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Surface Effects in Controlled Fusion Devices Book Reviews from YouTube

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Is it helpful for jee mains
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Bhi ek request hai , physics me anurag mishra sir ki grb wali book series ka review kardo Single review available nhi hai pure internet par
Where do you live In kota
It's a great book suggested by my faculty as well
Hi ayaan and arnav Thanks for new channel
Ashish sir ne khud likha hai , Ye to must hai
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I've been doing this pretty much since I was a child. Growing up, realizing that only very few people around me actually practice their mindfullness to that extend kinda hurt, I felt alienated. Sometimes I even thought I was mentally ill for paying so much attention to everything around me. I think that there's so much ignorance just because people don't take this time for themselves. I know better now and besides following my own path, I always try to encourage my friends and give them a place where they can think and feel with their minds at peace.
Im sorry to say i dont believe this man any more pulling our nose for how much time?
Well.. since I'm the observer, wouldn't I just be manifesting whatever is in the box?
The Holy Ghost heals everything. Make your heart like a child
STEVEN GREER is lying his ASS off!!! He has the knowledge to do this........ but ........ he isnt knowledgable about everything. Then you people in the comment section are a trip!! You guys are weirding me out.
Man, WTF is this new age bull crap.
When I was a kid I remember getting in trouble and had to get a whipping when my dad came home but the times I got on my knees and prayed hard to the higher power I didn’t get spanked
You wouldn’t like what I’ve seen coming. Whether it’s God or Aliens, we are created beings. We are powerless to stop them.
Good morning everyone!
this is mindblowing and it is extremely depressing stuff that really matters like this gets hidden efficiently from the public.
Astral projection. “Asking” will be allowed and told to you by the demons of this earth and within you. It’s practicing a form of sorcery like telepathy. The demons will give u the power and knowledge but at a cost. God does not like sorcery. Just because u can doesn’t mean u should. God have free will, this type of practicing is not good for your afterlife. Things are meant to happen we suffer as a test of our strength. If you still praise Jesus and god thru the starvation homelessness and illnesss you will be rewarded when u die. I know you dnt want to suffer them die because it’s not fair but that’s life. Suffer and praise still praise our savior and the father god our creator. Your not meant to change lives using sorcery. Let them go thru wat they will of god wanted to change things he would.
Every-time I dream my neighbors mutt wakes me up.
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Now 4.9 million know this 😅😅😅
Start with the Monroe Institute hemi sync techniques. There are a few free videos on YouTube. All this is true. Humans are capable of achieving all of this.
I was dreaming of 2 strange men and a knock at my door at 4am woke me from my dream to my neighbor telling me 2 guys were trying to jack my car and he stopped them
I can hear energy in fusion when I draw to certain conclusion like a tazer powering up in my head I thought I was going crazy then I shined like the north star
Sir I've unlocked the ability to hear and help the mind through RE incoherent
Thought this guy was a UFO guy
Huawei MateBook E please
Can I ask which app is used for drawing in this video? It seems pretty good and wanna have a try
Can you draw with it without that cloth thing around your palm? Kind of like an ipad?
hi brad! awesome video! what drawing software did you use in the video?
Which is the drawing app that is used in this video 128G or ? Cool.
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra #microsoftsurfacepro8 #vs #samsunggalaxytabs8ultra 🙏 Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel
Can you tell me where I can get a good screen recorder? I want to do reaction videos and I'm new to this Surface Pro 8.
Hi, what app are you using to draw in this review?
I'm sorry. Did you imply that you increased the refresh rate to improve your battery life? the way you showed that was super weird
i5 Surface Pro 7 is passive cooling while the i7 Surface Pro 7 has a fan. I would assume w/o researching that the Surface Pro 8 carries over that same config as its previous version
Oh GOD, give me money..🤲
How does it fare 7 months later?
I got a slim pen 2 and I LOVE it compared to my older surface pen. I have a Surface book 2 and a surface pro 2 (yes! pro 2, it's 9 years old 😂)
What drawing app is that? (I'm a newbie)
Hey, what software are you using at 1:59?
Now that you have used Blender and done some 3D modeling have you tried using the surface pro 8 to do any of the modeling? If so what was your take on that experience?
how do i draw something like this with a stencil?
Hey what drawing app are you using?
What app ar you using in the vid

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