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Steady Glide Dynamics and Guidance of Hypersonic Vehicle Book Reviews from YouTube

Hypersonic Weapons explained in Detail | Cruise Missile | Glide Vehicle | Avangard
LONG Range Hypersonic Scramjet flight challenges | India's 1st Glide vehicle in 2022?
DRDO Started working on new Hypersonic Glide Vehicle based on Agni-P | Aircraft Carrier killer
Hypersonic Glide Vehicle + Rail Gun approved by MoD, Engine for Navy ships
You are a bottle of knowledge
Sir jis rocket se hypersonic glide vehicle ko launch krte hai kya vo reuse ho skta hai ?
Thank you
what is difference between MIRV and hypersonic glide vehicle?
How glide vehicle will maneuver after separation from engine section possible because of its design but thats not so impressive...nd how it maintain hypersonic speed as it's engine left behind.... Perhaps it will go in zig Zag path nd strike wherever
बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद जानकारी देने के लिए
DRDO should create hypersonic cruise missile and hypersonic glide vehicle both
Wooooh.....awsm ...i have watched 20 vedio but i had still doubt...but ur vedio clear all doubt very easily and clearly...great work
Very very good learning from You Sir. Thank You Very Much. Jai Hind.
Awesome video, bahut Kam video aisi hoti hai Jo itna Accha samajh aati hai..
Should explain in better way it's like kichri
Cruise missile me hi glide vehicle laga do 👍
Bahut badhiya 👍
Great explain
India kyu nhi kharidta hypersonic missile?
Depois de 20 anos. Misseil hipersônico 14X (Brazil), sera testado neste ano 2020.
Super bro
Sir aven gard ,kinjale and zircon missile mein difference s kya h
Usa ke beta bahi
Amit Sir, please make video on Chinese DF 31,DF41 anf his strength
china has four hypersonic missiloes,the df=17.the lingyum-1,the jia geng and the df-26
Amit bhai, is there any scramjet/ ramjet cruise missile in any one's inventory which can travel 6-7mach!! I really wanna know which cruise missile is faster than Brahmosright now???
Why are you giving out your defence secrets to the people when you know your enemies get to know about your capabilities .They will try to up their defence systems. Please DRDO don't do this type of advertising. Please.
Atmanirbhar bharat
Hello guys big changes...Mr Modi has invited right after Middle east and Israel peace deal...Trump will take up Kashmir issue...with a great bang and will bring India and Kashmiris to a peace deal which will be in favor of Kashmiris...this is on his matter what...God bless America
सर खान सर कॉमेडी करते करते ये समझ दिए है । 😂😂
How he is getting these secret details ??🤔
Additional 36 Rafael may be required for better understanding in two front war,so please rethink Indian government and taken decision immediately
Hope you are not leaking confidential information
Deserves more subs
Ohh bhai iyna knowledge 1 video me...
Can we take help from Japan on Ceramic coating ? They have mastered the technology of CMC & successfully implementing it.
After watched this video Me :- Yeah to sala sachmuch ka Rocket science hai 🤔 Thank you DRDO 🙏
Brahmos 2- Hypersonic cruise missile -7 mach Shaurya missile - Hypersonic Hybrid ballistic missile- mach - 7.5 we need Hypersonic missile of mach 10
भाई , 4 देश जिन्होने हाइपर सॉनिक वाहन वाहन बनाए है _____ उनका कम्पैरिज़न वीडियो बनाओ । हमें लगता है कि सबने अलग-अलग विधी का प्रयोग किया है ।
Tecnolgy Demostrator.👍
What is range sir
Good information but Heavy accent- hard to understand
2014.. crucial year.. February Russia captured Crimea then may Modi PM of India.. immediately Russia withdrew arms embargo of Pakistan same year.... RUSSIA CHINA PAKISTAN triangle is now ready openly...this will b bad 😠😠 India wake up nd MOVE TO EXTREME MILITARISATION ND UPGRADATION TOO .........ELSE UGLY REALITY WILL BITE
Please brother Telugu defence video
is s400 capable to neutralise hypersonic missile system
DRDO could have done it long back... This is a low hanging fruit. Real deal is the HSTDV based missile.
It will have the speed more then 6 mach which will be the nightmare for pla navy
I think Agni-P would be an excellent platform to develop the hypersonic glide vehicle! Good Going!
Hypersonic missiles r very easy to neutralise. Use waves net shield. A broad wide net like EMF waves should project by specialized made DEWS radars under a multi layered multi frequency band with continuous of cycling waves effect along with freezing temperature cold current waves can neutralise any kind of flying objects or moving objects on land sea air space underground even on future aliens technology space mother ships too....... Even Nuclear or hydrogen or neutron bombs can be neutralise to dummy.
Kya fayda yeh sab weapons bana kar, dushman toh ghar k andar hi bhade pade hain jaise PFI, CFI, etc😒
What happened to the hstdv
Power oven
Is this the same HGV, which is going to be mounted on 3000km Anti ship hypersonic missile...?
Jai Bharath
Did you hear about the new helmet made for sikh soldiers my MKU
Chobe benkebhosdo tum nukal hi kyu mar kuch alag kyu nahi bunate
Jai Hind 🇮🇳
India needs big Private players in defence sector, otherwise, things will not move. Govt should provide necessary impetus...time to have our own Lokheed Martin, Dassault Aviation, SAAB
Why rail guns,America wasted billions but did not succeed?
Finally hypersonic glide vehicle.
# Indigenously Built Weopan.
Jai hindi
Did they frekin mounted a Radar on Toyota MPV ...WTF wrong with India 🤣🤣
Jai hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Jai Shree RAM🏹🙂🙏🚩 Jai Hanuman💪🙂🙏🚩 Jai Hind Vande Mataram⚔️🙂🙏🚩
🚀🇵🇰🤯😂😂 pakistan par missile attack
Jai Hind 🇮🇳
ii am proud of the brains behind these and the government support behind these our dream of becoming a superpower is just 15 years away.. PLS all defence lovers go and see the Movie Kashmir files it also a duty as Indians and patriots that we give justice to those poor kashmiri pandits who faced exodus ,genocide and mass rape in their own country become a refugee ..its our duty to give them justice by atleast knowing their truth and pain...this much atleast they deserve...lets all of us go watch Kashmir files and promote it by any means possible so more people could see the movie..jai hind
As soon as possible we should make our own Hypersonic missile and although brohmos is increasing its range but also we need to focus on this as we have expertise in supersonic but hypersonic will make our fire power to next levl
Suna hai Galti se missile pakistan me ghus gaya
Boys, first submarine now missile, you know 😁😁😁😁within 2 to 3 year pok will be ours 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Bhai ye kya ho rah hai. Brahmos chor de rahi hai.
🤣😂well India is going to start nuclear war by accidently firing brahmoos on neighbors!!No information regarding it ? Bara defense analysis aya !!

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