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Sustainable Building Design: Applications Using Climatic Data in India (Design Science and Innovation) Book Reviews from YouTube

Designing for Sustainability | Energy Modelling made easy
Exploring Green Building and the Future of Construction
Sustainable Architecture in India - Ar. Yatin Pandya
Design & Sustainability
thx. which benchmark does cove uses?
I'm working on a project and have to use a tool for evaluating the performance of my design. There's Insight from Autodesk and there's cove.tool. Which one is better? Anyone have any experience with both platforms?
Why do i feel like the block chain could help with this particular situation considering all this data.... Hmmm So a secure and stable layer on the network that would allow and provide licensed architects the information & data needed for their applications. It seems to obvious to me. :D
Her saying Da-ta and not Day-ta. lol UwU
I have nothing to do with architecture, and I love this channel; Dami is brilliant and well communicated.
Hi Dami Lee. I am a Residential Designer in California. I use CBECC - Res 2019 for my Energy Compliance as required for permits. You can imagine how strict it is here to make my energy model pass. I started following you in hope to further my knowledge in Architecture, products, etc. as you post your videos. Thank you.
i like your hair and glasses, more beautiful :d
How does this compare to revit insight I wonder?
What is your thoughts on Container homes?
Great video👍thank you for your sharing 👍new followers here stay connected❤️❤️❤️Merry Christmas❤️❤️❤️
Love the channel Dami! Love discovering a fellow west coast Canadian youtuber!
Reminds me of my engineering thesis that I did 11 years ago. Shame that sustainability is only recently getting more attention.
Hi Dami, That software is pretty cool. Especially optimisation tool. Looks like Canada and US is a bit behind UK and Europe regarding sustainability of buildings. I'm principal mech and sustainability energy assessor and we are using software's to inform Architects about most efficient build since Riba Stage 2, so we would impact the design almost from the kick off. Also we would analyse overheating of the building and specify any required local internal or external shading, G values, etc. There are projects were sustainability drives architecture and the building and its not an just an afterthought which is a positive change in the process. I'm using software called IES VE. I have a lot of ideas. we should start prefabricating houses and be done with loads of BS rules that slow the process. Housing is just a right and not an asset in contrary to what majority of society thinks. Commercial buildings are a different story, haha :)
I stilll don't get how you are so underrated. You help out alot and your content is very entertaining
I could listen to anything your talking about, such an enjoyable presenter
berør mig og smæk mig ind i youtube
@DamiLee I have often wondered how much Architects size building components and do calculations for those components. I know Structural engineers typically do that work but, it sometimes appears to me some Architects may do some of that work. Maybe you could clarify this based on your experiences. Thanks in advanced.
Get the new MacBook right now and make a video on it RIGHT NOW
I use climate consultant and sefaira sketchup plugin
What do you think about Net Zero? If you liked this, be sure to check out Exploring if Tesla Solar Roof is About to Go Mainstream -
Leed certification is good, but is not the most rigorous building standard. Basically as long as they are able to create enough energy to power itself. Now Passive standards requires much more than that insulating the structure as well as the interior air has to go through the house providing fresh air in all areas. As well as having large windows. Using heat pump which takes exterior temperature heat to heat their water. Everything requires triple the amount that normal houses have.
Late to the game on this video, but glad I found it. I am just in the midst of designing a new highly efficient and green studio as a case study for future clients and hopefully to showcase new technology to the city and it's residents. If anyone has any ideas or would like to contribute to the effort, I would love to hear from them. Cheers.
The UN city in Copenhagen is also a green building. It has solar panels, and automatic external shades which help to utilize sunlight for heating or shut it out in the summer, and also insulates the building (At night all the shades close and the building becomes all white). I Don't know if it's net-zero, but it does have very small energy consumption and it's been certified by a green building committee!
So much useful information Matt. Thank you for producing all your content. It's informing my new build project!
More garbage.
Nice , Thankyou Sir.
I think there are some good ideas, mixed in with lots of pretty poorly thought out ones. My home was built using a new shingle made to decompose faster in the landfill. Turns out it decomposed on my roof causing water leakage and damage after 10 short years. And the builder installed these exterior lights designed to ONLY allow CFL to be used by using a non-standard base for the bulb - that were no longer made when I went to replace the bulbs. So the landfill now also has 4 light fixtures in it that were obsolete. Make a note to do another show in 5 years about what worked and what didn’t.
No mention of electric heat pumps 🤔
Nalanda University is being constructed to become a net zero university campus. Your review on this campus would be great to understand concepts of net zero buildings from developing countries like India. As your examples are mainly from developed countries.
