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Spaceflight: A Concise History (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series) Book Reviews from YouTube

15 Must read books for space lovers.(Books for aerospace)(In Hindi)
Module 1: Prize History, Prize Theory and What Makes a Good Prize
CRISPR, AI & Brain-Machine Interface: The Future Is Faster Than You Think, Peter Diamandis
I am in class 9 . Can u tell me which will be good for me?
Cool dude, thanks
Nice books
Michio Kaku to sahi khel gaye
Only the alpha's are here damn😏
Thanks sir your recommend books are just amazing ☺️
Thanku for making these video
Sab Hindi main Hain 🤔
Thanks a lot Bhaiya its really very knowledgeable and it helps me a lot 🙏
Bhaiya how can I get these books
Sir I am beginner please tell me which book should I read 📚
Amazing 🤩
Hi , I'm studying intermediate 1st year and I'm a beginner, which book I need to read to understand about space science most. Plz recommend a book for me
Ma class 7 ma perta hu Kiya ma in books ko samaj paunga
Is this books fusible for 8th calss student
My dream astrophysics
NICE ,👍👍👍👍👍👍
Nagpur where?
This new advancement in technology or shall we say AI is quite scary. Prophecy is being fulfilled. Read your Holy Bible.
What if AI says we're not needed any eliminates us is a good idea for the AI yeah I might say we're not necessary in this world anymore hey I'll take care of everything
Will I be able possible to download a brain into another brain like a clone or another brain wants to have a another brain downloaded to them like a guinea pig
A super intelligent alien society would not have anything to do with us because we kill each other and have wars we're self-destructive they would not have anything to do with us
This guy cusses too much
Anyone get the feeling this dude was trying to give t.e.d. talk by Bill gates or Steve Jobs or something lol. Specially how he had that lady say all that stuff and give rules on how to ask a question lol. He had that twisted Al Gore feeling to it. You know I know everything and what I'm saying is right no matter what you say. Even if I'm 100 percent wrong I'm still right and its just going to happen because I know what best for everyone. And everyone can't make great choices like I'm can feel to it. Like al gore was so so wrong about climate change. He said the sea would be 100 feet higher by now if we didn't listen to him which we didn't and nothing happen. A big nothing burger. Lol. I do believe in climate change. I just don't believe its as bad as what is being reported. Like they lie about everything else and are wrong about everything. But this 1 time there right and we should just listen to what they say and follow like blind sheep. ?? Lol no I don't think so. Poeple are waking up. And I'm not a nut ball but I don't get my news from C.N.N. OR M.S.N anymore. I have more reliable sources then them. Lol I look at about 10 or so news sites and I look at all the news and try and piece the truth together. Sum times there a lil truth in what everyone is saying. Its just what they are holding back . I can't wait for the great reset. Me and my family are just packing are bags to go live on the streets and have the government give me everything. Lol. The funny thing is that is true. If you get money off the government because your poor they'll give you money but the rules of keeping it. Makes it so you can't get a job or move to a nice place. They try and keep you down so you can't stand back up. They don't want the normal person to be happy anymore. They want to mess with how we feel to get a raise out of us hoping will vote for them . We are at a sad time in mankind. This man said this is best time in humankind to be live . I don't believe that
They will be able to cure mental and emotional disabilities and increase human intelligence
The scary part about everyone being connected to a computer is right now in the US... using Voice to Skull neuroweapons on innocent civilians is legal. Ive been tortured for 3.5 years now by a guy i borrowed money from and was late paying loan back. This is the ability to harass/talk someone to their death for years at a time through the microwave auditory effect. Sheriff Millsap here in Bartow County Ga is aware of the torture and told me to call the fbi and said there are scientist at the federal level that can help... but he wont call or do anything. The fbi told me that voice to skull is not a federal violation and hung up on me. If anyone can help please let me know!
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Funny that you mentioned cardiomyopathy specifically. Trying to fix the damage it's already caused???
Lies!!!!! Each attempt since the 90's failed!!!!
All of these fake claims it can do all these things. It's called most that's been through this. Either immediately or within 5 years.
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This was bizarre. "Yes, the gap between the haves and have-nots will remain"...WTF? This sounds like atheistic technocratic triumphalism, designed evolution..? No thanks. Stop all these autistic techno-fetish fantasies. Nature, life, is not for us to commercialize, manipulate, or control but to contemplate with love and compassion. We don't need more wealth or intelligence. We don't need digital intimacy either. No. We don't any of this. Go away.
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This is more of the trans-humanism agenda. The iron and clay will never mix.
with all of these new inovations in science and technology will it be possible one day to be able to change a persons sexual and romantic orinetation? i was born an asexual aromantic freak and am hoping that some day maybe things like crispr or brain to machine interface can be able to change that. i know this sounds like a stupid question but i really want to know.

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