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Space Mining and Its Regulation (Springer Praxis Books) Book Reviews from YouTube

Springer Praxis Books Space Exploration Energiya Buran The Soviet Space Shuttle B Hendrickx, Bert V
Does Space Mining Solve Our Resource Problem?
Space Mining Is Here, Led by This Tiny Country
Mining the Moon
Do you think space mining is going to be a major source for us in the future? Or should we stick closer to home? If you liked this video, be sure to check out "The Future of Solid State Wind Energy - No More Blades": much of the moon consists of minerals that are useable for the earths needs. If this is a large percentage, what effect would the change in mass in relation to the earth have on the orbits of both masses and their relation to the sun and the other planets in the system?
I think we should look to space as well as reduce and re-use.
I think it should be done in parralel. As this video suggested, space mining is still long way to go until it become viable source of getting materials. While researching for the space mining, we should also find ways to make it work at the present time on earth.
I think we'll need to send those resources back to earth until we have enough to build a space station for hundreds if not thousands of crewmen to live, dock ships, and build in space. Until we eliminate the need to return the resources to earth, only to launch them back up to space, were going to have to rely on asteroid minerals. We don't have enough on our planet to endlessly build on earth, in space and on other planets like mars. That's why companies are trying to find news ways of using martian materials to build house and tools
If we can but still coverment will ask a lot for it just wait and see.
"My universe over the sky" and "square flat earth [seems to say it's diamond shaped Seas with a circle of land that's Earth]" "walking around the world [Antarctica?]" even one about inside Antarctica under a dome and there being veils, are what God and Satan actually say in the pop songs.
If space and the Antarctica are being faked by Satan or etc. then wouldn't people just go and get free stuff from Jesus?
0:48 They've been around since the 1950s. Same with other resources they overall still exist. But the animals and plants go extinct.
0:38 atheistic again!
Free stuff beach shopping resort carnival diner mall planets and asteroid mining are both fake. But it will take eternal soul (and take your money if you say no) on the flat earth.
Okay so it's a flat earth, but it isn't a flat circle, it's a flat square (well there has to be an angel at each corner that hold back the 4 winds) with Heaven and the demons and Hell behind veils and Heaven is above the Earth, but normal people can't see God until the sun and moon no longer light up and the stars fall down and the sky dome rolls away. Every nation and every person has a veil over them. There is a sky dome and Hell is under the earth inside the Earth, but also behind a veil. The Earth is on pillars. Satan takes the whole credit for the ball earth universe thing. The planet etc. images are made by combining mundane things like waves, sand, concrete and rocks, and metal. The moon, planets, asteroids etc. are really lights just like the stars and Sun. But Satan is also planning the money for soul offer and the end of families, the increase of immorality, the miracles that would deceive the very elect, the lowering of world population due to less families, the decrease of percentage of Christians, the increase of evil, candy etc. for soul offer (maybe that meant money as well), prostitute/(s) of Babylon (possessed people images or some kind of demonic ai?), and the mark of the beast.
For sure we need to look at space mining now..... but we also need to commit to reuse and recycling 100%
if japan can land a probe on a comet or asteroid and get a sample then the possibility of this is not that far fetched. i would not try to mine the moon or risk a tidal influence from the oceans! but i think it would be better to mine asteroids than the planet we live on. the only thing i worry about is how quickly will we mine an asteroid do we have to worry about depleting the asteroid belt which can and i think does protect us from other asteroids and other galactic objects out there. the other is to manage to get the ores from space to earth and in that a space elevator looks to be the best option.
Asteroid mining is inevitable.It will indeed make some wealthier than ever before.If we survive what we've done to this planet, the possibilities are interesting indeed!
Fantastic episode. Do you think SpaceX should put more energy into mining for liquid oxygen - getting it into low earth orbit - so we dont have the launch so many starships and boosters.?
Surely the biggest factor to consider is the possibility of accidents! The risk-reward metric on bringing rocks of any size into orbit to send materials down to Earth is insane. You would be increasing the risk of at least a city killer by two or three orders of magnitude - and Psyche 16, cited here, is a planet killer. In what universe does this not dwarf all other considerations? Struth!
