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Storing Spent Fuel until Transport to Reprocessing or Disposal (Arabic Edition) (IAEA Nuclear Energy Series) Book Features

The lowest Storing Spent Fuel until Transport to Reprocessing or Disposal (Arabic Edition) (IAEA Nuclear Energy Series) Book Price in India is ₹2,767 at Amazon.
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Storing Spent Fuel until Transport to Reprocessing or Disposal (Arabic Edition) (IAEA Nuclear Energy Series) Book Reviews from YouTube

Recycling Nuclear Fuels
Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Waste | Near Surface Disposal & Deep Geological Waste
The Nuclear Waste Problem
Spent Fuel Storage at Diablo Canyon Power Plant
This is what you call recycling? Why do you need a place to bury 24 football stadiums of high level radioactive waste? You have scaled it down to two places. First one is near Lake Huron of the Great Lakes and the second one is in a small city 100+ kilometers west of Thunder Bay. The Great Lakes is a source of water for 80 million people and the second place would require the shipments to go by rail, road or across the Great Lakes by ship. You are looking at an apple and calling it a peach.
dont the french already do it in a quite a massive scale??
that woman with the apple is sexy and beautiful.
How many times can an uranium pellet be recycled ?
200 years ? the fuck
Possible to Use All Uranium Waste Materials For Mass Manufacturing of Uranium Sand Glass Gratphane Material Indestructible Long Life to Life Uranium Gratphane Materials Electrical Energy Batteries.
Chi-comms? Really?
Why are we only using 1% of the uranium In the fuel rod? What makes it spent then?
Better yet use the spent fuel in a Molten Salt Reactor and use over 90% of the energy! re using it as a solid fuel still only uses another 1 or 2%. Change from the Candu to MSR and use the process heat to do other things than just generate electricity!
If you use a fast breeding reactors you can refill the reactor and run it for about 20years if I remember it correctly. Molten Salt Reactors are better type of Reactors because it is a very save Reactors. It moderate himself and you can easily sleep at the work like homer Simpson 😄
What can you do with one cylindrical fuel pellets?
Cool thank you for the info
The Elephant in the room they are not mentioning is that it's really expensive to recycle Plutonium, making it uneconomical.
How many KWH per cubed meter or material?
1:07 - that fuel bundle obviously isn't loaded. It would be far too heavy to lift if it was.
Nuclear fuel has a life of 7 years per rod they cannot be recycled this video is pure bs spend fuel rods become unstable when there spent that's how they can tell they are spent this video was ment for that autistic reject greta canada your pathetic
I hope in 200 years !??
Are the pellets of fuel made of something that's very hard to dissolve or become particlized?
To recycle the spent fuel rods, why don't they use them to heat cities with hot water? They could be in a central location and used to heat water , then pump it to heat all of downtowns buildings for a long time. Save money for the city.
Solid fuel reactors are the past. We must invest in MSR and LFTR.
Good morning sir.. Today i have a presentation on this topic...i am doing masters in chemistry.. and it really helps me😊. Thank you
You are such an amazing teacher❤️
Thank you for clear explanation.
well explained🖒
It’s a very clean energy, you just have to warn aliens of it’s toxic waste for 100.000 years …
omg this guy is dum rome is not a good conparasin to the usa
we have some 1000 feet under grown it is peradint
just two? that is one of the best rekored ever
5:44 *waiting for the Soviet anthem to start playing*
Properly maintained it is VERY SAFE and has no risk to even the local public. Been solved decades ago. Your video seems to play into polls on people's perception of Nuclear Waste more than scientifically backed evidence with procedures available.
You can tell that message was crafted by a committee. All it accomplishes is making the reader more interested in what is buried beneath. "This is a waste disposal site, nothing more. If you dig here, you will poison yourselves and your environment." There you go. Much better at expressing just how mundane and dangerous the site is.
Putting cool blocks or spikes around it is a really stupid idea cause people would visit it to look at it And that message just wont work at all anybody reading that would just get more curious about what it is thinking it might be some kind of weapon Even if they properly understood the danger you dont really expect people to just turn around and not touch it forever do you? ofc they are gonna dig it up But I mean just let them its not like a few dudes cracking open a cask and killing themselves is gonna be much of an issue Letting people walk in and die might be the best way to teach them in the first place
Kyle Hill made an interesting video (recently) about an alternative long storage method.
I would add something like "P.S. Spoiler alert, It's nuclear waste". I mean if some future civilization can understand the language this script was written in, then they can understand what nuclear waste is.
Hi I’m from the future and as it turns out Chernobyl is mostly warproof.
this is disappointing coming from you wendover.
1. Accidents that you talk about are only from the most insane circumstances you can think of. earthquake and tsunami, xenon poisoning and power overload? Incompetent managing and incredible circumstances are what causes big accidents. 2. We have enough nuclear fuel to last 10 billion years. Used fuel that is reprocessed plus traditional fuels.
This video is a massive disappointment. First, it contains misinformation. Finland does not have the only permanent storage site. Second, it sensationalizes the danger, which is real, but not insurmountable. But worst of all, it completely ignores the positive impact that Generation 4 nuclear technologies would have on the nuclear waste non-problem, and instead chooses to see only the fear-based, negative view of spent nuclear fuel. The point is that Gen 4 technologies that use the existing stockpiles of nuclear wastes as fuel could eventually consume all the waste, producing much lower level wastes, or in some cases completely recycling their wastes back into their own fuel cycle. So, instead of wringing our hands and fretting about future morons digging up the waste, just use it as fuel in new technologies we can use now, and it's end of problem. There won't be any waste to bury. That would be a far more constructive approach. Some of the videos on this channel are pretty good. Alas, this isn't one of them.
We've solved this decades ago
there's a smaller, cheaper and probably safer solution, by drilling a foot and a half wide hole deep underground as deep as those tunnels, and drilling down and to the side, and putting the waste in the other end of the hole, and fill it up with concrete: boom it's permanently stored down there without the need of security, maintenance, and most importantly without the need of alot of money, heavy machinery, and more concrete and besides, nature had done this before, long before we came around.
Fukushima was easily contained lol really 😂 what a load of nonsense
I’m bouta go right now to see wut all the fuss is about 🤨🤨🤨

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