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Superlux E-12ATQG Microphone - Superlux :

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Superlux E-12ATQG Microphone Features

  • Wired
  • Lavaliere Microphone
  • Color: Black
  • Condensor

The lowest Superlux E-12ATQG Microphone Price in India is ₹2,605 at Flipkart.
Buy Superlux E-12ATQG Microphone online at Flipkart.
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Superlux E-12ATQG Microphone Specifications

Brand Superlux
Color Black
Model Name E-12ATQG
Type Lavaliere Microphone
Wired/Wireless Wired
In the Box
Microphone, Wind Screen Foam
Microphone Capsule Features
Microphone Polar Pattern Omni
Microphone Transducer Type Back Electric

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Can Behringer XENYX-502 Portable Analog Mixer (not usb version) powered up this mic?
may use for song, vocal?
Please don't pronounce 'e' as 'i', it's a bit confusing. Great video!
It sounds good
How did you removed the background noise? I am interesting to know, please.
how to remove the background noice?
Hi andrew. Which one would you recommend between supelux205 and BM 800?
Yes! Demos and tests! That's how it's done!
An analog mic doesn't have a bitrate - you might want to edit that!
This thing is omnidirecitonal but it's listed as wtf? you can;t even change this sht to work as a cardioid.....if any of you guys know how to do it, please leave a comm. Until now it's the worst mic I've ever tried, the same as a cheap 10$ mic, not even one difference. :(
really interested where you got the pop filter I'm buying 4 of these to star a podcast and that will be usefull
hey can any one help me please i did bought these microphone, and i try to intall the driver but i didn"t work
I have both to make stereo recording for my accordion. For that, it works well!
I'm amazed at the price of these mics. I didn't buy this model though ( I got the Superlux PRA228A Supercardioid Instrument Microphone). I usually wouldn't buy something so cheap but they have really good reviews so I'll pay the $43 to get one mic and xlr cable.
Wow! From all of the microphone reviews I've watched, this one is the best!
Hey could you link me the foam windscreen you used?
but how did you remove the background noise from the recording?
Would you say it is worth it to buy it if you has an (Aukey Condensator Microphone) and like to has an Rode Procaster ... and it is like an Rode Procaster at P/L (im German sry for bad Englis) PS: i mean with P/L Performance for Price
Good review/demo! Subbed.
I have the 205U. Which sounds better? The 205 or the 205U?
hi can i also record directly from the headphone jack?
great mic but the cable is very hard to put so it isnt in the way
Pe live se aude ok, folosesc filtre și voicemeeter. Dacă intru in cs go, își da boost din Windows (de la 75 la 80-90) și se aude nașpa pe live. Ai vreo soluție?
how does the playback of this microphone work, as well as your own voice and the sound from the pc.
I donno how to connect my headphones to it and i have felling that volume buttom does nothing for volume help
I bought this mic yesterday and it is all like yours, very good sound quality. For those who wonder how to get rid of background noise, it is simple. Install Audacity (old free software) then record something and simply apply " noise reduction" effect from effects tab. It works good enough. Play with sliders in effect a bit for better result. Trial and error. Also since it does not come with pop filter, wrap soft material which you find in box, around the mike and put mic a bit on one side.
Hey what is up guys some Andrew and welcome to my review of AI tu handret an faif iu condeser stuido maicrofon
I have blue yeti which costed 200 dollars in my country and has same quality as superlux,iknow because a friend of mnie has superlux,Now im sad i bought blue yeti,which is too big and hard to add into a tripod.
Supr video! Is it worth buying if you wanna use it to sing???
well, way to annoy ppl really I did that and this but no explanation of how you did it
I don't know, man! I bought this microphone like 4 days ago and up until now I can't figure out the quality is just 10 times worse than your video! I set up the Gain in Windows at 80 but still when I edit the final result isn't satisfying! How do you place your microphone? I mean what position should the microphone be in order to get the best sound quality?!
Hi, i have the mic but the sound is very horible, i speak from 20-30 cm but sound like 4 m. And how i can remove the background noise
Hello, would this mic be suitable for recording vocals?
how to remove the background noise?
Is there anyone able to tell me whats the difference ws SUperlux E205U and Superlux E205UMKII ?
how is this good for streaming , and can u at least make some background noize, type on mechanical keyboard so we can see how it picks up
Hey Andrew, I have a question because i'm a small streamer/content creator at the start.. I have a headphone mic right now that's sounds ok but it is stereo and my keyboard have blue switches.. I want to buy a mic that's sounds good for streaming/youtube videos/guitar covers because I play guitar too and I need help there because you are better than me at picking mics. I searched a lot and now I decided to pick one of This two : Behringer C1-U or Superlux E205-U.. Witch one should I pick? I know that superlux have a background noise problem that can be solved with filters and the C1-U It's slow to hear but can be solved too with filters.. I have a budget of 100 € and I want a good mic that I can have like 2-3 years (in that budget I want to include a boom arm and a pop filter too) Thanks!
I have that microphone and in videos doesn’t sounds any buzzin or somethinu buut when i select listen then from properties on fundal sounds a little buzzing and i connect the headphones IN THE MICROPHONE JACK sound a big buzzing how to slove that ??
How i can remove the background noise?
You talk more about mic preamps than the microphone itself! You don't mention the materials its made of at all and how the handling noise is etc. Main point is that you talk anything else than the mic itself.
can i plug in phantom power to pc
i can used in my default sound card in my computer ? with just xlrb to usb or 3.5mm
I think that Samson Q7 has same capsule..
Kagan too basically 😂 I am so sorry guys....
My E205 light only turn yellow, not green like yours. It is because my mixers do not have enough phantom powers?
hey wassup did it come with the shock mount
Hi, is the E205 fully compatible to the shown Rode PSM1 shockmount?
Hey! I have this microphone and it's connected by usb. scarlett solo doesn't have usb in so how did you connect it to scarlett solo?
what shock mount is that?
Is this microphone good for rap vocal recording ?
Hi! Do you think this mic is good for covers? How does it do with high and low notes voices
is it plug and play
does this require phantom power?
From how far away can it pick up sound decently enough? Im looking for a mic for gaming and i was wondering if it can pick up my voice from 3-4 ft away?
This thing is omnidirecitonal but it's listed as wtf? you can;t even change this sht to work as a cardioid.....if any of you guys know how to do it, please leave a comm. Until now it's the worst mic I've ever tried, the same as a cheap 10$ mic, not even one difference. :(
how to connect it ti an interface?
Hi, Thanks for review! What shockmount do You use?
on thomann website you can listen to different song styles recorded with this mic, i think ill get this one.
what is the first mic in vote?
very nice rewiew
Really nicely done! I have bought this mic and i need arm for it. What mic arm are you using in video? Looks nice and holds this type of mic. Thx.
Superlux E205 + Behringer U-Phoria UMC22?
Does this microphone pic up fan sounds easy ?

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