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Buy Targus APK01AP-22 Worldwide Adaptor - Black online at Flipkart. Wall Charger Targus APK01AP-22 Worldwide Adaptor - Black Colours: Black
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Targus APK01AP-52 World Power Travel Adapter (Black) : Amazon ...

Targus APK01AP-52 World Power Travel Adapter (Black) : Amazon.in: Electronics. ... Reviewed in India on 22 January 2015. Verified Purchase.


Targus Worldwide Adaptor Black - Price in India | Flipkart.com

Flipkart.com: Buy Targus Worldwide Adaptor for Rs. 1253 from Flipkart.com. Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. ... APK01AP-22. Color Code.


Targus World Travel Adapter/APK01AP-52 - Targus : Flipkart.com

Buy Targus World Travel Adapter/APK01AP-52 only for Rs. 1299 from Flipkart.com. Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping.


Targus APK01AP-22 Worldwide Adaptor - Black Features

  • Travel Adaptor
  • Power Consumed: 110 - 250 V
  • Wall Charger
Targus APK01AP-22 Worldwide Adaptor - Black Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Targus APK01AP-22 Worldwide Adaptor - Black Price in India is ₹1,149 at Flipkart.
Buy Targus APK01AP-22 Worldwide Adaptor - Black online at Flipkart.
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Targus APK01AP-22 Worldwide Adaptor - Black Specifications

Additional Features
Red Safety Shutters, Universal Receptacles for Standard U.S, U.K, Australia and European Devices, Travel Size Plug Set for U.S, U.K, Europe, Australia, China, Japan and Singapore, VO Rated Polycarbonate Plastic, Three Interchangeable Adaptors, Durable, Includes U.S, U.K, AU and EURO Plug Heads, Maxi...View More Red Safety Shutters, Universal Receptacles for Standard U.S, U.K, Australia and European D
Weight 99.2 g
Brand Targus
Color Black
Color Code Black
Power Requirement 110 - 250 V
Style Code APK01AP-22
Type Travel Adaptor

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Targus APK01AP-22 Worldwide Adaptor - Black Reviews from YouTube

Worldwide Travel Adaptor USB-C Review
Universal Travel Adaptor | International AC Plug | YK Electrical
Best All-in-One International Power Adapter Review - EU - UK - AUS - US | Iron-M
Universal International Travel Plug Adapter with 2 USB Ports
Hi, may I know if this works with a German socket? And why doesn't it have an Earth pin?
Thought that USB-C use USB-A connector for charging.
Hey, Our new Universal Travel Adapter just launched. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XN6D2PG 3x USB ports + 1x Type-C. Support more than 170+ Countries. Feel free to contact us for an honest review. Cheers :) Official Website https://hook-international.com Hook keeps you connected around the world with style. ;)
No ground line so it's useless and dangrous. You can't connect any laptop charger as it required ground line. You can't connect any hair dryer as it needs additionally transformer to convert 110 to 230V or vice versa. In partcice you can use it only for very simple devices like small plastic lamp which doesn't require ground line. Moreover as it accepts plugs with ground line, it might give impression that ground line is connected which is not true. In my opinion selling this should be forbidden due to security reasons.
so my laptop plug is a AU type pug look like this / \ but my wall outlet is the same as a USA outlet but we use 220V i want to ask if i can plug in to the adapter a AU plug that is like this / \
At last, a product review in which the product is shown in use and all features of the item are discussed! Thank you!
Can i order from china?
Where can i buy this from in Asia?
Hi Thank you. I just came back from singapore and malaysia and planning for bali after a while and was looking for right adapter. your video helped me choose this charger. Thank you.
no ground working, no any surge protector is inside of it. but it works.
Canada ke lye yeh kmm krega
Sir iss se india me two pin use kr ke loptop kaise charge krege ??
Thanks bro 👍
Is it applied for Canada Country
Wtf ! English please! Write your title in your language!
DANGEROUS See other reviews of this dangerous device. Do not use!
But gulf countries usage of amper rating is 13 amps
Thanks for talking
Good to know
Note to self, turn the switch at the plug point off before plugging in and out to avoid sparking, possible electrocution and blowing the fuse 😂
I have a camera I bought online that came with looks like a European power plug. I need to get an adapter to US. Can you help?
Boa noite Aqui no Brasil a maioria dos plugs são "EU"
Make a video on how a charger would be fine.
How can I replacing the fuse?
The uk plug has no earth or ground wire your plug to your laptop required a ground earth and the shape of the earth pin is terrible for uk sockets tgis is a breach of uk safety
Forgive me for my ignorance on this, so you can plug this into an outlet in the USA and plug in a European plug or Chinese plug into that? I bought a AAA battery charger with a plug in that I don't recognize and it says EU next to the product so I guess it's been made in China with a plug for European outlets sent to me and I know nothing about it. Would this work or do I need a power converter as well? Don't want no fires! Thanks for the help.
It says ALL IN ONE but misses India!!!!! Very much all-in-one.....
Model, he 120100u
that beacon of a light is no good through the night...
...kettle adapter plug
This world travel adapter works in over 170+ Countries. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XN6D2PG Price less than $20 The product launched in 2019. Happy Travels :)
I’m visiting Africa, Nigeria what will I use for that?
That product should be banned. It breaks the earth. That can kill you. You note the earth pin is plastic.Yet it accepts grounded sockets.
thats why you never plug into live sockets would you stick your finger in one no
Nuggets bday is soon I’m getting one
Nugget says thank u so much subbing right now
Hey do you know Tech Guru used your footage of this adapter in their video?
can u use EU plug for U.S.?
Please....tell me....can I use it for refrigerator?... please reply soon
As 145
Bs 1363
Bs 1362 13afue
What is this “Earth ground.... Or Ground Earth” missing thing everybody keeps talking about?!?! Usually I love risky shit but I’ve been shocked too many times recently I think I’m done with my shenanigans 🤣
Will this adapt in India?
@2013Electronics&Computers - This thing is a death trap ... the 2end most infamous "death-dapter" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvOTiQKkQMo + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoK8voT4Hl0
Arnold is that you?
Nope.. NO.. NOOOO. Danger!!! DiodeGoneWild reviewed that!
এটার কি সুবিধা? এটা কি ফ্রিজের লাইনে ব্যবহার করা যাবে?
Can you tell please which port would be used in china out of all 4.... ????
Can you also use EU plug at the top ?
where is the USB ports?
Unfortunately I bought three of these before realising I simply can't use them - they lie in there advertising about it having a "BS Standard" and the product claims to have a surge protector which it doesn't - if you do try to use it the connection is poor the plug gets hot and live parts from the pins not in use can in some cases be expossed - it's a child killer in waiting and or will burn your house down and take your family with it - pay a bit more and get a quality product
There are none USB ports in that
It has no ground
Very dangerous, like all such adapters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoK8voT4Hl0

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