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Spartan Tetron Backpack (Large) Features

  • Bag Capacity: 20 L
  • Cricket Bag
  • Style: Kit Bag
  • Material: Tetron
  • Large
Spartan Tetron Backpack (Large) Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Spartan Tetron Backpack (Large) Price in India is ₹799 at Flipkart.
Buy Spartan Tetron Backpack (Large) online at Flipkart.
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Spartan Tetron Backpack (Large) Specifications

Additional Features
Easy to use and transport
Body Features
Bottom Features Durable Base Sheet
Closure Type Zipper
Handle Features Carry Handle Handle, Carry
In-built Wheels No
Pocket Compartments 3 Pocket Compartment
Shoulder Strap Yes
Bag Capacity 20 L
Design Designed for professionals
Ideal For Men
Material Tetron
Size L
Type Backpack
Wash Care Easy to wash
In the Box
Sales Package 1 Sport Bag

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Spartan Tetron Backpack (Large) Reviews from YouTube

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Can you tell me the difference between the Explorer 4000 and the mountain Adventurer 4000? I can't find a comparison video is the Mountain Adventure higher-quality better pack
This video was produced so well that at first I thought it was an advertisement directly from the company 😂 Great review and production. I’m definitely going to purchase as a result of this review.
You really did a excellent job doing this video very well done and I have that backpack too.
Good review. Just ordered one.
Excellent review. Leaning heavily towards this pack now. Thank you!
Carry my groceries home with this.
Great review..note..the longer straps on waste belt is for winter camping with coats ect.. also you can roll up extra bands using ranger bands to keep them out of the way.
I've had this pack for years. Last month I stuffed a deer into it. LoL
My question is: would this be fine in a through hike?
This is a really great review that went through all the bonuses of the product and negatives. Thank you for a great job and for helping me in my purchasing process.
Thanks mate definitely subscribed!
Awesome review definitely subscribed!!!
good review.
Jesus Christ man start the video at the start, not 1 minute in.
This is a great review! Just got one from Amazon to use on 1,2 day hiking camping trips
is this a good backpack for 2-3 week wilderness expeditions?
Sadly- I won’t be worried about the waist straps. Lol. Great review. I think I will be purchasing Teton upgraded version though.
i have the sout3400 and i dont now if make change to 4000 teton , just pay 500 pesos mexicanos like 20 dollars , i love my scout 3400 but i donth think about do change
I have the scout 3400. Used it maybe 5-6 times on short hikes. The plastic 'knob' at the end of the draw strings are cracked. I had to put tape around them to help hold them together. I find the 3400 to be a bit small (I probably pack too much)? Other than the "knob" flaw I like it. I may purchase the 4000 soon so I can take what I want to pack in without overflow.
I used to be homeless. I like having the 4,000 in case I'm ever homeless again. I can carry anything and everything with this pack. Some homeless people really are into the ultralight grayman kinda thing, with an ugly, small backpack to make themselves look too poor to steal from. Personally, while I like being a grayman, I think I'll take my chances. I've got the black/grey one which is less eye-catching than some other colors, and I can always slap some mud on my 4000 and my clothes to make myself look poorer if I'm worried about being stolen from. Lol.
I just got the one that went on sale cheaper. The 4000 was about 72 on sale and the 3400 was about 76. Probably not smart to base something you're gonna use a lot on a $4 difference, even when you're as point as me. However, I like the large size. I can carry a LOT with this backpack, which is pretty cool.
For sure the most useful video! I been torn between these two for a few days now with my budget and now I will now make my purchase. Thanks for the help!
I got the 3400 4 years ago. Got it for my scouts hikes. She did great on every one
Just ordered the scout 3400. Great video, thanks for the content! Liked and subbed
Dude that hip pad and using it increases the chance of shin splints, knee amd ankle pain. When going through basic training in the Army we are not aloud to use them. Because it increases the chance of injury. Good video otherwise.
Hi guys, do you know if they sell in Europe?
So far the 4000 has been great. Thank you.
Nice review thanks
Thanks for your effort
I too don't like water bladders in my pack. Takes up unessesary space. I'd rather carry more food and 3-4 small water bottles plus my big 1.5 liter bottle on the side of the pack. Also a lifestraw and some bleach with a dropper wouldn't be a bad option to have. Should you run out of water or get lost on your adventure. Great video, I own the 4000 and have since replaced it with a Kelty. But for 70$ I think it's a great bargain, carries alot of gear inside, and it has some great placement of zippers and straps 💪
I found your video after ordering 3 of the scout 3400 and 1 explorer 4000! My kids are in Scouts and we are getting more active in camping and we were needing new backpacks, your video reassured me that we made good choices! Thank you!
