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Supercavitation: Advances and Perspectives A collection dedicated to the 70th jubilee of Yu.N. Savchenko Book Features

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Supercavitation: Advances and Perspectives A collection dedicated to the 70th jubilee of Yu.N. Savchenko Book Reviews from YouTube

Queen Elizabeth Backs Camilla As Queen Consort As She Celebrates Platinum Jubilee
Platinum Jubilee: Gun salutes mark Queen Elizabeth's 70-year reign
Prince Charles leads Jubilee tributes to 'remarkable' Queen - BBC News
Queen Elizabeth Begins Celebrations For 70 Years On The Throne
Yep she makes the most of meeting presidents and making use of them
Princess Diana is our Queen she is untouched by man,she was a Virgin.She is a true Royal Queen,Princess Diana forever.Aldulteress Camilla No!We do not Honor her as a Queen.
Does this mean Meghan Markle is in line for a royal title or is she still too black for her own good? - Buckingham Palace showerthoughts
, Yes Im in the US, just to be clear. No no no, you dont reward bad behavior! Kate is the dignified candidate. I totally agree with progression, when we look at the past. Camilla wasnt good enough, so maybe you used Diane for future Monarchs? I truly dont knot this is what I see, and yes I watched the wedding at like 430 am my time was 14.
But WHY? The QUEEN's Husband was titled PRINCE PHILIP. Why wouldn't Camilla become PRINCESS CAMILLA? No one called Philip, King Consort Philip.
If a home wrecker can be Queen, anything is possible
Elizabeth is a very beautiful woman to me.
What a mistake
WOW, the adulterer will be Queen Consort....that's a lateral move for Camilla....LOL
Camilla will make a great Queen consort, as will Charles as king. Bravo!!!
The one should be King and Queen Consort are William and Kate. They have class and a lot of years to be King and Queen
The Royal Family will never survive this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO RESPECT!!!!!!! WHAT A DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good for HMTQ. A master Chess Player. A brilliant move to shut down her spoiled grandson sitting in CA. He will try to trash TRF, once again in his upcoming memoir, especially Camilla. Brilliant move to HMTQ.
Horse face doesnt care about jewelry anyway.Just give camilla some hay, oats, carrots , sugar cubes and a warm barn to sleep in.Charles should have married his horse instead of Diana in the first place. I guess the queen didnt want children that would have been that ugly.
I think it is time for the monarchy to end when the infidels are crowned and those who gave everything even their lives for the monarchy are buried.
if Camilla will be Queen the monarchy will ruined for sure, there a protest, objection etc...because they don't want Camilla to be Queen they want a Queen to fit fit into that position who have dignity, good moral, good public image not home wrecker, because people are look up to them she is not a good example to many.
The only thing the royal family does is bring in tourists. Nobody look up to them they live in a privileged world that not real
This news turned me into a monarchy abolitionist. This is the last straw, their treatment of Meghan, the protection of paedophile Prince Andrew, now spitting on their promise to not do this. No. They shouldn't be allowed to live on taxes if they don't respect the public. Get rid of the monarchy and they can play king and queen with their own money.
Everyone is all praise for the queens 70 years but the only Thing I can think of is Diana , princess Diana. What a cruel world. If the queen has so much power, control so righteous and respected , why hasnt Diana received any justice up-till now ?
Sorry cannot support this Camilla was cruel to Diana as was Charles. I dont want to 'move on' thanks. I wont be curtseying to a woman such as her
Nepotism at its peak . .
2022 do we even need a queen this is nonsense
The Queen Appologises to the Canadian Tax Payers for dumping the treaties with the Natives on them.
Jesus is the only true King.How do you get to hell?Very simple: claim that you're innocent.How do you get to heaven?Very simple: Admit that you're not Innocent, you're guilty and ask for mercy.How to know if you're guilty or not?Simply: Compare your life to the Ten Commandments God gave you in the Bible.Everyone agrees that if people followed the ten commandments there would be no need for governments or police.Do not lie.Do not steal.Do not commit adultery.Do not insult God by using his name as a cuss word.There are six more but let's just leave it at that.How many lies have you told in your life?Have you ever taken anything that didn't belong to you?Jesus said, if you look at a women lustfully you've already committed adultery in your heart with that woman.How many times a day do you do that?Do you use God's name as a cuss word?Would you do that with your own mother's name?If you answer these questions honestly you know that you're guilty.God can justly punish you and send you to hell.Ask him for mercy.His name is Jesus.It's as simple as this, The Ten Commandments are called the moral law. You and I broke God's laws. Jesus paid the fine.The fine is death.Ezekiel 18:20 "The soul who sins shall die.That's why Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins. This is why God is able to give us Mercy.Option A.You die for your own sins.Option B.Ask for mercy and accept that Jesus died for you.