Really informative video
Matt, you might consider just silence in the background, not this irritating, teasing music. I watch your videos without sound to avoid that music!
I can’t emphasize enough that simple is best when it comes to living in harmony with the ecology. Things looking cool and new doesn’t make it a real solution. The complexity these ideas involve is the very thing that makes them yet another hungry energy mouth to feed. They are just another problem and just a consumption trick conscious or not.
Yes, Electrochromatic glass is very good. However, how many people can afford to pay its current price? Unless we start changing the system from cost-based in UK to something like in Germany, which is Quality-Based, I doubt we are going to see this technology in affordable houses very soon. I live in one of those ''Affordable House'' in Canary Wharf in UK, and luckily I live on the northern side. Guess how people feel on the southern part of the building. And No, they don't have Electrochromatic glass technology on their windows. They are running Conditioning all day, and still the temperature is very high inside. And yes, all our flats have AA-Energy Certificates in our hands. Where is that net-zero technology for ordinary people? Simple rotating of the building about 30-45 degrees from the south side will not only save money on Electrochromatic Glass, but also Air conditioning run. Natural ventilation will work perfectly.
Must say I I like your vedios
Lovely tech ..if your a big rich company or a rich person... But like all the clever fancy tech, it will not filter down to the main population whom are too poor to afford it. No amount of mass production seems to solve that problem.. Because the companies wish to make tons of money from the tech since it cost millions to design it. So they aim only to sell to the big rich parts of the population and then when asked about the poor, they say Oh we understand the need and will aim to do it more cheaper? But never do it. because it would loose money. but because of PR image they keep saying and claiming they care and they just need time! Hoping you forget they said they do it.
Hey Matt, great video! New to the channel and definitely a subscriber. But please tell me the name of the building on your cover photo? :)
🙋‍♂ Matt, tks for sharing the roof of The Music City Center here in Nashville. 👍 Excellent video Matt.
Great content 👍
This is a great video, am glad that I am living in a LEED certified building and I wish content like this should be more propagated to the public than the stupid TikTok videos
love your content bro
Really great initiatives this channel is taking. It's great that these kinds of discussions are available for everyone here. I have one special memory of Yatin Pandya sir reviewing my final graduation thesis. Whoever is reading this might be inspiring for you. I was in a decent college in India. But I had a very strong inclination to a special topic which is a little uncommon for the conventional academic environment. I wanted to do a thesis regarding the interplay of sound inside built enclosures considering a constant material(in practice, acoustics depend a lot on material treatments). My college environment wasn't supportive enough, my topic wasn't approved initially. Then Ar. Pandya sir was there as a juror for the initial review of our thesis. When I presented my research work regarding the topic, the discussion got extended from a 15 minutes slot to 45 minutes. In the end, sir mentioned, "Really happy to witness such dedication towards the topic you are following, just keep in mind- learn to judge your child at times as a stranger." He approved my topic and wished me good luck. After that point, I never looked back. I worked more, pursuing the topic- I got to work with Prof. Lukas Kuehne from Germany who is known for the mentioned topic as a pioneer. I got opportunities to work on real projects related to my thesis. I completed my thesis and degree with decent grades and now working on interesting projects and research related to the topic.
Very informative Thank you
Bhaiyya is their immense scope in architecture in future and in architecture after several years of experience we can earn a lot of money. In future. Now I am in 12th std. Thank you bhaiyya
Always learning so many things from these 'interviews'......thanks to this channel
Great session 👍
Great session, got to know a lot! Thank you so much for such videos.
Good work brother
SimCity 5 brought me to your channel :) you never fail to amaze.
Your videos are really great and helpful👍. I am a Mechanical Engineer but I have recently discovered my real intrest and what I really like. And that is Architecture! To be specific sustainable architecture. I want to know is it possible to shift my career into architecture from my current mechanical engineering? If yes how can go for it? I searched for masters but no where im eligible for a master's in Architecture. I request all the Archi people to please show me some light.
Dude i need more of these sessions . Conversation 💯
This man ACTUALLY understands sustainability. Fantastic!
wow, totally worth more sessions like this please!
You never expect clowny thoughts from an old man! What a man👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
He is an gem 💎...
Thank you @blessedarch for this session this will surely add more valuable points to my Thesis.
Bhaiya mujhe drawing nahin aathi achhi par mujhe architecture me interest hai. Should i pursue architecture ?????
finally, a good session!
Very nice 👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍
Rishabh bhoi mera comment like kardo

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