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Sumit Collection Brown Faux Leather Shoulder Bag Features

Sumit Collection Brown Faux Leather Shoulder Bag
The lowest Sumit Collection Brown Faux Leather Shoulder Bag Price in India is ₹449 at Snapdeal.
Buy Sumit Collection Brown Faux Leather Shoulder Bag online at Flipkart Snapdeal.
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Sumit Collection Brown Faux Leather Shoulder Bag Reviews from YouTube

Chloe Faye Day Shoulder Bag | Review & What's In Mine | MsGoldgirl
MY PURSE COLLECTION 2020 *all under $80!* | shoulder & crossbody (peta & jain, jw pei + more!)
JW PEI handbag review | Vegan leather | Worth it AFFORDABLE alternative to designer bags 2020
ZARA DESIGNER HANDBAG DUPES | Zara haul, 15 bags under $50, Fall Winter 2020 trendy designer bags
how much
Ive just managed to get this bag on sale in the UK having stalked various websites for months. Your video is fab and Im so excited to receive my gorgeous new bag.
Where are your bracelets from? Love the way you stack them
I just ordered this same bag in the most gorgeous violet purple color! Im so excited!
Thank you for sharing this helpful video,you are so kind,I love your channel, I received the wonderful product from last week
I've got it in two shades - black and brown. What I love about this bag is that it fits to an elegant outfit (yet it makes the outfit a little more chill) and also to a casual style. Like a chameleon :)
I believe your wallet is by Hobo...... Hobo makes great wallets. Really cool leather and definitely have slim wallets. They also have a really good price point.
It is the tan color ? Beautiful bag
Thanks for the video Marnie!! You're so beautiful I can't even I got the same bag but a replica for 80% less and the quality of it is simply mindblowin'! I swear that superfake store has the best bags on the internet!
You made me buy the bag! Love your video and love the bag! Now here`s a little hack for anyone struggling with the clasp: Just put a piece of sticky tape on the magnet, so it will open up easier. Have a good time!
I'd rather have that then the Pochette Metis. It holds more
Love this bag, I purchased the mini size its smaller than this one, not a lot of stuff fits in mine but I love it.. the detail and quality of this bag justifies the price in my opinion when you see it in person you can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making it. I really like the mini bags so your video helped for size reference..thank you
Great review! I have this bag in black and absolutely love it. When I was looking to buy it I could not find a review on YouTube so I'm happy to see that you have one up.
Thank you for your review as I am also eyeing on this bag. I love this bag since its released but I didnt take the plunge to buy it. However, it cannot get out of my mind and I am still loving it. Even its a possible for Chloe to stop producing this style (like the Chloe Faye backpack), I still think its worth buying it as an everyday bag.There is another Chloe Faye day bag review on YouTube with a normal magnetic clasp. I wonder whats wrong with that bag.
How many dead animals went into that bag?
I love the bag and color you chose & also liked the motty gray color!!
On the wallet. I like the same kind. I bought a Lotus wallet at Nordstrom Rack for $26 that is tan like your bag and blush leather. Love that slim wallet. I take it out of my purse and put it in my coat pocket on to go. Love your bag
Stunning bag but any other mommas out there more interested in the mesh pouch with all the essentials? Gotta have some bandaids and scissors and a million other things but I always end up with too many pouches - love how yours is consolidated Haha!
I have designer handbags, but none that are considered luxury. I have always loved the Chloe handbags and I need to start my savings fund for one. If I can only afford one, that would be the one. This bag is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!
Beautiful bag, Marnie. I always love your taste, and sense of style. Congratulations on your new bag.
hey guys! let me know where your favourite place to shop for bags are
Love love love the bags! The tan one at the beginning and the hot pink one at the end looks super cute with you!
Hi! This is my first time watching your videos, and Im going to definitely subscribe! Also about the brown croc bag, one of the straps come off so you can hook it to the other side, so it becomes a wristlet! Hope that was helpful btw
I order all my purses from Amazon affordable purses that look expensive
Love the videoi recently got the peta and jain card holder too and the nylon peta and jain shoulder bag w gold hardware so I'm excited
i have total 120 purse anyone want to see ( by the way i love ur purse)
shoutout to you for putting links to everything
You can add a short chain to that two shoulder bags, than they will become crossbody bags. I saw the short bag chains on JW Pei website, around $10-20 AUD.
We have the same last nammmeeeeeeeee
Hi ! Where is the pink love neon sign from please?
u r so beautiful !!!
I love youuu great video
Lovely video but the way you were scratching that first shoulder bag really made me cringe. I hate that sound so much, seriously! Not my fav video cause of that but nice collection!
love all your bags! i've just bought the peta and jain paloma bag in black and they have a new sage colour too!! So cute, can't wait for them to arrive
Great comprehensive video!!
Maybe it detaches so u could add another strap to make longer
On the Peta and Jain website they have the black purse with gold hardware!
Nice video
The clasp is for you to wear it as a waist bag
Hi! I'm considering buying the green bag but I've seen people talking about the fact that jw pei's bags were actually drop shipping... Plus they are created in China... Idk what to think
Si tes franais et que tu vois a, bonne journe
Nice review How much is the weight for 3 bags incl its box? Im going to buy & ship it to Indonesia
Just ordered mines today so this video really helped new subscriber.
do you know where those bags are actually made ?
Your voice is so nice! Also thanks for the review
Love your reviews - Im surprised by the American style vocal fry though !!!
Great review! I just got a JW Pei bag and love it too
I was purchased this right after research and watching ur video. And I cant wait it to be delivered soon, the green color is amazing Thanks
I tend to shy away from green but you rocked it so I might reconsider
I recently ordered a shoulder bag from them but I've noticed that it slides off my shoulder and doesn't stay on. I don't know if that happened to you but this is my first shoulder bag so maybe it happens with all bags idk haha
The gold looks cheap compared to actual luxury bags, which is probably why some ppl mentioned itIt looks max $100Which might be what someone normally buys and they get to save moneyor they spend 1,000+ and this isn't their type
I tried out some bags with faux leather in the same price range and the one from JW Pei (Envelope Crossbody) is my favorite one as it still looks brand new after one year of constant use. It always makes me happy when I find a product with faux/vegan leather that just looks perfectly fine and not cheap at all, feels nice and is really durable.About the faux leather vs. vegan leather wording, I had the thought that "faux leather' for example has a kind of negative connotation since the quality of it was lower in the past, generally speaking. Then the artificial leathers got much better over the recent years. There are also many innovative new materials like Pinatex, apple, grape, nettle or mushroom leather and so on. I guess that marketing people wanted to invent a wording without that negative connotation plus one that sounds new and more sophisticated. "Vegan" is also a word that is surrounded by a halo.
I don't think people are falling for the 'Vegan Leather' its just that a lot of fake leather bags look really cheap and kinda gross, and these don't.
Vegan leather might be a marketing strategy but what I have seen is that its usually recycled plastic and higher quality as opposed to whatever cheap material is available
I liked the croc bag, but the strap is made for petite girls. I am only 5'4" with small chest and found it could be a little longer while maintaining that short bag look.
i was looking for a review of JWPEI, and i found your review! i made up my mind to buy!
Finally a video on jw pei thats not bias. Thx for honest opinions.
You're completely right. ALL non leather is vegan. Its just a marketing tool to be honest. The price should really be based on quality and construction.

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