Technotech TT-USBHUB4P 4-Ports USB 3 0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub

Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ Amazon.

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Buy Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub online at Amazon. Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub . Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub available in Colours: Whit...

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Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub price at Amazon - ₹999

Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub Offers and Coupons:

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The lowest Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub Price in India is ₹999 at Amazon.
Buy Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub online at Amazon.
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Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub available in Colours:
  • White
  • Black

Technotech (TT-USBHUB4P) 4-Ports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Usb Hub Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Technotech
Colour White
Item Height 18 Centimeters
Item model number TT-USBHUB4P-W
Item Weight 68 g
Item Width 35 Millimeters
Product Dimensions 14 x 3.5 x 18 cm

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Kya ap isko mobile pe lagake use karne vali vedio baba sakte he 🙏
Sir ab kaisa kaam rha aur lelooon
pls batana muge
pls vo ek bar mobile ko lagake batao
I bought it today on 145 rupees
Good information
Bhai phone mea kon sa usb hub hota hea plz boldo
Bhai aapnre pocha kya ye sakhi mobile ko free firese khelni ke liye
Sir mujhe free fire khelni hai to otg cable se conect usb hub ko keyboard or mouse se connect karke khelsakte hai
Bro...mere pas ek usb hubb hai..par at the at the same time usb mouse and keyboard work nehi kar raha hai...koi sullution hai to plelase batana.
Thank you so much ❤😊
Hi, can we connect 3.0 speed pen drive to this USB hub?
Nice voice and nice review thank bhi
Thx a lot
Sir how is it working after 1month?
OTG cable mai oppo x30 ghuse nahi raha pls tell
Can we play (Free Fire) in phone using this 4 port usb hub with mouse and keyboard???? Means is this port workable in phone???? plsssss reply
Thank you for review
Muje pasand aaye aur mane buy be keya
Thanks x
does it work on a playstation 4?
Will this work in a el gato hd 60 and hd 60s+ ?
Hello does it work for webcam?
Hi there! what do you guys think about this one? in's on sale now for 50$ looks very similar and characteristics should be the same I guess your thoughts guys!
Hi there! what do you guys think about this one? in's on sale now for 50$ looks very similar and characteristics should be the same I guess your thoughts guys!
How much is jt
How about use it for mi wired keyboard?
This is trash
*Thank you, it really helped me! Imma sub.*
Hallo sehr schönes Video . Ich habe auch ein Video über USB 3.0 Hub `s . Vielleicht könntest du ja mal auf meinem Kanal vorbei schauen und ein Kommi, Like oder Abo da lassen. Das würde mir sehr Weiter Helfen MFG LIP TV
will it handle a usb hard drive?
Ofcourse it will indicate charging, there is still power in the hub, it will take a whole day before that gets to 100%.
I was wondering, I have an elgato that uses a 3.0 usb and I'm getting a logitech webcam which can use 2.0 and 3.0 usb. So if I bought this, would it work fine if I have an elgato hd60 and a logitech plugged into this hub?
You come off as yelling at the audience.
Can it be used with usb razer mic?
2:52 The sd card is blocking the other port. MOVE IT TO THE LEFT!!! My ocd lol
can I connect laptop cooling fans and RGB mouse pad in it?
its awesome review man
My alarm clock has a usb port so i was wondering if it would work if i plug it in
can i sue for charging the phone the phone will charge in 5v 2A
Ok. Hello you Unplug USB drive without safely remove first ! Is there problem of using external HD without powering this USB hub ???
Hii If my TV has 1 USB port than Can I use this device to convert into multiple USB ?
Can this work to get rid of hiss noise through a 48v phantom power USB audio interface box or no lmk thanks!
Hello. Can I use this in my vehicle? I'm an UBER driver and I have a few USB gadgets that I use and this would be perfect to just use 1 charging unit instead of 2 charging units. Can you clarify if I can use this type of thing in my vehicle.
i only have usb 2.0 ports on my computer. will this convert my usb 2.0 ports to 3.0 ports?
Do you need USB 3.0 slots in your PC for this to work?
Will my Blue Yeti Mic work with this? Along with my Keyboard and Mouse?
If I plug this in to my console then plug my keyboard and mouse in it so I can play keyboard and mouse on console will that work
Does this help to transfer files from one laptop to another laptop?
bought this item after watching this review. but when i plug in my 2 x Western Digital ext. HDD into the hub and transfer files between them, i only get around 16-17MB/s speed... not sure if these are the speeds it should be hitting?
can you use a gamimg keyboard?
Are these 4 ports the same thing as the otg USB ?
This work with PS4?
let's say i plugged this in my front panel case in my pc then i use the usb 3.0 plugs to plug in my mouse and keyboard, will that work?
I have buy this and this so good
after watch this i want buy this one
Hey can i use this for a keyboard
please tell abot an 1.0 usb hub
Can I use 500 gb external hard disk with it , what about Ethernet adaptor ?
is it support led tv multi drive using
Can we use without powere adapter while travelling
I've read some reviews which state that at any time all ports don't work simultaneously. Is it true? I'm planning to attach a (1) kontakt6 audio interface, (2) Nektar Midi Keyboard (3) Seagate 4TB External Hard Drive and a mouse to this transcend hub. Do you think it'll work?
Goodafternoon i was wondering can i use this with my 3.0 portable harddrive?
Can I connect Razer black widow mechanical RGB keyboard?
Hi. Do you still use it? It's been four years since you uploaded this video. I'm looking to buy a hub right now, so should I just get this one or can you suggest some better options?
I've got a question dat , will the hub still work if it NOT supplied d 12v/2amp power , and JUST directly connected to d compute's USB 3.0 connection? Like ? To atleast support low connections such as keyboard or mouse?
Can I use the hub without the adapter?
if i connect into a 2.0 port and connect a pendrive into hub will i get 3.0 speed?
It can work on LG 43lh576t tv
good video but horrible pronunciation
price is 2600-2800 what?
Does it need any kind of drivers or is this plug n play pls reply
If I connect it to my desktop will it burn the motherboard due to it is powered
Do I always have to the power adapter? I mean Suppose i only wish to use a single usb 2 pen drive with this port then also will I have to use the adapter to power it up, or. Can it be used occasionally like other non powered hubs?????
If we connect this to a tablet in OTG mode, can this charge the tablet and work as a hub at the same time ?
Hi, i purchased this nearly 3 years ago and i noticed this is the best review video so far however answering some of the late questions for the people: It can work without the power adapter, however by doing that it will suffer a performance hit on the speed and transfers, it is not recommended to use devices that are power heavy if you re not using the power cord as it will start disconnecting them randomly, this is caused because the devices that use usb 3.0 are usually power-hungry and a single laptop port usually will not have the impedance in Ampers to supply multiple devices, if you use the power cord, everything will work smooth If you dont use the power supply cord, expect a performance downgrade to usb 2.0 when you connect more than 2 devices The voltaje of the power cord is 12Volts The supercharger port Works really well and can work without the computer being turned on (but connected by the powercord, as a charging station From the almost 3 years i ve had this device, it hasnt given me a single problem Will work with any TV, monitor, cel pone and device that can work with usb 3.0 USB 2.0 devices will still work, but will be capped at 30mb/s USB Hard drives work well on this, at some point i had connected 4 at the same time, provided you are using the power cord, otherwise they will be slow or will get a random disconnect. Having to use a power cord is not a design flaw, its more because the amplitude of devices that require high power that requires the extra omph to work well, this is limited by the power draw of the computer usb port itself, newer computers have much more impedance Amperage to offset, but its still an issue for most usb 3 devices even by today hope this had helped
The output voltage and current of the adapter?