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Spot and Arc Welding (Classic Reprint) Book Reviews from YouTube

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Sir t joint 90deegree fillet position
T joint
That is fillet welding symbol and type of welding join is the T jonnt
5 mm welding hai
Fillet weld(कंटूर सतह)
Last me jo symbol h vo T join h
Sorry sir I don't understanding for this figer
Thanks for this 👍
Bevel weld
5mm fillet
Ti jaint
Welder or welder(Gas&electric) trade me kiya difference hai please reply
Symbol weld triangle welding
Flat joint
This semboles means arrow side welding
T joint
Sir tack welding kya hi sir please reply
Tnx u sir 😊 jankari dene ke liye
pls help me how to become a member of this channel
Very informative video
I want to be a member of your channel, Please tell me the rules of how to be a member.
Very good video sir
you are great
tq sir
thanks 🙏
Tnq bro
Pipe वेल्डिंग मे 3G,4G KIYO नही होता है THORA विस्तार से संझाए सर 🙏🙏🙏🙏
If any welder is qualified for 6G then he is qualified for all positions.
Best book for welder please suggest sir
Thanks bro
Thank you sir 💯❤️❤️
Interesting ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks you sir
Very good
Very good sir
Very useful Sir ji
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Welds work on AC n dc We get supply of Ac In one side of machine is 230v . So it taken 230v n gives 40 to 45 v. Or In this rectifier is there. So it give DC voltage Current provides the heat I^2 RT One side get high current at low voltage
Isme minimum sallery kya hota hai sir
Cr Mo is used sir
Sir muje arc welding aati hai kya aapki nazar ne koi delhi ncr ne job hai isse meri help. Ho jayegi
Nice work
Mild Steel
Nice information sir
Sir arc nahi banti hai kaise banaye electrod chipkata kyu hai
किसी अनुभवी वेल्डर को नोकरी चाहिए तो मुझे मेसेज कीजिए,मध्यप्रदेश में रहने खाने की व्यवस्था फेक्ट्री में ही मिल सकती है
Thank you Sir for the information
Thanks sir
sir maximum 230 rhta hai input voltage
No flux is used with mild steel
Great 👍
Carban electrode
Acchi Jankari dene ke liye dhanyvad sar
So nicely explained thanks you sir ❤️
Want to learn how to weld with these processes? I'll walk you through it step by step in my new affordable online welding courses at
Fantastic video! Thanks again. I used a MIG welder many years ago ('96) to weld up 28 holes in my 85 Honda Prelude so I could use it the next three years at the Marine institute where I went to school. Water had been getting in and soaking the floor, and when I removed the carpet, I found lots of holes and rotten spots. I took a ball peen hammer and knocked out 28 bad spots altogether. I had saved a heavy gauge bottom drawer when my Mom threw out her old electric range (not knowing what I'd use it for), and so cut pieces out of that to seal the holes originally with a rivet gun. But then, my uncle had just bought a MIG welder and I said "I need to learn to weld, I guess" so I went through the instruction manual and learned how to do it with the flux wire. And with the rubberized coating inside and out, I sealed up the bottom nicely, so when I took out friends on rainy days (many of them in St. John's), their shoes didn't get soaked anymore! :) As I still buy only used cars and utilize them until its no longer feasible, I really want to learn to use TIG for body panel work. When I buy one, I'll also invest in your four courses on your website. This will teach me enough to get started, I believe. Thanks for all of this. Wonderful site you've put up! All the best!!!
I have to say I took welding at a trade school 25 years ago and this video has more information than we were taught. 👍
Well, I learned me something today!
Currently deployed to Iraq for the fourth time. Looking to get into Welding as a hobby and i love the descriptions of the types of welds and what they are used for.
Incredible, simple, no-nonsense explanation. Love it!
This is great stuff. If I ever find myself needing to switch careers to something that's a trade, welding would probably be it. Might as well make myself familiar now.
This was the most simple, comprehensive, well-explained video on basic welding techniques I've ever seen. I GET IT NOW. Thank you! New sub!
Nice man
I have been wanting to know this for years and you have done an excellent job explaining all the different types of welding!
I use a Miller Pipeworx 400 at my work. They can do it all.
Really want to "learn" welding? Get a job doing it. I started in the mid 60's in the Quicy shipyard. You either learn it or you get fired. HAHAHA
Easy DIY to change a DC to AC.
Hi, you obviously know what you are talking about, your teaching style and your use of time explaining this is excellent. Thank you, I found this very informative and very easy to understand. I appreciate the effort it took to put this together if for no other benefit than to help others. Champion!
Im buying this guy's courses
Hi Tim: Tim I have a requirement to weld clips to a bicycle chain. What/which welder would you recommend for fine work, such as this 'crazy' project? Thank you, Sir.
Great video! Really helped to explain the process to a true novice.
My Dad was a welder for many years. I remember when I was young...he did a lot of important welding projects. I know he did a lot of welding at the Fermi 2 nuclear power plant south of Detroit.
Thank you. Great introduction to the difference in welding.
ahhh slag.....there is one as the Whitehouse press secretary! total SLAG!!!

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