Im the friend who brought too much gear :(
I'm looking to buy my boyfriend a new backpacking pack; I think the 65L will be perfect so he will have the extra space to carry aallllll my "extra baggage" for our backpacking adventures!
Bro this is the MOST USEFUL video I found about which Teton pack to get. Other videos had in the 10-100ks view but this is by far the best! Keep it up 👍
love ur dry humor in these videos man LMAO
Just bought a TetonSports 4000 a few months ago. It seems to work for what I use it for. Thanks for taking the time to upload Hike much. You were right about the straps squeaking while you hike. Kind of annoying, but whatever.
Hell yeah! Made up my mind for me on this backpack! Thank you. I own and have used Teton's 5+ mummy-style sleeping bag and am absolutely happy with it. I've used it a good 10-15 times and I have to say it's always performed, even in the snow so I'm happy to be picking up another Teton product! Safe adventures to all!
Thanks for the review! I’m buying coyote brown one for my birthday
I was thinking about picking this up for the winter season
Ordered mine on Amazon just received it not only did I get the wrong color it has f****** holes in it this piece of s*** is not worth $5
Can be possible to remove the waist belt?
Your reviews are awesome. I was considering the amazon backpack very seriously and your review echoed what I was seeing on line. I opted for the Teton scout in tan and love it.
I got this back pack at a garage sale for $4 😂🙌🏼
Looks like a GREAT Pack... Hey luke... Where is the coffee ? lol I got mine ! Thumbs up as always... peace
That pack doesnt look like it has ever seen even 1 mile on the trail.
The "stretchy loops GPS holder"is for walking sticks 🤣😂🤣
Well, the only problem for me is that in french, Teton literally means "nipple". I just can't afford that !
This backpack survived a month long backpacking trip across Sri Lanka. Still one of my favorites!. Love TETON Sports!.
I would buy a used car from you definitely.
now, this is how a review is done... how I wish people would do reviews like this. nowadays is more about showing off ...
For the price you have sold me on this pack (for my needs anyway). Thanks Luke.
Just picked this up on Amazon after doing research and also seeing your glowing review. Thanks Luke!
Just ordered one from Amazon
Sick, would you reccomend this one or the kelty coyote 65? Thanks for your videos bro!
I think Teton makes the amazon basics hiking pack that you didn't like. Hrm weird.
Would that be a good hiking bag to take on Appalachian trail
Hi Luke, thank you for sharing your honest feedback and opinions. And thank you for your past support of TETON Sports. Loyal customers have always been a key piece of our business and as always, our goal is to provide affordable gear that helps everyone get outdoors and enjoy life. We are glad to hear that this message has resonated with you in the past. We are however, disappointed and saddened to hear about your recent concerns. We hope you’ll allow us to address each of the points you brought up in your video. First, the fact that you were not able to get a hold of our customer service is very strange. As you say, “weird,” and we totally agree with you. We have an average time-to-first response for all customer inquiries of less than 11 hours, according to the system our vigilant customer service people use to make sure they are not missing anybody. 214 queries resolved with a 97% satisfaction rate (we spot survey constantly) just last week alone. Not sure how you and your colleagues are contacting us, and we are missing it, but something must be off. We did roll out a new web site over the last few weeks (check it out), so perhaps something is not hooked up right. Maybe you could help us troubleshoot it? Second, we have not outsourced our customer service to another country or another company, and we have not dumbed down or changed our products. We have also not traded out our 12-year plus Asia manufacturing partners for cheap knockoff factories. We are as committed as we've ever been to our full lifetime warranty. In fact, we recently removed the word "limited" from the warranty language just to be sure everyone felt fully covered. As for the recent negative reviews, we do appreciate you reading through recent reviews of our products and voicing your concerns. As you would expect, we get many new reviews each month, and for as long as we have been tracking it, which is about the last three years, our reviews across our product line have overall, been positive, except for an unfortunate two-month period last summer when we had a personnel challenge that we didn't fix fast enough. We do sincerely apologize for that. It is also worth noting that if a specific product or product feature on a TETON Sports product is receiving negative reviews, we go to great lengths to catalog each negative review and change the product to better serve the customers’ needs. Reviews are a great way to get an honest beat on how a company treats their customer’s and products and as with your video, we appreciate any and all feedback. Next, for your reference, Shawn (whom you mention several times in the video), is no