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Spectral Finite Element Method Book Reviews from YouTube

Understanding the Finite Element Method
The Finite Element Method - Books (+Bonus PDF)
Books for learning Finite element method
tamil book review finite element analysis best books for mechanical engineering to buy in Amazon
Superb! Great 😊 work 👍👌❤️❤️
Nicely explained. It's an antique for generations to come.
well done😍😍😍
The best video you can find and have the most important information about FEM in just 18 minutes. Amazing!!!!
Firstly, this series is so wonderful. So much intuition easily displayed and digestible. I have a question for clarity though: @9:30 you mention the matrix as having overlapping terms for node 1 with node 3 but in the matrix it looks like you illustrated node 1 overlapping with itself and node 3 overlapping with itself. Should the matrix illustration be mirrored about the vertical axis so that opposite corners show the shared terms?
In the 4th minutes of the video, you are confused bar with rod!
Wonderfully explained! Thanks
Nice explanation
Please make more videos like this. Maybe something related to the operation research topics. Thanks heaps. I hope you know how fantastic and useful your videos are. Much love and aplreciation from Indonesia
Finally I got a videos that gives a brief idea about FEM.
Hi, at the beginning of the video I see browsing a book "Mechanicas of Materials" edition 11 and I wanted to know the title and author of the book. Thanks
In the case of bracket, why you have not used surface elements? I think surface element will be better for bracket.
Thank you very much for such a great explanation…😊
Great video! can't wait to learn more about this
I use FEM daily for computing electric fields. It is amazing!!!. Very well explained
As melhores explicações que podemos ter do assunto. Os professores das universidades brasileiras são realmente uns picaretas! E querem nos ensinar, aquilo que nem eles dominam. São os alunos de cola que viram professores realmente!
Thank you so much for this enlightening video
Download the PDF for free here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/36177941 :) 🎓 My Science Courses – https://academy.jousefmurad.com/ ✍️ Latest blog posts: http://jousefmurad.com 📥 My Newsletter – https://jousef.substack.com/
I was wondering if you could suggest any good books for FEM in Electromagnetics.
Hi , Jousef Murad I want to learn fem and CFD and I'm beginner in this area can u suggest me any online courses which can cover this from basic to advanced level..
Any recommendations on certification courses to take on FEA or FEM
Don't worry I use z-library
I want finite element method textbook by jalaluddin pdf
FEM Books for hydraulic and water resources problems?? any suggestions
I'm trying to find a book for FEM theory, but applied to geotechnical engineering. I mostly do geotech work. Thanks
Do you suggest any book about Finite volume method?. Thank you for your videos
Very nice, looking forward to the next videos :)
FEA by Udai Borker .
My favourite books apart from these two are: - The Finite Element Method for Engineers, K.H. Huebner - A First Course in the Finite Element Method, D.L. Logan - Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering, T.R. Chandrupatla, A.D. Belegundu - Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis, D.V. Hutton - Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using MATLAB and Abaqus, A. Khennane - Finite Element Procedures, K.J. Bathe
Very Helpful. Thanks. My favorite book of FEM is " A First Course in the Finite Element Method Book by Daryl L. Logan "
It would be nice to show the best CFD books in aerodynamics (compressible flow modeling and analysis).
Hellö freeeeend
Hello friend...I am a PhD student ... Working on multi physics modelling of additive manufacturing... Could you suggest me a workstation laptop for it. Can I have a conversation with you regarding this issue via any medium..it would be helpful.... thanks
Hi. Sir
sir i have completed bachelors in mechanical domain and i am going to persue aerospace engineering(masters) in iit madras . Sir during my undergraduate course i used local author book by senthil .Now im planning to read some standard author book sir. kindly suggest one for me sir

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