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SUPER SHOE Reviews from YouTube

Super Shoe Trends 2022: What the future holds for carbon plated racers || Running Report
Adidas Response Super Shoe Review + On Feet
Adidas Running Response Super Shoes Review + Unboxing || My new pair of Shoes || Adidas Response.
My Honest Opinion on "Super Shoes"
Stoked for Brooks' 2022 lineup. Hope they didn't do too much to HypTemp, which is still a favorite post-400mi. Also, considering Brooks was one of 1st "super critical" foamers, am curious how the HyperionMax fares (like Rebelv2 parallel, pure premium foam, no plate).
Any word on when the NB SC Elite or the V2 of the Asics Metaspeed will release?
Cant wait for the smaller stack height shoes like my beloved Peg Turbos.
What was that super spike video you were talking about?
Question for ya: Why do you think the more hardcore streakFly is just getting a tpu shank, whereas the more casual zoom fly 5 is getting a carbon plate?
Hey man don´t know if you remember me but you helped me with finding a shoe, wanna say thank you to you because you are always so humble. sadly I could not get the 5280 on my feet but got the Takumi Sen 8. For this year I wanna pick up the Streakfly, Asics spike, New Balance SC Trainer. Maybe the (new pegasus turbo, NB pacer, Saucony Speed or pro 3, Asics carbon plate shoe two)
For marketing I can see why they are making 5k/10k specific shoes. But if you have a versatile light super shoe like the Next % or Deviate Elite, I do not see why you would need both types in a rotation.
The one trend that excites me that I see as a game changer when it comes to carbon fiber plated shoes is a technology developed by Carbotex. A carbon fiber plate for the masses. The carbon plate's rigidity increases when you apply more pressure to it. Therefore, one can customize the stiffness to your size, stride and pace. This type of plate is already in the Scott Speed Carbon RC but it has EVA midsole. I'm interested to see how this type of carbon plate will perform with a super foam or a supercritical CO2 midsole foam. Also of interest is the Puma Fast-R Elite. A carbon plated shoe with a decoupling heel and a midsole where each section thru out has a different type of foam.
Have you heard about the Altra vanish carbon racer and Mont Blanc (trails)
Merci beaucoup 😊
There are for Winter or Summer?
I bought response super 2.0 and already crossed 100Km running, one of the best shoes for runners
Does it slip if you running in the rain?
I got one of these and the size chart is not under the tongue but on the side of the inside of the shoe, should I be worried?
Hi,will this work on flat feet people?
How durable is the sole? Can i wear this sneaker in work or the sole is slippery?
fook this, always get wrong video's dumb a$$ YT
Are rhe response super in green reflective?
Should I get a 10 uk? Im 10 us
Does UK size same as US size? Thanks
Imagine reviewing a black shoe on a black background?
Response rs or duramo SL, which two is better?
Look nice
Very good and funny videos bring a great sense of entertainment!
Is mesh water repellent?
Which is better ..adidas response super or Nike quest 3 or Nike renew run 2??
It is good for road running or not ?
Hi there. I wanna know, are the shoes for the wider or narrower foot? Sorry for thr English
Which one would you prefer response Sr or Nike revolution 5
Are they really lightweight? Can i run on them for hours?
This is fake adidas shoes bro. 😁😁
bro this is fake no0t og adidas because og has black adidas sign
Achaa shoes h c2
Really good shoes
Smart lag rge ho aap bhai
This is very comfortable and best shoes I'm using it
I like the way you edit the shot🤩
Is it Comfortable on wearing ?
At what price do you get this shoes from official website And what is the size of this shoe
I like the shoes
TOATL crap show 💯✔ My farts make more sense then this video & smell BETTER
A shoe can only make you a little bit faster even if kipchoge runs in crocs he’s going to beat me with alpha fly’s or vaporflys.
What is your opinion on Nike using child labor in China, specifically the Uygers?
Taking about the shoes being regulated to create a level playing field is good. But when we're talking about all time records being broken, records set without the shoe technology, it isn't a level playing field.
I think there should be rules and limits on how much the shoes help.
Is there a more transparent personality on the web these days? No contest here! Nick Symmonds is always open and pretty honest with his videos and I like how he gets over people involved! Nice work!
The only issues with the shoes would be the same issue that was with the suits, they provided a meaningful advantage but not everyone could get/wear them for a variety of reasons. So there is no need to regulate the shoes in professional competition if everyone has equal access to wear them (or if they don't really provide a meaningful benefit). If they do make a meaningful difference and not everyone can wear a pair, then, like the sharkskin suit, they need to be regulated.
I lined up at the starting line of the 3200 and everyone except my teammate and I were wearing Alphafly or Zoom Victory. He just said pointed at their shoes and said "bruh". Out of the 17 people in the race, he got 7th and I got 9th.
But what about the records breaking just because of technologically advanced shoes and not because of athletes
I'm pretty sure they did release a statement on like midsole height and things like that a year ago which barely allowed the nike alpha fly to qualify as a legal shoe so going forward I think those shoes are legal and fair
Are school still has a dirt track💀
Spikes were developed in the first place to make us faster right? so why is it bad that those spikes are just advancing and doing their job even better? My opinion is I think that the spikes are awesome!
0:56 damn I hate all those guys that cheat and wear lego high heels to beat me
There are regulations...
How do i get a chance to be on this show I'm looking to break 50 seconds for 400m and wanna ask nick about race tactics
If you are going to regulate the shoes, you could only regulate the racing/competition shoe not the training shoes. So let people train in whatever shoe they want But regulate the competition/racing shoe. Of course at the local 5K people are going to wear whatever they want to.
I agree with you that other companies are playing catch up with Nike
In my opinion shoes & technology should not be regulated. Humans are aproaching limits, and without technology world records may not happen. Technological development is also development.
I think running is awesome in how simple it is in terms of equipment requirements, it's just shoes. If shoes were governed I think it would limit future innovation because shoe manufactures won't want to invest R&D into shoes that pro and collegiate athletes can't use in competition. With technology advancing as quickly and as much as it does in 10 years the Nike "Super Shoes" of today will be the average shoe and price will come down over time. Additionally, at least with trainers everyone's feet and bodies are different and more options is good for helping everyone find what's best for them. I think the shoes Nike is making right now are really making some cool advances and helping promote running to increase its popularity.
hey nick, CHAMPS here in jamaican starts today

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