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Buy Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag online at Amazon. Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag . Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag available in Colours: Black

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Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag price at Amazon - ₹1,250 ₹1,425

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Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag available in Colours:
  • Black

Tenstar Punching / Boxing Bag Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Tenstar
Color Black
Sport Boxing

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could i use this without the suction? will it tip over and rip the base open?
Is there any modifications you can recommended to increase the longevity of the punching bag? I'm afraid the material used to wrap the padding would tear. Maybe duct tape? or some kind of vinyl wrap?
So how is it
Did the name of the company change or something? It's different in the amazon link.
Is this worth getting or should I just get a ringside hydroblast water bag
Great review. Do you think it can handle kicks? I'm 5'6 and heavy as hell. I'm trying to lose weight. Greetings from Switzerland.
Is it worth the money
Great review. But I have a question. In your opinion how do you think it would do on carpet for stability? Because I have zero hard and flat surface I have wall to wall carpet. Thanks brotha 👍🏼🤙🏼
Would've been nice to see you actually hitting the bag to see how it responds.
i work with frustrating people so i be punching a table or whatever i can to let go of anger. thinking of getting this
Would it still move around as much if your sand or water in the actual bag itself?
Just got bag thank you, good choice brotha
Why not hit the bag in the review?
I found something similar to that but it is 5.5ft tall and I’m 6.1ft, do you think it would be a problem?
hello , I’m new to this boxing sport. I’m a 17 year old weighing 155 pounds. I was wondering what’s a good start with products to start on such as heavybag and all that. I already have weights so there’s some muscle in me already , thank you !
What’s the best free standing bag that won’t just fall over
Would’ve loved to see some kicks
Hi, the instructions on Amazon suggest buying the bag a minimum 10 cm smaller than one‘s height - any ideas why? Thanks!
Can you put it on carpet to see it will move around
WOW,thank you for sharing this video, I order the same product from replicaclubs..ru three days ago, delivery by Fedex,good quality !!!
which one to get an 80lbs or 100 lbs? 5ft or 6ft to hung it in my 8ft ceiling garage? I will be using it for boxing and muay thai too. I already have a 45lbs round water uppercut bag and a double end bag too..I used to fight in muay thai and also did some boxing while I was still competing in wrestling. Now I just wrestle but like to hit the bags still:) Been looking at the teardroo bags too but I think I can get more out of a full bag, what do you think?? My dad will be using it for cardio too
I just use my wife
I need a home bag. IAM 17 years old 170lbs that wrestles and has trained in boxing and muay thai. Was looking at those water bags so my dad could use it too cause is easier on joints but don't know which one to get 4ft, 5ft 80 vs 100lbs bag..my dad wants to hung it in 8foot ceiling garage
This is clearly little more than an advert with no basis real knowledge. If you want some actual expert advice on heavy punching bags try checking out the VLOG and BLOGs on www.fightstorepro.com or on www.revgearsports.com with people who actually know what they are talking about.....And yes I'm involved in both of these but doesn't change the fact of the matter. Also try the https://www.youtube.com/user/csquaredboxing who also knows his stuff.
Thank you I have the Rdx bag
these are terrible lol
Talk more clearly, I can’t understand anything you’re saying.
do you even throw hands?
Oof one comment 🤦🏽‍♂️
Helpful info. Thank you.
I came back just to make sure that i disliked the video.
It's hard to trust a review when you represent and sell one of the products. Of course you're going to make your product look the best... Disappointing..
nghyaaa nghyaaaa hyaaaaa ................ ngngngnghyaaaaa
Both guys out of breath neither one hit hard.🤣🤣 Every bag like this fails if you hit hard. Had all of them. The padding never lasts long. I always break the plastic core. Get a real bag not this over priced bullshit.
for that price id get 2 everlast bags so i can keep going when one gets knocked over
wtf did I just see
How long is the process once I make a payment...
this is absolute bollocks!! completly shit review
Fight camp one, is the only one filled up all others are empty. 🤔
3:15 - 1000 bucks, knock this thing off the stage. $1000 is how much the Fight Camp bag costs.
Better comparison is Century WaveMaker XXL or new Torrent free standing bags. Fill with 300lbs of sand or water. Bags have proper file and don't get soft. Vinyl is durable, not cheap. Add heavy duty grip tape on bottom then place on exercise mat so it does not slide. $399, but I found a used like new one for $35 on OfferUp. Instruction: I use the Beachbody "Core de Force - MMA" video set.
Bollox he wasn't hitting that anywhere near as hard as he made it try to look 😂😂😂 and the ring left on the left once it was moved was there to reinforce it
Nobody: Special Ed. kids in the hall way making weird songs: 2:24
So homie there moved ya bag more than the golden glover? Yall just told on ya selfs. Thinkin were dumb and shit foh
Ha ha boom!
Not even a good commercial! Smdh
Any discount codes for that camp bag?
Do they not think we are going to notice what’s happening here lol??
they didnt even hit hard on the last one
Thank you imma get this now probably, much love your videos are my favourite❤️❤️
Made in Pakistan lol, the tag said Chain-3 and the other tag Made in Pakistan. Thanks for another great review Carlo!
What brand is canelo bag nazo pro are prolast
Have you tried the fightbro heavy bags? They are 150 prefilled and 6ft, I think Stephen thompson uses them 2
Try to proboxing punching bag
You think it's better than nazo
I posted a vid of me hiting my 21 inch aqua bag
Love your channel mate, best boxing review channel out there IMO. Keep at it 👌👊🏻
Why would they put a patch on a bag ? So dumb
It’s the weighted sandbags that make their way to the buttom. I actually have the Everlast 100lb bag you have. I immediately took the filling out, took all the sandbags kinda wrapped the sandbags up like a long hotdog with duck tape. Then I filled the bag at the buttom about a third and position the king hotdog sandbag I taped together in the middle and filled evenly around the sandbag. So it fills awesome. I’ve owned several heavy bags and I normally do this to make the heavy bag more consistent through out.
Switching to a aqua bag will help with the tendinitis. It helped with mine, combined with 16oz protective(style) bag gloves.
Aaahhh now I know why you have that bag up, the dam tendons , F those tendons man your the real Mexican beef brother!🥊🤣
you should use dinarno to make sure more people see these kinds of review,
those plastic logos needs to go
Great review, was looking forward to this one. Did you get the chance to actually weigh the bag on a scale, and does it actually weigh 100 pounds? My heavy bag says 100 pounds and is about 80 pounds on the scale.
Rival have a new heavy bag series I was considering buying but this review came just In time
You having any information on the FIGHTING Fierce Professional Heavy Bag 2.0
What boxing gym does carlos go to
Love the T-shirt man!❤️
where are u taking all this equipments/gloves etc. after video ? nice video tho 💪🏻💪🏻