To instructor in video At 80 some years old are you really going to strike like that for about a hour to condition ?
Good training. Just takes years of conditioning. And start out slow. After years of practicing this you will be able to hit things very hard with no damage or pain. Important to focus ( the mind ) with each hit. The only one I am not too confident with is the back hand, now that would hurt unless your hands are very well conditioned. Very easy to break the small bones in the back of your hand unless you know what your doing. I stick to the shuto chop and the palm slaps. Also like the palm slap followed by the rake ( or tiger claw strike ) it's good to rip off some tree bark with that one.
So you learn Kungfu?
I remember doing tree training as a boy who just started training and the look on my neighbors faces was priceless.
Thank you sir for sharing
Thank yous for sharing
Lol so primitive yet effective 🦴🧠🏋️‍♂️👍it works
Не трогай дерево,болеть будешь!
I studied Iron Palm the old fashioned way. But I really like this way of doing it, I wish I had seen this way sooner.
dzien dobry
Йоооооо, все кисти отекшие от таких тренировок, где же тут мастерство, тут на грани инвалидности