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Spartan Storm Blue Badminton Shoes (6) Features

The lowest Spartan Storm Blue Badminton Shoes (6) Price in India is ₹1,699 at Amazon.
Buy Spartan Storm Blue Badminton Shoes (6) online at Amazon.
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Spartan Storm Blue Badminton Shoes (6) Reviews from YouTube

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hello i have a question. are nivea appeal badminton shoes good Asics upcourt 4 suitable for playing badminton in indoor court?? Is it non marking shoes?
Uska name young turning point 19 h kya ye double player k liye best h
Sir mein aapse ek racket ke baare me jaanna chata hu
Bro i play outdoor so now i will buy shoes so can you suggest any shoes
More video
Sir how to wash these shoes?
how's Yonex eclipsion z?
Can you mention shoe model with power fusion range between below 3k
Bhai ye video me Jo shoes he unke nam?
Sir please suggest best shoe for outdoor badminton gameplay..
Bro what's the name of shoes which are your left side
Hi bro Lining Nano fly shoe plz tell me the is it worthy for 4000.are anybody else
4:17 shoe bolna chahiye tha naki racquet
What's the model of that all blue yonex shoe? Please share its details. Thanks for the information bhai 😊
Nice!!thank you💛
Bhai over explaination hogaya! Ek perfect shoe haath mein pakad ke bata do k aisa, aisa, aisa hona chahiye!
Plz review "lining ultra fly "
Pls suggest power cushion shoe for my son 16 yrs old playing in wooden court. Me 48 yrs 89 kg 186 cm height playing in wooden court.
Hope you guys enjoyed this 👟 video, let us know if you watched until the end to see that final blooper! 🤣 And again, if you have any individual pairs of shoes you want us to review then comment down below! 🏸
Which shoe will u recommend for an eight year old?
Do badminton shoes have to be low top? I'm thinking of buying the Zion 1's for both basketball and badminton as it has rubber soles but it's mid top and for some reason I'm not allowed to use shoes like that whilst playing badminton?
I have a question! Mizuno shoes are all 2E so how wide is 2E ? I cant try on the shoe but want to buy from amazonJP but what is stoppjng me is i dont know how wide 2E is! Are all yonex shoes 2e and basicly the same width as mizuno ??
tq for the info..
Can you reccomend replacement insoles for yonex shoes for sensible money? Thanks guys
Thanks for the tips. I enjoyed watching your videos. Quick question, any downside of using high end basketball shoes to play badminton? Or do I really have to get badminton shoes?
Thanks! Great video. Do you have a review on Yonex Aero Comfort 3?.. thanks!
Hello i'd like to ask, which one's better Lining Ranger IV TD or or VictorA362II?
Your videos are excellent. Can you also give some more info on comparing mens and womens shoes, width of the shoes etc. I have wide foot and finding it hard to find the right womens shoe. Variety of shoes are not available in the shops. Its not a easy task buying online when we look for right size for wider shoes. I tried to buy mens shoes but I'm not getting the right size. Thanks.
Wait that egg actually broke🙁
Hi! What shoe would you recommend for people with flat feet? Should I wear my orthotics with them?
Wonderful video. Now I know what to look for on a badminton shoe. Thank you.
Can i used asics ?
I just stick with my curry’s (basketball shoes)
ASICS Gel rocket, on my 11th pair, not the lightest but good on ankle pad protection and durability. Volleyball ball shoe but good for amateur players, can get pair for £25 if you look around.
Hello. I wanted to ask what type of shoes would you recommend for outdoor cemented/asphalt courts? I have heard proper indoor non-marking shoes get damaged there and their grips gets ruined. Is that true?
What about people with a high arch? Insole?
Rip the first egg
HALBERD II LITE- how much would you rate them out of 10?
Bro I have yonex muscle power 29 light racket . Is this a good racket . please tell me i request you. 🙏🙏
Pls make a video telling technique of backhand shots and ways to improve backhand 🙏🙏
क्यों match को fee लगती है 400 under 15
young flash 20 vs 3d x caliber combat ka review karo please bhai aur bhai batao kaun sa Achcha
Bro giveaway
Where are your academy
Bro, plz review Victor thruster 770ht
Bhai ma kitni lbs laga sakta hu I am only 12 year old mara racquet 28 lbs Tak hold hai ketna lbs ma laga sakta hu Please batao😅
Hi. I want to buy a badminton racket. I am an intermediate player. I am good with smashes and drop shots. Budget is 5k. Which racket should I buy? and what string tension to use.
Hlo sir app Yonex shb 50 ka review divya pls,
Are alll yonex shoes standard 2E wide ?
Bhai mai aap sai puchna chah ta too kee aaise koi se activities aur habits hai jin sai performance drain hoo te hai mujai thoodi se he pata hai too soach aap sai puchoo aap professional hoo too aapnai experience par bataoo gai plz reply🤜🤛
i'm a 14 year old intermediate badminton player, my playstyle is aggressively balanced, is Yonex GR-303i [Isometric] good for me? btw what's the grip size and weight of that racket? and please rate my playstyle
how can i practice smash at home
Bro Yonex ASTROX Lite 27i Para video banavo
Yonex zr 111 light playing video
Bhai aap apne bare me ek video leke aawo ki apne kab kese khelna start Kiya whole thing about you
Hello Surkant Bhai Please you suggest me that My age now 19 year old and I want to play to Badminton professionally. Age don't matter ? Tell me Bhai 🙏🙏❤️❤️
سر جی مجھے کہاں سے مل سکتا ہے
Hello sir Yonex me konsa racket lena chaiye please bta dize
thank you ,very helpful video
What origin country is Abroz badminton company?
You need to release the reviews for Tour, Game and Play models on the Astrox Series as Ive been waiting for months!
HALBERD II LITE( Li Ning) - how would you rate them out of 10?
hi sir, just curious, which one is better between voltric 11dg slim VS 21dg slim? I'm a club level player, back-court doubles player, and sometimes but not regularly a single player. thanks in advance for your opinion.
Please make new video on best strings
Can you do a review on astrox 99 play? And can you tell me which one is the better racket?
Pls make a video under 40 pounds best rackets.
What string can you recommend for nanoflare 600?
Which one is better: Victor Drive 8s or XR or 9X?
Great reviews! Are there going to be any apacs rackets in next lot of reviews, particularly the apacs woven power?
Can you please review Astrox Lite 27i 🙏. I'm looking to buy it , but I need to know your views.
Hello sir i would like to buy the venom racket in india but the delivery charge is very high...i can afford only the racket which is 5000 rs in india excluding the delivery charge..what else can i do?
I want to request you to review Victor Auraspeed 50 (racket) from subscriber and viewer
Please test out the Lining Tectonic 9!
Abroz Venom 2 review . Any update?
Please make a video on astrox 6...
I also use indoor volleyball shoes. I've been using the Adidas Team Bounce shoes for a few months now which I got on sale for £40 and I've found the grip, comfort and ankle support to be superb.
hello sir can we use li ning gyr falcon on concrete floor
Sir please do try Babolat shadow tour. Very good pair of shoes in collab with Michelin.

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