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Sustainable Biofuel and Biomass: Advances and Impacts Book Reviews from YouTube

Biofuel | Definition, Types, Uses of Biofuel | Biogas | Ethanol | Biodiesel Hydrogen gas | in Hindi
NREL’s Advanced Biofuels Research
Sustainable Production and the Impact of Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts
The Problem with Biofuels
Thank you mam 🙏🙏
Mam i am so happy thankyou mam 😍😍😍
Ma'am explain modern fuel ke question mai biofuels likh skte hai?
Thanks mam
very very best
Thanks mam. This video is help me.
Nyc explanation.👌
Very good explanation 🔥🔥
Remarkably explain. Many thanks
Molasses, you give the wrong definition
Good explained and nice sweet voice thankyou
Thanku mam
Nice explanation mam thank you🙏
Nys explanation ma'am thank u🙏
Dandawat pranam mam aise hi topic continue pls
Great presentation. He is extremely knowledgeable. This helped me a lot on my research paper.
Aren't biofuels carbon neutral? You mentioned biofuels aren't carbon neutral.
Nice oil company propaganda. Spouting all the myths put out by the American Petroleum Institute in a Scottish accent to make it sound more believable. All these myths have been busted in David Blume's "Alcohol Can Be A Gas" Don't get fooled my the slick PR!
The kcal ratio does not account for the gasoline offset. Consider the energy expended to bring one gallon of gasoline to market, assuming that gallon came from equal parts of crude from every crude oil source the US uses. Remember the military expenditures in maintaining the OPEC treaty, shipping, fracking, refining, etc. The true cost of a gallon of gasoline is often measured in blood.
@6:55 Hold on! At ehat year did he do that!? Ehat time was that report!? We have a lot more production efficiency now a day's and more efficient vehicles! So you should do a recalculation!!!
: )
I think you forget that oil puddles will rise up, so whether it pollute our lands (just use what the earth gives us) and the electric grid cannot support everyone driving ev cars (plus some people actually need a truck that can haul weight)
It is well known that ethanol is not an efficient way to create fuel. What I don't understand is how the majority of people in government didn't say that growing food to turn into fuel is ridiculous and stupid. There is plenty of waste products that can be used if they really feel it's necessary.
The BENEFIT of liquid fuels is their ability to be carried anywhere and then burned for energy at reliable and consistent conversion rates. (This is as opposed to batteries, which require their own complicated manufacturing and materials sourcing, become less efficient as they're used, and eventually become tech waste as the demand increases for the rare resources used to make them.) If the PROBLEM with biofuels is their negative net energy output due to processing demands, couldn't that deficit be covered by creating some extra renewable energy sources? With so much wind, solar, hydro, and other renewable sources of energy out there, there's no reason that we have to think future electricity will be generated by burning coal or natural gas, or that there will be no extra to spare. TL;DR I think it could be well worth sinking some extra renewable energy into the production of biofuels, if biofuels provide relevant advantages over batteries.
We need more hemp fields. Way better than corn and you don't have food waste.
Thanks to you dear for this insightful video on Biofuels. It is very important that US Govt rethinks about this industry as millions of people are dying of hunger in the world. Moreover, period like this: War in Ukraine upon which many poor countries depended on wheat have to go starving now. US must wake up to use the wheat it produces to help the poorer countries first than to harm its own economy and the humanity at large. Hope those Biggies in US hear your voice and make changes in the policies.
You are forgetting an important detail. Pollution. The nitrogen and phosphorus run off. However, that would happen regardless but we can use things like Hemp to solve this for water purification by pumping water for hydroponics.
You really made a video on Bio Fuels and didn't mention Hemp? All of your arguments are invalid when it is used as the source for ethanol based fuel. Thanks for spreading misinformation.
Ethanol is bad for engine seals, and creates a new form of haze. Please pursue ethanol bans on the local level!
bio ethanol its sort of stupid bio gas its the way to go
Hasn't this route already proved to starve part of the world ?
That algeas are because of water pollution , results of excessively use of nitrous fertilizer Right buddy
so instead of corn i grew pvcells on the field to archive 20 times more efficiency.

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