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Buy SYMA S109 Gyro System AH-64 Helicopter, Multicolor online at Amazon. SYMA S109 Gyro System AH-64 Helicopter, Multicolor
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SYMA S109G 3.5 Channel Rc Helicopter With Gyro Sold By Tm Usa ...

SYMA S109G 3.5 Channel Rc Helicopter With Gyro Sold By Tm Usa (Multicolor) · Material: Plastic · Battery Operated, 1 Battteries · Non-rechargeable Batteries · Width ...


SYMA S109 Gyro System AH-64 Helicopter, Multicolor Features

  • 3 channel infrared controlled helicopter
  • Strong and durable
  • A mariner helicopter
  • Ideal for teens
  • Product has no camera
SYMA S109 Gyro System AH-64 Helicopter, Multicolor
The lowest SYMA S109 Gyro System AH-64 Helicopter, Multicolor Price in India is ₹1,599 at Amazon.
Buy SYMA S109 Gyro System AH-64 Helicopter, Multicolor online at Amazon.
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SYMA S109 Gyro System AH-64 Helicopter, Multicolor Reviews from YouTube

Syma S109 Apache RC Helicopter
Why I Love The Syma S109g RC Helicopter
Syma S109G Mini 3Ch AH-64 Apache RC Helicopter
Are batteries included
Tnx. But can it keep altitude without moving stick all the time?
Good review! How about to fly outside? Whats the range? Is possible?
when my mom gets back from home ima use my 25 dollars to get it
Wow that's awesome but I don't know how to get the helicopter
I charged mine for a really long time but then when I try to fly in barely flies😥
Yeah I will buy this someday because is so amazing and very nice model and high quality
Kitty likes watching it fly👍I like the dual Spotlights👍Now we know how you keep your back patio so clean❗
I just got the Apache.2019 Its unstable and weak. I removed all the dead weight on it.(Weapons,wheels ect.) and ordered a 300mah vs the 150mah it had. We shall see. It already flys better with the weight removed.
I had one of these many years ago (1st gen). It was one of the most stable and easy to fly RC I've used. Looking to buy another, hope the 2nd gen is just as good. And its an Apache, cant beat that :)
It does take a long time for the top rotor of the Apache to stop
One of my Christmas gifts today😏😏
I had one for a good 4-5 months. I still have it,but since it malfunctioned I had to use it for extra parts. I wish is it never malfunctioned😢
Nice review :) I haven't actually tried flying this little devil outside! Try this challenge hehe
Ya cat was in vid at begin
I hace a question i can hey ir doy straight ir goes SIDE ways i can get it stable
Nice review!! One question Syma S109G or 107G??
Do i have to aim to the infrared rx on the helicopter all the time? Because when i did not point it the rc wont receive. Is my remote got problem or the rc?
I sexually identify as an apache attack helicopter.
hey yeah your link to the usb hub sent me to a HD TV antenna thing
드론아파치 데이비드토이 syma 시마 드론 헬기 있습니다 😀😀😒😒
Do you sell syma s113 ?
I just got one of these and the top set of rotors stopped working. Has anyone else had this kind of issue? Or have advise on a fix? Thanks!
Thats cute
hank you for sharing this very informative video! 👍👍
well yes but it does say suitable for indoor flying only. maybe because I noticed it only has a distance of 30 ft from the controller ?
Do you use a lapel mic? Seems echoey..
Shame it's IR No good in bright sunlight but ok for indoors
Your wife probably thinks you are using the "kitchenaid", to prepare some food. I am sure, that you are a good dad! Cheers olli
Mine flys just like that one. Good video!
I have one similar to this and really like it! The best feature is being able to charge the copter from the remote.
I bought another SYMA years ago. I forget the model. But it was so stable and predictable I could let my 7 yr old run it in the house. A number of much larger helicopters I've bought have been disappointments. (laundry list of things.... overly nose heavy, hard to fix trim, loses contact with remote frequently, etc, etc.)
These things are still around 😀 The E-Flite Blade CX2 was the one which infected me with the Heli-virus in 2006 (I think it was). Edit: Just saw that it isn't even cyclic pitch but extra props at the tail. I still find fragments of broken blades of the CX2 behind furniture 😆
I always like a good coax fly, Cheers!
Ka-52. 2 rotors )
i bought the coast guard version very realistic looking and flashing lights and search light great for flying around the house , although the cats dont like it at all not that i chase them at all ! but great stable and a bit of fun for around 7 mins also cheap had it for about 6 months with over twenty or so flights so far so good although i can hear the motor bearings/bushings starting to wind a little nothing a little sewing machine oil cant fix, cheers dom thanks for showing this variety of the syma, yes there a great stable flying and amazing handling characteristics .
Nice fly
LOL wind is keeping you quarantined
Same taste of RC. 💪😂
In netherlands it is only 49 euro’s thats really cheap i am going to buy this i love it
I have a full charge but it won't lift. Could it be that the battery is no good. I noticed the battery looks round. Maybe overcharged.
Your voice sounds like Denzel Washington👍 Thanks for the KOOL review I like the True Scale models will have to add this one to my new collection I'm a newbie. Would love to find a military Huey RC in this size👍
Damn. This thing isn't sold in the UK. Well it is, but it's about 80 dollars more! Jeez, quite unfortunate. I wanted this :/
How long does it take to charge
Got this copter and I’m an ultra beginner! My problem is, I can’t stabilize the copter when I accelerate it, it just kept moving downward. I can’t even make it hover or fly around. When I hit maximum acceleration, it hits the ceiling, and when I drop below acceleration, it crashes the ground! What can I do?! I tried stabilizing without hitting the ceiling but unable!
Surprised the sunlight from that big window doesn't interfere with the IR controller.
I love fling this thing in my house in the winter but in the summer when I am flying my drones, left stick is to go sidewise.. NOt to turn let and right.
The blue buttons on my Chinook work really well. They are for the forward and backward trim. My chinook works like greased lightning and very stable. I love my chinook. Try setting up Styrofoam cups around the house and knock them over. That's a lot of fun. :)
How long can you fly? How long is the charging time? From Japan
Very nice and very good helicopter
that heli is not so new I have all of symas rc helicopter you should buy the other ones so scale looking s107g ,s111g ,s102,s026g and the crober
I like all of syma mini Helicopter Can't go wrong with anything mini by SYMA... Great video
It's too difficult to control this 3 channel helicopter 😵
good job im a big fan of your vids i ask my dad to buy the products you recommend. nice job
Bismillah raheim labrahein abraheimmmm
nice flying. dads trying to revive the rc heli industry. redcat in the beginning. those were the days.
Always good to see kids learn and enjoying themselves.👍
Hey you two, Great demo, cool copter! 😃

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