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The lowest Stochastic Learning and Optimization: A Sensitivity-Based Approach Book Price in India is ₹3,829 at Amazon.
Buy Stochastic Learning and Optimization: A Sensitivity-Based Approach Book online at Amazon.
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Stochastic Learning and Optimization: A Sensitivity-Based Approach Book Reviews from YouTube

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01 - An Introduction to Stochastic Optimisation
7 best machine learning books in 2022
Introduction to Stochastic Calculus with Applications (Book Review)
excellent thanks for sharing
Which playlist to start with for computer vision on your channel?
What are your Thoughts of Machine Learning - A Probabilistic Perspective ; by Kelvin Murphy? Also I want to get started with some books on ML, I have Lin. Algebra, Single & Multivariate Calc along with differential equations knowledge on an Undergrad Engineering Program level. I'm afraid I dont have much knowledge on Probability and Stats. I want to know what books to read and in what sequence. Including books to fill gaps in math knowledge, Stats and Prob basics to Advanced and ML basics to Advanced in a pure Mathematical view. It would be really helpful if you reply. Thanks.
Can you provide pdf
thank you. hands-on ml is very good as well. i currently read deep learning with python and it is very good too. i read ai a modern approach till 300th page and i didn't get it. it is too advanced.
thankyou so much for all the work you do, you save our lives, your videos are my guidlines towards ML, i have one question about (vgg feature extraction,XGBoost classification model, I use breast cancer images, when fit the model, the layers are incompatible, itried to solve this by using suggestions from the internet, but was not solved so far, could you please help me to resolve this issue, I really hope that you will see my comment.
Thanks for your advice here - very much appreciated. Totally agree with you on Deep Learning for Computer Vision -- the lack of a chapter on semantic segmentation is a significant shortcoming of this text.
Thank you for sharing this. Any recommendations on Reinforcement learning?
Can you provide the e-book of the basic ML book
Happy Christmas 🎄 your videos have got me to the end of my MSc this year ! Thank you for all the work you do :)
Thanks a lot sir, your channel is priceless and thanks for all the educational content!
Sreeni sir , will you suggest me best opensource tool for annotating data for computer vision/ Segmentation problems
Thank you sir .. happy Christmas
Thank you so much sir for the work and videos you've been putting up. I will really like to speak with you 1:1
After read all those books, now I am very confident to talk to anyone who do not work on ml/dl, they all belive I am real ml/dl expert! thanks for sharing
sir plz can you make a video on corona virus detection using deep learning approach using restricted boltzmann machine . there is no video of image classification using deep learning by restricted boltzmann machine.
Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow This book is best.
Thank you so much. Your videos are more easy to follow for me.
Thanks very much for your recommendation
Thank you, my teacher.
Thank you, Mr. Sreeni. I wish you a happy Christmas
Do you recommend a full course in measure theory before picking up the book? Or specific parts of measure theory?
Dmitri, I work as a junior analyst, my background is an undergrad in CS, but haven't been to a financial engineering school. Recently, I began working through the exercise sets of the book "Understanding Analysis" by Stephen Abbott. A colleague offered to grade my proofs & offers occasional clues, when I'm absolutely stuck. I am currently studying function sequences. Also working through Feller's book for basic probability theory & Shreve to build an intuitive feel. After learning some more analysis, I was thinking to pick up the stochastics book by Michael Steele. Do you have any thoughts on this book...
Hey Dimitri totally unrelated question to your video, but when did you learn how to play the piano with sheet music? I enjoy playing by memorization and feel, but was wondering how large the learning curve would be to follow sheet music!
I could not personally learn from the text as I thought it lacked sufficient motivation and felt like I was just being thrown concept after concept. Shreve II felt like a much better, digestible text for me. Although I am not done with Shreve it feels like a much better text for what I want and what my skillset is. The author of this text states that calculus (and Probability?) is all that's required to read the text I do not think this is entirely honest. A certain level of sophistication is required to learn this subject in general as it is difficult regardless the book. This sophistication is not as much a requirement for Shreve's text which renders it much more digestible.
The biggest problem is how to do the last term in Itos integral.
"Stochastic Calculus" by Karatzas and Shreve is the best from a theoretical perspective - I'd assume you're bashing the book "Stochastic Calculus for Finance" by Shreve ;). Also you reviewed the De Prado book on machine learning, but I just finished "Machine Learning in Finance: From Theory to Practice" by Dixon et al and I'd love to hear your thoughts as it's a much better book in my opinion.
Dimitri, please review Stationary Stochastic Processes for Scientists and Engineers. It is the litterature for a course at my uni which is a pre req for both time series analysis and stochastic calc. Link to book:
Are you familiar with Stochastic Differential Equations by Bernt Oksendal? If yes, would you recommend it?
You've convinced me, I ordered the book ! 👍
This book is alright, but I would recommend it as a start to the journey. I have a few other intro recommendations to get over the initial hurdle, but in my opinion, a full working of Rene Schillings text and Oskendals text are necessary if you want to get into advanced and full blown quant topics like infinitesimal generators, levy-type processes, malliavin calculus, and most importantly, unique volatility and risk modelling approaches, i.e. variance-gamma process for option pricing with a subordinated process for volatility (where the time change for the volatility is random itself), or fractional fokker-planck for it's memory kernel and uses in automated high frequency trading.
2 questions. First, do I need to know R or Python to actually understand stochastic calculus?. Im studying math but I havent taken R or Python just yet. Second, as you were flipping through the pages I noticed Brownian motion, Random walk, blah blah but i also saw PDEs. So on that note, i wanted to ask you to review Partial Differential Equations for Finance: Explained. I seen many quants swear by that book, even professors from the financial math masters program at my school.
congratulation! these videos are the hardest to do for all the time they take to digest, but I can say they are gold! years ago myself i read Baldi's "stochastic calculus" before diving into Shreve's ii. I don't know how you can find time to read so much beside everytjing else you do!! 👍
I tried to read this my freshman year of college and I was so confused ngl
I learned stochastic calculus from this book, which is the first book that I used. It made me crazy, because my supervisor required me learning stochastic calculus rigorously from it.
this book is not at all rigorous. if you want something hard core try karatzas
Dimitri, did you ever think about doing a Ph.D.? I feel like based on your drive and personality, you would find it intellectually stimulating.
Kindly review these two books 📚 inspiring * Higher Is Calling * Just eat the worm 🐛 by Maxwell A. Happy New Year. 🎊
Dimitri, I don't know what your personal situation is, but please have a child. Good brains need to be passed on. Thank you for considering it.
Hey Dimitri, Can you do a Book Review of All of Statistics by Larry Weissmann? Really love your channel. I'm starting my self learning journey of Quantitative Finance as I feel like College is just a place to have good conversation with your peers and understand the topics, I mean which College has good teaching faculty? Most of them don't. I'm about to finish my undergrad degree in physics and I'm really loving the field of finance. You are doing great work ☺️.
Hey Dimitri, thank you for the review. Can you review ‘Introductory Econometrics for Finance’ by Chris Brooks? I believe many European programs use this text in their programs but I haven’t seen many uses of it in the US.

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