Reign of terror.
Down with mandates
Harmful or dangerous actLet's go Canada
Trudope banned guns here. We use balloons.
God save the Queen
To be honest, I dont think shell reign for a few years longer.
"Colonizer" BARF!
I don't think we'll hear anything more about the alleged arsonists in Ottawa. The story behind it is so unbelievable it would be in their best interest to bury it.
Hey global what about the Antifa member running over peaceful protesters with his car in Manitoba
Can't wait till her so called reigns over
OurCreator has given us the choice of life and death - but our governmentgives us MANDATORY- LOOK- Deuteronomy 30:19-I have placed before youlife and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose"- So just think about IT !!!! - SO WHO ARE THEY ?
The queen rule nonsense needs to be kicked to the curb!
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Interesting signatory.
Let me fix this for you, "The Prince of Wales welcomed his mother's wish that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, be known as Queen Consort IF he becomes King." I know the Queen is old, but still, anything can happen in life.
The queen can die. I don't give a shit. She is not my Queen.
Salaamun Alaikum dan Asalam tali persaudaraan Tiada Tuhan yang layak di sembah dengan sebenar-benarnya melainkan Allah yang Maha penyantun lagi Maha Mulia
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I like how she said oh thats very kind from President Biden was so sweet.
The Queen Elizabeth so lovely
This is a campaign that comes from Charles pr. I do not believe this at all !
My Mother was beckoned over to the Queens car in Napier outside the skating rink. The Queen was in the back seat at the time. The Queen asked my mother at the time about the two children with her. My mother replied that yes her two children a girl & a boy who where with her, were her twins. Myself&my brother waved to the queen, we later waited out by the Masonic Hotel for the Queen to come out onto the balcony. One of my 7 brothers who was a fireman was on guard their to help protect her. Dawn x Napier now in Auckland.
psalm of David I sing the love and Justice; To you , Jesus Christ lord King, I sing praise, everyday I will never betray the living word, I have nothing lost in everything or is for love I have I live for you, when you come to me, my soul energy act with integrity for heart is in the royal court, I see your thoughts with in me forever I will agree I have no shame I feel no pain for personal gain even when people hate, when they use love I have the love is indeed that is not fruit of my seed It live for thee >> true or false? >< HaMelechim Adonim
2 Tim 2:22
, ?
God Bless Her!!
She basically live thru the history and major event of 20th century.
Look like your grandma!
yea, the queen speaks up when she wants to. All the hate that Harry and his wife went through, especially Megan and doing her pregnancy. complete silence. Nobody in that family would open their mouth unless it was against Megan.
The Queen of the world
Congratulations Your Royal Majesty! 70 years of your reign is a huge milestone. Youre the most unique ruler of a great kingdom!
Why she doesn't put her crowns and queen dress anymore? She wears common people dress only since Trump went to see her back in 2018.
God bless and safe the Queen
Queen Elizabeth is The greatest legend and Queen of Queens in the universe u Queen
May God save the Queen!The World will never again be so blessed with such a perfect and amazing Queen as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The longest serving Monarch in England. Congratulations, to Her Majesty during the celebration of #PlatinumJubilee. Ad multos annos!
This is absolutely amazing! She is so amazing, I respect her deeply.
Diana the adulterous, Harry the traitor, Henry the wife murderer, Andrew the rapist, Katie the tita flasher and I could go all day about this disgraceful family. The UK's role models.
God save the queen
If you think you waited a long time for your boss to leave so you can get a promotion, imagine how Prince Charles must feel
Meghan Markle is having a hard time
Long live the queen

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