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Taparia FC15-250 Long Duty F-Clamp Features

  • F-Clamps are made from high grade quality steel. Its robust design gives much strength
  • Scientifically hardened and tempered to give tough body.
  • Hardness: 45 – 48 HRC
  • Steel slide rail for a smooth action.
  • I – section frame for more strength
  • Swivel head on ball end of operating screw ensures a secure and easily clamping of odd / irregular shapes
  • 250 Mm
  • Clamps
  • F-Clamp

The lowest Taparia FC15-250 Long Duty F-Clamp Price in India is ₹890 at Amazon.
Buy Taparia FC15-250 Long Duty F-Clamp online at Amazon.
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Taparia FC15-250 Long Duty F-Clamp Specifications

Additonal Features
Other Features Fixed Bracket and Pressure Plate are Produced from Single Piece Which Gives Maximum StrengthSwivelling Type Pressure Plate can be Fitted on Uneven, Angled or Sloping Surfaces
Body & Design Features
Clamping Capacity 25 cm
Throat Depth 80 mm
Weight 0.58 kg
Width 32 cm
Brand Taparia
Material Metal
Model Number FC15-250
Suitable For Carpentry
Type F-clamp
Not Covered in Warranty This does not include wear and tear of the products, does not apply to any springs or lever that may be present
Warranty Summary 3 Years guarantee on any manufacturing defects

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Which woodworking clamps should you buy?
How do these compare to the pittsburgh welding clamps?
The 20 percent off and I think the 25 percent off works on these btw. I tried in the cart online. Came down to 16.00 so with shipping its like 22 otherwise 16 which from some light research is the best you will find from clamps like these. HF imo needs some usa made items though. Even if its like a rebrand of another tool which cough SNAP ON does often
I have 6 of these... very impressive for $20...
I grew up in western Kansas, family in Montana, etc. They ignore the middle because it's mostly open spaces fun of Round-up corn and the town's are small and far between. Cheers dude.
That's interesting. The other obvious advantage over a C-clamp is how rapidly it can be used. The lightweightness is also a great feature in a lot of situations. I find the weight of C clamps to often be rather restrictive of the positions I can realistically in, in various projects I have done.
After watching this, I had to go look up "industrial C-Clamps".... This beast is coming in at $1000 and claiming 40,000 pounds of clamping force!! Specs say it weighs 44lbs! https://m.grainger.com/mobile/product/PROTO-Extra-Heavy-Duty-Forged-Steel-3R093?fc=MWP2IDP2PCP
Harbor Freight is almost as expensive as everyone else is now.
What is the estimated force that clamp could exert before breaking???
I don't think that thing is strong enough to press out hub ball bearings...
That thing seems to be pretty well put together... nice.... thanks man..🐈
Yeh Kitna Ka h? Aur size?
Woodglut Blueprints has some very useful blueprints with all the details you need.
Size & total price kya hai??
If you add purchase link yor all unboxing videos i think you get more like and share and subcribers
Good day
Hlo bhai aap jldi apne sare shoes ke sath video bnao hmm wait kr rhe hai
Nice sharing👌
very nice of video
I'm loving your videos! Extremely helpful. I'm an old machinist and sometime woodworking but I learn new stuff every time I watch. Thanks bro!
urko = my fav brand
Good job! I enjoy the very useful information and the excellent "bed side manner" of the host
"Having your parts twist out of position" is NEVER a good thing...
Ever used sash clamps?
Have you tried the Piher Maxipress F clamps? They're heavy and expensive but impressive. They work with a non rotating double-screw piston and exert A TON of force. An _actual ton..._ 9000n = 2000+lbs... even the small 8inchers.
Where did you find 1” pipe clamps? Been searching catalogs for 20# years and have not seen any yet. Source Please? A tip for the older people watching, f clamps can be painful for old arthritic hands, hockey tape twisted into a rope serpentine down the grip, followed by a wrap of same gives a secure grip without great squeeze.
what's best corner clamp for 2x4 and to use
My biggest money-waster was buying clamps that are too short. I do small stuff, so some of my first clamps were 12", that 12" is the absolute max opening which doesn't leave room for the rotating clips on the screws of say F-clamps. for doing a 12" job, a 12" inch clamp is too short. I later bought longer clamps, but those 12" parallel clamps were an expense that I feel was wasted. I hate those ratcheting clamps without spring pressure - just why do they exist? I'm new to band clamps and love mine. I found spring clamps to be useful only in the larger size- small ones are either too small to open much or exert too much pressure for really small jobs or they are a pain for anything not square. F-clamps vary on how they slide- I find that I like the older style with a trigger you press rather than the free sliding ones, that tend to slide when you are trying to set up. I bought some deep throat F-clamps, they have to be heavy duty to not bend so are heavy and expensive but occasionally are just what you needed.
Great review of clamps. As I’m just getting started woodworking, it was a timely topic. Thanks!
You are so awesome man! All the info I needed in a concise and short video. Now I know what clamps I need for my next project!
I’ve now watched this one twice. The advice is excellent, as usual. What a blessing to have Stumpy!
Excellent video. I wish I had seen this video a year 2 years ago when I first got into woodworking. I retired and wanted to learn wood working. Seems I invested a lot into clamps that I haven’t used in 2 years. Now that I’ve watched the video I’ve seen a few clamps I’ve needed and some clamps I have way too many of. Now I can reorganize my clamp rack putting the ones I don’t need or use in the storeroom. Thanks for another great video. Keep up the great work.
I need to have my wife watch your suggestion about clamps. I can present you as the professional and she might let me get more clamps. ;)
I recently bought a Kreg system and found out really quick how much I would like to have some of those specialty clamps you were showing. Especially the right angle one but at $40 a piece man that is steep. Thanks
Hey man. Appreciate the thoughtful exloration of this area. Wondering if you've had any exposure to the Bora NGX version of the edge clamp, as contrasted with the NTX you spoke of?
This was fantastic. Thank you.
Your presentations are always very informative. Thank you! I'm not a fan of pistol clamps at all. I've owned several - all Irwin brand - and to my disappointment, they didn't retain the ability to hold tightly after just a few years of moderate use. I don't know - maybe there's a rubber O-ring inside that can be replaced. Another disadvantage is that they're tightening power is fully dependent on your hand strength - something that my Dad discovered as he got older. I've switched mostly to F clamps. I have several Bessey and Pony F clamps of various sizes, but found that the inexpensive Harbor Freight ones are also very good. Bungee cords work well to hold irregular shaped objects - chair legs for instance. I always look at yard and garage sales for clamps. You can score C, F, and pipe clamps, as well as some specialty clamps (face clamps and corner clamps) for practically nothing. Sometimes, all they need is a good cleaning.
Mr Nubs, can you give us a tour of your router table. its awesome and looks to be of industrial quality!!!! love your site too!!!
Anyone who hasn't tried a 4-way panel clamp should order themselves a pair yesterday. You can get them for $50/pair on amazon. Instead of using 2x2's, pick up some 12ga metal strut. I will never use another kind of clamp for my panel glue-ups.

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