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Buy Spectrum W9271 Pedometer Set (Pack Of 12) online at Amazon.
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Spectrum W9271 Pedometer Set (Pack Of 12) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand S&S Worldwide
Color As shown in the image
feature Reusable 2-piece clamshell storage caseEstimate distance traveled/calories burned
Manufacturer S&S Worldwide
Number-of-Items 1
Size As shown in the image

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Spectrum W9271 Pedometer Set (Pack Of 12) Reviews from YouTube

This Cheap Smart Band Watch is Actually a GREAT Step counter & Sleep Monitor
SC2 Digital Pedometer Setup
FitBit Step Count Review
What was the app
Name brand
The link says it’s out of stock unfortunately I have an iPhone will this work with the Health app
The worst blend of shoddy workmanship and flimsy materials ever manufactured.
Can't even read on watch .is there anyway i can make font size bigger so that i can read.and other thing is sms comes on screen and goes so fast .less time to read.can we fix?
Im wanting a fit watch without a recurring payment for an app.
someone please review the sleep tracking thing I cant even find one single video to get the info on it no matter what product I look for
The pedometer review on youtube indicates to wear pedometer on hip. Apparantly this effect accuracy a lot. With watch pedometer on wrist??.....will this not have negative effect. The common pedometer device can be SET, tuned. Measure your steps and using tape measure. Input.......then device automatic adjust
How accurate are the cheap ones? I want to have pedometer that is at least accurate to within a metre/yard. I measure golf shot. Will use from 20m to 300m?
Great review!!! Pretty good watch
what phone was that?
Amazing Band Watch😉😋. Thanks for creating this video. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks 👇👇👇 So come on People Subscribe this channel & enjoy your daily routing life.✌😊😋 To. #thisise 👍✌👌
yo E, was that 101 bpm after exercise or just at rest? if its at rest i might go to tho doc and get the heart checked thats pretty high
Bruh to be honest I don't why the hell you're so underrated if your videos are pretty dope when it comes to editing
Is this better than mi band hrx edition??
Hey guys, I hope you are doing well! Enjoy this video and let me know if you have any questions 🤘🏻
Thank you for this. It's clearly stated and useful.
Thank you, very helpful and easy to follow explanation!
So how do you change the battery??
I loved my pedometer for the couple of months that I have had it, but it has died. There are only two things you can see on the display.: `1. the time which can't be adjusted, or 2. every line in the digital display is lit up. Any ideas as to how to fix it? now I have to lug my phone and heart app around to count steps, so please have an answer.
I can’t get the am or pm to show?
I tend to move both my legs and arms rapidly. I will tend to move my arms like I am dancing when I am walking to dance music that I am listening to. I also did rapid arm movements that I called "thigh drummers" (I hit my thighs rapidly) as a type of cardio when I am riding the bus.
My Apple Watch is garbage at step counting my mi band 5 is far more accurate for me
I have a test suggestion. I am 78 years old. When walking slowly the Charge 2 seems to count steps accurately. But, the Versa 2 counts half the number of steps counted by the charge 2. If I walk briskly, the steps counted by Versa 2 and Charge 2 are approximately the same. Can you recruit and older, slow walker and test step count accuracy?
Yep... Switched to garmin, and found out.. All the 10k's before with fit bit were sweet little lies.
I am considering switching from Fitbit to something else because, besides the fact that I've already had 2 replacements, steps and sleep seem to have gone mental. I'm still on Versa 1, first one died for no reason and the 2nd the screen popped out, again for no reason, no impact or anything causing it. Now on my 3rd Versa, sleep is all over the place, half of days of the week doesn't even pick it up and also it counts way too many steps. This week I bought an Amazfit GTS to try see if it's better. I've been wearing the two all day, one on each wrist, and at the time of writing this (10.30pm UK, also bear in mind I've not been on a proper walk because weather wasn't too pleasant) Amazfit has counted 7513 steps and Versa says 13805 steps. Yes, Versa was on my right wrist, so when I was cleaning the kitchen cupboards it counted steps. But 6000 steps from cleaning my kitchen is a tad much? Now, I don't know how accurate Amazfit is, but in my less than scientific opinion, Versa seems to most certainly be taking the piss here. Thank you for your dedication, time and effort reviewing these bands! You're awesome!
My Fitbit 4 counts horrible, I’m a truck driver and it’s counting a lot while I’m driving.... I called Fitbit the only thing they could do , they said is to take the watch off while I’m driving . or delete the hours on the app that I’m driving.... which my Apple I phone counted more accurate in my pocket...👎🏼for fitbit
Excellent Job...Thank you for sharing your time and effort..
Mi Band 5 stops recording my steps for a bit and then it catches up but most of the time it only logs 50% of the steps than I actually did. I find Mi Band 5 more accurate when walking for 100 steps or more at a good pace. if you are walking intermittently and at a slower pace, it has been extremely inaccurate for me.
My girlfriend's Fitbit Inspire HR congratulated her on a good swim after she was done drawing and cutting fabrics for some clothing she was making :D
Probably most Fitbit owners will have had one of those days when you haven't gotten outside of your apartment and your Fitbit is showing hundreds of steps. Where the heck did I walk to? :D
Amazing work. Great job collecting all this data.
Your review is very technical and reliable. Would you please be kind and review Mi Watch Global edition Mode: XMWTCL02 ?
My Fitbit Charge 4 counts my steps while I cycle, it drives me crazy
I wouldn't trust the xiaomi mi. The company is known for data collecting. Also the watch comes in Chinese not English
Sir, Can you tell me which fitness tracker is near to EEG reading (as Sleep Tracker).
Such a great analysis 😍😍😍
Thanks. Please make a test and review of Xiaomi Smart Band 5? I forgot about Withings (thank you, you saved me a lot of money and a nervous breakdown... 😁), because it seems not to work properly, their support forum has some scary content etc.
Which is the best sleep tracker??
My Ionic kept giving me steps when driving as I assume it'd count steps when I'm moving that hand on the wheel.
Does your phone track your activity too? It would be interesting to see if your phone was more accurate. My hypothesis being that because your phone has GPS it can calculate velocity etc. As I am an Android user I have noticed that google is pretty good at tracking my daily activities and knowing when I am taking a cycle and stopping off at a shop or park - even if it's only a very short stop. Thanks again for all these great videos! I only stumbled across you today but I've watched and thumbed them all :-) Cheers

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