longer with TETON Sports and has not been at the company for about a year. However, we’d love to get you in touch with some of our new team members. Finally, as for the Amazon's Basics Backpack looking like ours . . . Sigh. Yes it does. We had nothing to do with that. They . . .er . . . how to say it, umm, they borrowed some of our features for their private label products. If you look closely, there are some significant and important differences. For example, the buckles look similar but ours are made by a high-end manufacturer who makes them from a different raw materials mix and who warranties them to us for life. Same with the zippers. Those are just two examples. That's why our bag is tagged "not your basic backpack"-- because it can actually be lifetime warrantied, and it is. We appreciate your taking the time to look at our products, and we feel like you have always given a fair and reasonable analysis. We can see how you were annoyed when you tried to ask us questions, and you didn't hear from us. We would have been annoyed too. Let's try the new way of connecting--how about you try chatting live on our site (when the sun comes up, our agents are getting their beauty sleep right now). That seems like the most fool proof way to make sure we connect, since nobody wants to post their cell phone numbers on YouTube. For your reference and for your viewers, our customer service message line is 801-704-7702 and our email is Oh, and about the tent: new colors are coming soon. We're hoping you can enjoy them under your Christmas tree, but let's just all watch and see on the exact timing. And you know, lots of people do like yellow. Just saying ;) Thanks again, we look forward to working with you to resolve any lingering concerns. We are hopeful that we can once again make you a TETON believer!
Hey TOGR I just saw this video but I cannot find the update videos can you tell me the name so I can watch it? That would be awesome Thank you
Thank You for that informaation!! 🤒
It's not at all uncommon for "generic brand" companies to contract with the same factories that manufacture a "name brand" company's products. Sometimes that results in a lot of the same bits and bobs (like that little instruction tag) getting used on both products. Sometimes that results in means extremely similar designs getting made on the same machines by the same people, but made faster, cheaper, and with less expensive materials.
I’m curious about product copyrights. Are Teton products copyrighted? And if so, wouldn’t Amazon be violating those copyrights IF the product isn’t made by Teton for Amazon?
I know this video is a little old, but did receive a backpack with a defect this past week, contacted customer service via their email, and within an hournor so had the issue resolved and by the next day had shipping confirmation for the defective part. No complaints here at this time.
Dude i love watching ur vids u have helped me in alot of thanks the way where can i find sum chicory coffee???
Packs made in china - possibly manufactured in same factory and they used some Teton templates to save money or possibly used some parts left lying around.
So a few things. I have a green Teton sports tent. So they did do it. I think we need a retraction video or something. Also, I think if anything, they're getting bullied by Amazon/ their lawyers told them not to respond. I'm a lawyer and I would advise them to shut their mouths while a lawsuit was in place.
Love the few Teton sports products I have. I have no experience with their customer service since I haven’t had to reach out yet. I still would recommend their products to friends and family!
Looking at getting my first backpack and Teton came up in a search. Was wondering if there was a follow up ever done to this as I can not seem to find it. Thank you!
The manufacture in China is screwing Teton Sports as well as many other companies! IP/Design theft is huge and a touchy subject because no one wants to be labeled a racist.
Thank you so much man, I’m subscribed, that’s why they ignored your questions!
Bought a Scout 3400 in August from Amazon. Came with internal lid pocket completely ripped, but needed asap so took it out anyway. The pack performed great. No issues whatsoever. Called Teton and they were glad to replace it but just had Amazon do it as it was much easier. So long story short, pack was great, customer service good, but arrived damaged.
I'm surprised you had never heard of Amazon practice of ripping off top-selling products. It's one of their core business models and one of the many reasons they're a garbage company.
I have a Cabelas backpack from about 10 years ago with that same exact harness adjustment label! In fact, the harness itself looks identical...
Jeff Bezos is a real life Lex Luthor
Tell it like it is. Well done, thanks
IMO it’s neither Teton or Amazon copying each other. Likely a generic Chinese manufacturer who will affix any label you want on the product. All the same stuff, same parts materials and people working in the same factory; different label which is the case with 90% of the products on amazon. Just look at the tomshoo mess kits.
This is the best gear review channel. You don’t miss a detail. Thank you!

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