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Buy Technotech ZB029 15Mp WebCam online at Amazon. Technotech ZB029 15Mp WebCam
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Technotech ZB029 15Mp WebCam Features

  • 100% AUTHENTIC
  • Easy to use
  • Package included : 1 piece
Technotech ZB029 15Mp WebCam

Find the best deal on Technotech ZB029 15Mp WebCam at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Technotech ZB029 15Mp WebCam Price in India is ₹699 at Amazon.
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Technotech ZB029 15Mp WebCam Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Technotech
Item Height 10.6 Centimeters
Item model number WEB CAM ZB 029
Item Weight 100 g
Item Width 7.8 Centimeters
Model WEB CAM ZB 080
Product Dimensions 8.7 x 7.8 x 10.6 cm

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Technotech ZB029 15Mp WebCam Reviews from YouTube

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Colours from the Web camera did look not as vibrant as the internal camera?
Sir programming comparison ka video kab ayega
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the only bad is you cant rotate it on vertical axis
Can you use it as speakers for a laptop? I can not seem to be able to?
This helped a lot. Thanks and keep up the gadget reviews
I wanna have a handcam but my rgb is very light do u still think it will able to do the job
Scream into it.
Great job! Very Helpful!
How did u resize the app In my machine it is slipping out of the screen not able to see the entire settings, any clue
What microphone are you using to make the video? :) Not the built-in logitech one. Thanks!
I had this for 7 years the only weakness is the wire breaks after a while
I like Victure Webcam SC30. The video is so great. Highly recommended~
Is this webcam compatible with Dell Inspiron 15-7560? Appreciate any feedback.
Hey @GaugingGadgets, loved the video! I reviewed the C920 as well and would love to get your thoughts: video is very informative. I love how detailed it is. Thanks for sharing this amazing review.
Gez, your builtin camera was the best I thought.
how turn mic off ? if i want use other mic?
man idk what type of c920 yall got but mine is dogshit , use your iphone instead of buying this tbh
gift to @KTXTeluguGamer
Question of the Day Did you know you can use your phone as a webcam for live streaming Let me know! Check out our Video on the Best USB Microphone for YouTube Under $60 HERE ➡️ you for this! I was just researching different ways and ran into this video.
I think you forgot about the "budget" webcams
wow it works thank you
Hey ! I have a canon g7x mark ii where should I get the dummy battery for live streaming ? Thanks for the help !
The budget version works awesome, I just picked one up and it works with my Nikon D3300.
Logi C920 isn't good, has a shitty FOV and also is not cheap! No alternatives mentioned, just bad.
"best budget webcam" - "here, this one's $ 100" . . . . . . . You clown.
whos in 2021?
Can you update the link for the capture card? It doesn't work anymore. Thanks!
Sir it can be used to OBS flatform using smartphones ?
Can you use multiple smartphones with epoccam? I'm looking to start a 4 person video podcast
0:19 My entire life changed with the help of, *e z g o o d p a y*
So much talking this could have been cut down to about half ffs did not have to be this long.
hey! Is there any difference between a paid EpocCam vs. free IriunWebcam Quality wise, etc Was curious to know before buying the 1st app? Thanks!
gonna have to try out my 7d for streaming. Awesome video
Which microphone are you using, phone, computer or other? Can you help on this? I do not want a microphone show up when I’ll talk
He’s living in 2021
Epoccam is only for iOS
This is the definitive video for video streaming, it has a lot of things that i already knew but in ONE place and with the correct names of the accessories that we need.
That video was actually really helpful! Thx
Thanks, this webcam is one I hadn't seen. Personally, I disagree with your point that "wide screen is better" when most people, in reality, are using web cams for Zoom meetings, or to teach or attend classes. In all of those situations, a tighter view of the streamer is better you do not really want to see, or show, the whole room. Sure if you are doing a YouTube video where you need to show your whole tabletop, you want wide angle, but if that's what you're doing then a webcam is probably not the best solution anyway.
I still use my C920 I was cleaning the lens part and wondering why they haven't made a Real Scratch Proof Lens by now
"Aukey" means "vomit" in my native language, Gujarati. Just sayin.
android tv compatible with Duo app? do you have proof?
i need help i got this webcam and after a day of using it i open obs and all i see is a very dark screen and very blurry and pixelated i tried to fix it in settings but nothing would fix the darkness i even put a lot of lights in my room nothing pls help
I stream on an adult site. I bought both of these cams. I love the aukey over the 920. I now run 2 aukey cams into OBS.
How sensitive is the Wave Mic to keyboard sounds? Since it’s standing next to it I can imagine hitting the keys might be picked up by the mic and get annoying.
This is how you review something! Great job Covered lots of areas I was concerned about. Thank you a lot :D
The webcam review is nice an all but where do i buy that hat :')
I didn't know Adam Sandler had a YT channel
Wow the AUKEY looks great!
thanks for testing MICROPHONE, logitech clear winner :)
is there any software to zoom in/out with aukey webcam?
I like Victure Webcam SC30. The video is so great. Highly recommended~
so i just got the aukey for $30right now
nice video. earned my sub.
The logitech is better in almost every way besides the swivel, but rn it's $30 in amazon cyber Monday deal. Aukey no brainer right now
Great video! A question - when you show the Aukey video, what is that flickering color bar at the bottom right of the frame? Is that from Streamlabs? Or actually in the camera output? It is very visible at 3:15 for example, just below the boom arm elbow.
Many of webcam comparison decisions boil down to availability and price, at this time in my country c920 is almost 3x of aukey . This makes aukey a good buy considering it is pretty good for the price. It's almost temping to get a small point and shoot with usb-hdmi convertor at that price

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