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Buy Suzuki Youth Snooker/Billiard Cloth online at Amazon. Suzuki Youth Snooker/Billiard Cloth . Suzuki Youth Snooker/Billiard Cloth available in Colours: Green

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Suzuki Youth Snooker/Billiard Cloth price at Amazon - ₹11,000 ₹14,000

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Suzuki Youth Snooker/Billiard Cloth Suzuki Youth Snooker/Billiard Cloth available in Colours:
  • Green

Suzuki Youth Snooker/Billiard Cloth Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Triangle Chalk
Color Green
Material-Type felt
Size 12ft x 6 ft

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6ft Folding Snooker Table
6ft Folding Snooker Table
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No movement. Balls seem to get stuck in the cloth
Waaat een poepkind jajajaja zo goed gespeeld hahaha . Ik dacht dat je pro was mhhhhhh. Probeer nog maar 1 keer.
Dude. Leave it to the ones who know how to play. This was painful viewing.
6:05 That's a little fluke over there. Noice.
The cloth isn't, well, natural. The balls should roll straight, but instead, they keep changing direction, and this doesn't mean it's your fault, unless you applied sidespin.
Had 1 of these, they are awful.
Ball size???
No way that’s 6ft lol
I have a 122 cm x 61 cm pool and snooker vidaXL table that is way better than this. These "Hy-Pro" balls sound like marbles. I already did 147s on it and I'm 11.
What is its price Please tell me
Shit table...don't buy
Are those gum balls? Lol
Nice break off shot.
The cloth on these budget snooker tables is way too slow, as it can be seen in this case. Achieving different spins of white ball, especially backspin is nearly impossible.
table deceleration is very poor
No roll on the table, bad quality MDF I think :( I will get one soon but 6ft, proper sized balls :)
Better nothing than this :D
Is mali cloth good?
I'm looking for a Simonis black cloth for my pool table. Other than the fact that dust is more apparent on a black cloth, what are the other downsides for choosing black?
Just bought some speed cloth for a pool table. It has a smooth side where you can see the stitching, the reverse side is slightly fuzzy, like a felt. Which way is up? I'm confused?
I am English but in North America buying a pool table. With the fast American cloth is there less control over the cue ball? also, how long is Hainesworth smart cloth likely to last (on average)?
Wow,informative video...Yea,I heard the commentators talk about the cloth during a tournament match...Stating that American tables use directionless cloth...Which in my mind seems superior to English cloth...So it begs the question...Why don't they use directionless cloth on English tables...Wouldn't it benefit snooker players...Just curious...
What’s the best cloth for English pool?
Lost me at all the color talk. This guy has a plethora of doublespeak
I probably cant afford it if I ask how much this is gonna cost. lol
Replacement of pool tabl
3:38 "The American pool tables that we sell are made from all around the world..." --uhmm....
Are both sides of the cloth identical ? When your cloth gets dirty, can you flip the cloth ?
Would you say the premium Brunswick cloth plays like the simonis 860 from diamond? I love how a diamond table rolls and I didn’t know if the brunswick cloth would be the same.
Which cloth plays fast down the table and slow up the table, this video explains nothing in the differences on how they play.
Is there a name for the dark colour of cloth on the Brunswick table behind you?
More interested in the play, rather than the color...
He's touching cloth... typical Englishman lol
I just have one question, do you ship internationally? You have got some incredible designs.
isn't it "strachan" though?
Great video. Very informative
I think one thing people don't think about when buying new felt is the color of chalk you use. Although masters makes a bunch of different chalk colors the sky blue holds on the tip the best and works good with tournament blue felt. Other colors tend to stain your table. Red is one of the worst felts and chalks. It's also hard on your eyes.
What about Simonis 860 Mocha?
Excellent!!! I was about to buy charcoal to match my room. Also saw blue stains things in the comments. So moving to tan/beige.
Thank you.
Wow, I had no idea Black felt even existed, I would never consider that color anyway.
Your shirt is actually a nice colour for pool table cloth!
How about light gray
You know you could have made this a one second video and just said green!
Hello. Would you happen to have a video or be able to share information on how to change the felt on a bumper pool table?
what about a white felt?
Bummer. I think black looks really cool, but I've never tried playing on one.
Blue is my favorite color, but with my inability to discern blue and purple (and much better sighting of yellow and orange), I think I'd like an orange felt.
How about a tan, gold or camel cloth? How good is this kind of color to play on? I like these tones since you can use tan chalk on your tip, and you get no blue stains on the shaft or your hands.
hey Brandon can you show a video of an OB shaft deflection?
tnx +10
I beg you😥😥
You have to give me estimates Asa disobedience many beg
What brand are those tables
That table would take me a lifetime to make the 8.
Noob question here... why no pockets?
At 130 you can see you arnt even aiming the same cause the distance cue is from cue is not even close. Also when you watch the follow shot to the 130 you really move your arm a lot on follow through as the butt jumps
That's is the weirdest and most awkward bridge I've even seen from someone who actually plays
A nice video, but, it would be more helpful if you describe why and how to adjust for a NEW cloth.
I would love to see this video with the images superimposed over each other.
It would help if you specified which cloth, new and old, your opinion of the difference, cloth manufacturer's opinion, etc. All I see could be a difference in stroke - no one is perfect from one shot to the next.
Question! Not pertaining to this, What if the cushions are too bouncy? Like if you hit the ball, and the ricochet from the cushion to the ball hurls the ball way too aggressively. I am having that problem with my table and am not sure whats going on. Its as if the rubber is too bouncy. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you
Vorige week ook bij mij een nieuw laken, vorige was ook die donkerblauwe, heb nu die prestige blauw genomen, erg mooi!
If you play on new cloth u have to play faster and more tempo. Spining balls move so slow and not lose the spin. Especialy 4. shot on video too hard on new cloth. Don't use max. spin in the beginings.
Omg rechts met pet. ez gg wp
Bij een nieuwe laken moet je iets meer effect er bij doen of iets dikker of dunner zo zie ik dat
interesting! are cushions also replaced? my conclusions: - new cloth is slower - new (?) cushions 'absorb' part of the given effect am i right?