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Buy Stainless Steel Professional Frying Pan 28cm online at Amazon. Constructed of Heavy Gauge, Quality & Durable Stainless Steel. Capsulated Bottom & Induction Compatible. Ideal for making Omelette, Stir-Fry, etc. 1....

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The lowest Stainless Steel Professional Frying Pan 28cm Price in India is ₹1,845 at Amazon.
Buy Stainless Steel Professional Frying Pan 28cm online at Amazon.
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  • Constructed of Heavy Gauge, Quality & Durable Stainless Steel.
  • Capsulated Bottom & Induction Compatible.
  • Ideal for making Omelette, Stir-Fry, etc.
  • 1.0mm Body Thickness, 5.0mm Bottom Thickness.

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I love these videos! So thorough!!
I think really what people need is something that they can stick in the dishwasher after they rinse it
The idea of someone hitting a cinderblock with a $400.00 pan made me shrivel up a little.
I just purchased a set of Le Creuset stainless pots and pans. They are horrible... I couldn’t even get water to boil with them while using my LG gas range. Anyway, I should have watched this video first.
Really would have preferred a ranking of the pans from best to worst at the end instead of just rating one pan the best.
ترجمة عربي مفيش
In Europe, the All-Clad costs the double of what it costs in US.
Unfortunately All-Clad have the WORST handles of all cookware. They are uncomfortable, unbalanced and extremely difficult to hold and handle. HARD PASS.
Sounds like an Promo ad for ALL-Clad. Did you test the Viking brands????
Yay! For once the most expensive product does not win!
I love my 5 ply pans. From Dalstrong. Though unlike the layers in the one mentioned Dalstrong uses Copper inside to help with conductivity. Though the All clad mentioned seems like one I might try out.
Most of your tests were good, as well as the material analysis by MIT, but your strike test is flawed. Your human tester will strike the block with inconsistent speed and force. A machine configured to a constant setting - say of the average human - is a more credible test.
Why are all their so-called "best cookware" have bad reviews on Amazon (the links they provided btw)?
Tried the scanpan fusion 5 series? Its a 5 ply i really like mine
Does this "season"trick REALLY work? (on SS) how long does the anti stick last?
What about their 5 layer with copper wish they tested that one also
*Biocompatible Metals* .. you want either all iron or titanium for a direct food contact surface. Frankly, I'm shocked you didn't have that conversation with your MIT guy!? Stainless steel is an alloy of Iron: Austenltic Molybdenum, aluminium, copper. Nickel. Chromium. Carbon. Manganese.
These may be good for gas and electric but the copper and aluminum won't work on induction tops. I changed to induction and never will go back to electric or gas. Heats up faster and unlike electric stops heating the second you reduce the heat. Best of both worlds.
Bruh I'm still using my ikea sensuell....
Tasty still offers/recommends TEFLON in 2017 apparently. How great...
Cast iron any one know who sells good ones India
Stainless steel pans unfortunately do get burnt or stick, but when you've cleaned it you can simply wipe oil on a cloth in it, and wipe off excess, then it will be seasoned. Treat burn stains with hot water and sodium bicarbonate, a teaspoon of it for a couple hours then wipe off stains. Non stick, I have a non aluminium BPA free pan which is great for stir fry and pancakes. Sizing is important, for eggs, etc a small pan, for a stir fry for one a medium and for family a large pan. All these pans she uses are really called skillets.
cast iron is easy clean up
i used a nonstick once and killed my girlfriends birds...never used one since.
As a Pansexual, I have to say thank you. I’m looking for that special pan 😌
For hashbrown what pan should I use nonstick or a cast iron
Filipinos be like: We'll be using sandpaper to clean those stainless steel pans 😁
Alexis is hot
Which pan is better as a drying pan?
Seasoned chicken? Where is the seasoning?
Any suggestions on which brand offers the best stainless steel pan please ?
I've had my cast iron pan for nearly 20 years now. I literally can clean it now just wiping it down with a paper towel.
No mention of enameled cast iron? I have some bare cast iron pans, but I mainly use them over an open fire or on the charcoal grill now that I have a good selection of Le Creuset for use in the kitchen. Expensive, but worth every penny...err, dollar.
What about carbon steel pans?
In the balkans there are no specialty pans. Pans are pans there are only diffrent shapes.
