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Spent Nuclear Fuel and Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Systems (Green Energy and Technology) Book Reviews from YouTube

Nuclear Fuels
Nuclear fuel cycle
Stuart Henderson - Thorium Energy from Accelerator Driven Reactors @ TEAC4
How can U235 be increased through enrichment? Is it through fertile materials?
Great video, Sir
Sir aaj lecture aane wala hai
Thanks sir explain this topic
Good sir ji
Thorium might not produce *new* minor actinides - but there already *are* tons of minor actinides out there. And a subcritical reactor could "burn" the entire shebang without reprocessing, which is politically highly desirable. There has not been commercial scale reprocessing in the U.S. for any significant amount of time since the Carter presidency. So most of the "nuclear waste" that exists in the U.S. is all the actinides and fission products bunched together. There is very little that critical reactors can do with this stuff (DUPIC is an exception, but it requires a heavy water moderated reactor) - but a subcritical reacto can "burn" it all - including transmutating the fission products (well, most of them, anyway)
sub critical reacotr accident are not because of criticality this is always stopped with in seconds its the heat from decay that you have to control which is why salts are the answer. so sub critical goes striaght out the window. the rest is the same as molten salt why as complexity. no part is the best part
Are you sure a billion electron volt accelerator is needed? Less voltage means more current. I'm thinking about 20 MeV will do the job. There wasn't any discussion of cost. That's important. According to the IAEA, a research cyclotron costs about $6 million dollars.
U238 has a funny fission cross section. At a certain energy it will fission then if you increase the neutron energy just a little the fission cross section is like millibarns. Then if you increase it a little more it goes up to megabarns.
May the best design win! Soon, I hope.
get on with the getting the lifters up and running. . dont try and run before u can walk, we are way behind the chemistry and engineering. this is jumping the gun, down the road. one thing 1st, then move on. get pragmatic, stop searching to be the next Enstein,apply and work with the labs, engineers that are trying tyo build these things, then years down the line once we all sorted, safe, sound, into the C21th we can mess with other things. all scientists, engineers, bankers, investors, designers, mathamatians, humanity must get on and get involved before its all to late. china are working on one, other nations poss. this is the last energy solution to solve nearly all masn future worrys, fuel, medicine, energy, water. buring Thorium is the only practical prove, ready to go, safe, clean sound system we would ever need in enoens to come. we all need to colate, build alliances, oppearations, teams, crack on with this as time is running down. we can make it happen if only those in charge trusted the proven sceience, we will all WIN, or we ll might lose as mother earth can only take so much crap at any one time
The waste problem? There is no waste problem! A fast MSR can eat that spent fuel and use it provide power the world for thousands of years.
This is such a great idea.
I think a Wakefield accelerator would work here.
This seems to be solving a problem that doesn't exist.
Hmm. By aiming for a specific neutron energy one could have good chance of burning certain minor actinides reducing some of the waste. This might be something to reduce the problem of nuclear waste from millenia to decades, but it would also be complex and maybe there are better treatments possible here
Adding complexity of an accelerator to a fission reactor. What a great idea. LFTR uses a salt plug to deal with a runaway reaction. These geniuses use an accelerator!
look at this thorium reactor 2 by me
Aloha. I am not a nuclear physicist, I come from an Electrical Construction background. This AD system that Mr. Henderson talks about sounds like nothing more than a Fused Disconnect Safety Switch that would be used to protect electrical loads from damaging themselves and can be used to selectively energize/de-energize the circuit.  It is NOT necessary for a LFTR to run, but IF you want to use something like SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) as a gigantic & expensive ON/OFF switch for an already very safe LFTR, well, wasting money and making things more complicated than needed is something that DOE has an excellent history of doing.  Adding ADS to LFTR, strictly as a regulatory 'feel good' system, would be like not approving the gas cap on the fuel tank for your automobile, so you can't pull into a gas station and filler up.instead, you have to pay DOE to build you a micro-refinery to make the gasoline your automobile consumes, and now you have to tow that micro-refinery behind your automobile. I am glad that Kirk Sorenson questioned him at the end, and pointed out that ADS is NOT needed for LFTR. Re-watching this video, I was glad to see that most of the faces in audience had the same dis-believing look of shock at the utter non-sense Mr. Henderson was trying to 'sell'.  Sounds like he had no interest in advancing LFTR, but rather somehow using LFTR to extend the existence of things like SLAC that have been costing us billions of dollars since before I was born. The look on John Kutsch's face at 22:20 into the video speaks volumeslike, 'Who let this guy into a Thorium Conference when his only interest is decades old particle accelerators?" Peace & Prepare Pax et Paro
Pfft! complete and utter nonsense! Nothing but the usual let's promote funding for our pet projects, jobs for our boys by suggesting insanely tenuous benefits/synergies to everything in sight. This is exactly the kind of incremental, purposely blinkered, self interested B.S. that led us into the current situation. (reminds me of the NIF laser fusion nonsense! srsly, like every future fusion plant needs the biggest laser in the world attached!) The suggested "benefits" of this marriage are infinitesimal, and entirely unrelated to MSR. 1) if you want to burn waste this way, fine build ONE sub-critical linac facility for this purpose, don't hobble an MSR power/heat generation fleet with this nonsense. 2) "adding" even more extra layers of safety and proliferation resistance to an already inherently very safe and resistant technology is just the usual pandering to fear and ignorance. Never mind the fact that these two "benefits" are minimal and unrelated to MSR, coupling this accelerator B.S. to MSR utterly hobbles the technology! For one, there's the promise of MSR's being simple, compact, mass-producible and therefore deployable in a distributed manner for all kinds of usages (community power, on-site industrial process heat, whatever). Just how much does a 13MW linear accelerator add to the size of the facility?  Looks like it'd destroy many proposed applications to me. Seriously, does every "flatbed transportable" future reactor now have to be deployed with a several kilometer long/wide accelerator facility! I'm sure the particle physics PhD mills would love that but the very last thing this critical technology needs is the usual leeches sucking the life out of it. Such Utter Bollox! It's so depressing that these dinosaurs are still trying to thrust their snout into every trough and poison the well for everyone else,. but nice to see that he got a suitably dismissive questions at the end.
You are correct. He is working on an Accelerator Driven Molten Salt Reactor.
The bottom line is this: LFTR doesn't need an accelerator to operate. There's enough Uranium 233 still kicking around to start-up several MS reactors and bring them to the point where they start "breeding" their own U233. This Fermi Lab guy looks like he wandered in the wrong conference.
Criticality of the core was not a factor in TMI or Fukushima accidents. Those were problems delivering cooling to the decaying fission products in the core after it was successfully turned off. Accelerator driven reactors also will have the same quantity of fission products and thus the same decay heat profile. AD doesn't solve any real problems. It adds complexity. This is just a way to raise more R&D money with no practical advantage. Bogus!
Does Stuart Henderson say AD systems are incompatible with thorium MSRs? My understanding is that they could conceivably go together - am I correct?

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