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Boys Remote Control Toys

migwow Stunt car 360° Spinning Action wireless remote control toy ... KGF RC Stunt Car 4WD 2.4GHz Remote Control Gesture Sensor Toy Off Road Vehicle.


Team RC MIG-29 Remote Control Jet 2.4Ghz Remote Features

Team RC MIG-29 Remote Control Jet 2.4Ghz Remote
The lowest Team RC MIG-29 Remote Control Jet 2.4Ghz Remote Price in India is ₹10,514 at Amazon.
Buy Team RC MIG-29 Remote Control Jet 2.4Ghz Remote online at Amazon.
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Team RC MIG-29 Remote Control Jet 2.4Ghz Remote Reviews from YouTube

MIG-29 Twin 70mm 360 Degree Thrust Vectoring RTF EDF JET! Flight Review in HD!
Flybear FX 820 SU 35 2 Channel RC Airplane Flight Test Review
SU-27 XK A100 Three Channel RC Airplane Flight Test Review
F-22 RAPTOR Twin 70mm JET Flight Review!
sound of jet is sucks
10:50 what’s up with that nose gear door hanging out?
Terrible lookin jet 😒 can’t compare with horizon and motion
How much price of this mini jet
Awesome jet and nice flying skills. Thanks for sharing. @12:44 was that tail touchdown on purpose? Lol I wouldn't want to scratch that gorgeous Mig.
Wish they make this again but comes standard RTF with Gyro BS2x or AS3X safety tech something like that. It's just easier to fly i think. Great video and jet btw.
pete could you describe the gear setup that your using to video the flights?
Still have mine!! Purchased waaay back when these were released!! Still has the stock 6S edfs and ESC's too!!, Gear is now Aluminium, gear doors have been modified to work reliably..a few better and stronger servos, some carbon tubing on the push rods...(Stabilators) and now runs the FrSky Taranis 14 channel... (SUPER/ULTRA fun programming Thrust vectoring...!!! lol...not really... nightmare...urrrgh!!) and the chute... and the pilot ejection.... Wonderful aircraft that still has amazing presence... on the ground and in the air!!! Pussy cat to fly.... can sure pootle along slowly hey... Huge thanks to Banana Hobby... and Pete for doing such great vids to get more and more people into this hobby!! Huge cheers from Syd Australia...
I STILL HAVE THIS PETE! 😄 I plan on flying it this year. HAPPY 2020 my friend.
is this co even in buisness anymore?
Old video and come to find out that even with upgraded motors and fans it gets nowhere near 1:1 thrust weight ratio
I was waiting for the ejaculation :(
Go Where Can Buy
carajo como aburre escucharte, solo una cuarta parte del video se ve el avión despues un vídeo aburrido escuchandote
50 amp esc ? spec sheet 80amp
cool stuff!
More banana hobby junk
The landing gear is way too small. The real Mig 29 has fairly tall landing gear in order to take off and land on improvised runways.
where to get the smoke generator?
How is the smoke bomb connected? I lost my originals, bought a new set a week ago. Can you show a vid or picture of the bomb wiring? I have the module you guys sell but just want to know what to do with the two wires and how to attach to the fuse of the bomb
*Find it here* Also, make sure to also check out the following flying model of the SU-27
This model is of how much
15usd. Same like in video
خاتم اتازت ن،نتف
Add small amount of weight to the nose to compensate ur climb 👍
Price plzz in dollar
Very very good 🤫🤫
Beekar vifeo
Bhai aap kahan se khariden aur iska rate
It fly
send your Nember
Which one is better FX 820 or RC z53 plane ?
When it take off its sounds like "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeeeee"
Find the plane here and spare batteries here and here is latest Christmas sales from GearBest
How fast is it?
Just purchased one from a local hobby shop.I will maiden it as soon as possible,this is the first rc plane I owned so I hope it doesn't end up in pieces.
Saw it on Amazon looks cute 👍🏻
Can I install a larger battery, say 3.7 V 900mAh, to get a longer flight time?
bruh I’ve been here, I did a race there for TWMC, that train has been there for a long time. I can’t remember name of place but I think it’s called teagle wash. Nice airplane and probily gunna buy this to start with
Can we use 500 or 700 mah battery?
Can u still fly it if its windy?
Asia rate Kenna had gals vago
Like 🙈🙈😻😻 rất hay ☺️
Hey Quadcopter101 can i put a fpv cam on this ?
I’d like to paint it myself to make it close to the Ukrainian SU-27s. Any recommendations on if paint would affect the weight or it’s flight. Also what type of paint?
great video
Has anyone else noticed that if you turn off the Tx before the plane the motors can run flat out? Or am I "first"? Actually just saw that the reviewer did mention this fault in his video of the other Xk a100 and the XK A110 Reaper. But forgot to mention it here. Range is excellent and works a treat apart from this dumb idea!
is it possible to attach a mini action cam?
If you change to propeller C17 you will fly better.
Born and raised in China Lake. Nice to see the valley again. CFII . I use your video to teach High School students in my aviation class.
This looks nice as füüüük 😍
Sounds like its being floan by propellers instead of jet motor
I just got mine today with no damage or lost and WOW it’s really detailed, love this baby! And Thank You Banana Hobby! I’m looking forward on ordering more!
How much they cost ?
Super landing
Can we order this from amazon europe?
NOT BOMBS. External fuel tanks. Seriously. How can people not knkw this?
the music why? its a fuckin EDF, lets hear that motor........ or tone down the music at 20% as background music! fail.
Whatever happened to Pete? I am waiting for the E-true Hollywood on his life.
Take those externally mounted armaments and fuel tanks off. You are creating extra drag and stress on the prop by having them there with this air frame. It was designed to fly without loaded wings!
Banana hobby electronics are junk
Props to the camera man
What a basher. Can you remove the missles to make it authentic?
the price?
F-22s don't have missiles on the wings. They put it inside the planes so it's very small, not so much big like you guys do.
Does this ship to kuwait need answer dude
Any chance your going to be at RCS Fest in in June?
What The F22 !! that is so cool! Add a DJI OcuSync Air Unit with it's Camera inside the Cockpit and fly FPV with DJI Goggles RE :)

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