Cast iron is preferred
I really ......four pans ....can anyone tell in India where can I find good quality ..... All types of pan I cooked steamed egg rice to biryani to fish fry to all curries
You missed out two other types of frying pan. These being solid Copper, and ceramic coated Copper. I rate the latter as being the best frying pan you can use. They're amazing and impossible to burn.
TIMESTAMPS Teflon cookware 0:38 Aluminum cookware and aluminum foil 3:31 Copper cookware 5:12 Ceramic-coated cookware 6:54
I used any of those you talking about still alive and don’t have any sign of any sickness anyway it’s a content of vlog
You missed out the best material cookware....CLAY... just going to ignore what I saw
All Stainless Steel contains Chromium ....................that's what makes it stainless grade steel. Most all of the non-hardened type stainless steels contain some Chromium and Nickle.
My poor old mother of 68 years of age just refuses to believe me when I tell her all those Teflon pans for frying that she used over the years were being used the wrong way and dangerous. She would fry on one temp. setting..................HIGH NUKE level 10 on the burner surface no matter what. Bacon...........fry on #10, Pork Chops fry on #10, fish on #10 everything was on #10. The Teflon would chip and the pans would bend or warp and of course as a Child I got totally sick all the time with that Teflon Flu. She will still to this day eat food cooked in Teflon pans that have flaking burnt Teflon barely hanging on them.
I stopped watching at No.1. Raise your hand if you've ever cooked something in a Teflon pan at a temp over 572 degrees...NO? Didn't think so. I mean your plastic utensils will start to melt at about 220 degrees. How would you even manage to heat a pan over twice that temperature? Maybe if you set fire to your house with the non-stick pans inside, but then why would you go in that house to inhale all those Teflon fumes?
Can you get porcelain baking dishes? Can you use porcelain in the oven??
I ordered a set on amazon, i forgot to look into the company, but it claimed to be stainless steel from China but they smell like pennies even after I wash them. What should I do, anybody??
How about clay cookware?
How can stainless steel doesn't contain chromium. For mild steel to be stainless steel, it has to contian minimum 12,5% chromium by wieght. There are some nickel free stainless steel options but no chromium, PLEASE!
Will super glue sticks on Non-stick pan?
The amount of disinformation is outstanding
Thanks for information i learned a lot.
Safe alternatives.but does it last forever? Do you want to know about safe and Lifetime Alternatives? DM me. Let's talk about it.
Ssf vibes big 🖍nose
Dude we all know most people do YouTube for money, even you.
Please suggest which stainless steel is food grade or chromium and nickle free i didn't find any at least on earth
or you can use clay pots like people have been using in subcontinent for centuries ☺️
where can I find the Stainless steal pots you are referring too. every thing i find has Aluminum?
Very useful, intelligent and comparative review. Wonderful. Keep up the good work.👍
Which the good for health
AMC cookware is the best option if you can afford..
which one is better?? vinod bigner mayer or prestige
🙏 it seems that meyer triply kadai is at Amazon now. So is it zinc free too. So that we can have best of both worlds.
Im still confused which one to buy 🤔🤔
Mam, please tell your opinion on "Avon Ware"
Mam you didn't tell which one Is one should buy.. Because there is money difference between vinod or bergner. I m willing to buy this so please do tell which one should I buy. Also a request make a review of video on stanless steel tawa.. Thanks
If nickel free it must be less price half then 3 ply. Not more
Check 10 nickel as you said all are supposed to be 18/8
Mam they say that in tri-ply thete are 3 layers and the 1st and 3rd layer are made of ss.then why should we transfer the contents to another bowl.please clarify mam.lot of confusion
Please can you suggest if triply or hard anodised cookware is better..difference between both etc..
Triply cookware are very convenient.very easy to clean.I have two kadai one fry pan and one sauce pot.all are vinod and Bergner.I am very happy.
Meyer is the best if you can afford it
Mam do you have any idea about praylady cookwares
Ma'am I was thinking to buy a stainless cookware just so that I do not have to shift the gravy/dal after cooking .Is that not a safe option?
Ma'am for deep fry like poori, which one is better? Vinod platinum deep tasla or bergner tasla?
Mam... I recently bought vinod sas kadhai... and after first use I could see rainbow n white stains in the inner layer... plz tell me if this is normal or should I get it replaced...??
What is the rate
Make a review about fackelmann triply