I hope to see this happen. We could off-world all eco-destructive operations, avoid pollution on earth and as the minerals and metals needed for a green future are quite rare, we will need to either go back to medieval lifestyles or start exploring space.This will become more feasible as we gain experience, scale up our tech n start seeing returns n then ur simply into economies of scale.The worrying bit is who owns space? mars? moon? will it be a free-for-all? or divided up like antarctica
Everyone always points to devaluation of these metals and rare earths but it doesnt seem impossible to factor transport into the cost. Pretty sure that already happens
Mine space by putting compressors up there!!!
Lets mine the solar system!
yo hmu when i can buy a $20 ticket to the moon. all of this is irrelevant.
All the space technology are the foreign technology. Luxembourg native technology is making steel.
Interesting the Dutch had a "Golden Age" with the mercantile marine Live long and prosper.
Shots of 100year old lathes and RC rovers moving at a snail's pace isn't really selling it for me. I want detailed scans of the interior composition of the next near earth asteroid, is that doable? How far can such probes reach?
Why do all these companies go bankrupt? Oh yeah, because private space travel is BS and it's not profitable.Space travel belongs to the public sector.
And this idea of lack seems to have really gone back to Lavoisier and the laws of thermodynamics ideas, when atheists were in charge of the economy, science and chemistry.
Until U figure out 0. Energy and antigravity just stay on earth.
*EUROPE must work with central Asia to launch shuttle spacecrafts as well as has to perfect its speed in up down transportation...what i think will be difficult is transportation and we should start solving that as fast as possible!!*
1:00 long live the Galactic Duchy of Luxembourg
Hey guys, can anyone help me in questing answer of this question: how will adding up extraterrestrial material on earth impact gravity?
Why you written Space Mining in title of the video
* theyre going need better CGI to get to Space like NASA*
The moon is precious to earth. I would think harvesting resources an whatever else from the moon. Could turn into a problem for us. Here on earth, but I'm not scientist.
Musk needs to be here!
Helium 3 sun shine easy het yunis
..what happens when your country is tiny, wealthy, predominantly white, and has geopolitics or immigration problems.If the US could reassign even 20% of it's defense budge towards space exploration, we'd have boots on Mars (and perhaps beyond) within 20 years. With 50% of the defense budget that could be as short as a decade!) Without a doubt. If we could utilize 100% of the US defense budget for Space exploration.. we'd ACHIEVE "exploration".. all of it.. lol.
1:00 Is Swaziland really between Germany and Japan?
spice mining
I prefer EUTELSAT or HISPASAT at leats they don't forget that Europe starts in AZORES NOT on spain or france .
I have a question is it that there are some deposits on the moon where we have helium 3 or it's just anywhere there is ground on the moon.Meaning is someone planning on mining the moon for helium 3 from moon do they need to first do a investigation and find out about the deposits or so to say where to mine
Elon musk isn't who you think and they already have done the studies in 50s & 60s.
The Spice must flow !!!
Great, thx.
Who else came here form Minecraft for no reason lol
been mining and on the moon from before the moon landing...research people....realistically you have no idea what's going on...and the sd part the 37% or the money they take from your check...and every stupid tax we pay...are funding giant corps and their reverse-engineering and research....john leer/emery smith check it out George carlin said they have a great big clan and we are not part of it....yet funding it
Good work here Mr Barnatt. Thank you very much! Time for an update on this topic (March 2021)? Although it's quite surprising that not much has changed in nearly eight years! Or so it seems . . .
How this graphics has made by which software
You related to Michael Caine?
Just waiting for Nasa to send some astronaut to Sun. maybe they have some cool (no pun intended) technology for human to inhabitat Sun
I wish the beams would be visible....
Human beings are parasites destroying this Earth and trying to destroy other planets it's disgusting
We'll take the moon rocks and Make Conversion Gel from it! (This is a reference to a video game)
2050 year technology generation
I think all planet or asteroid has minerals,oils,and gases
funny we still think we landed on moon
Theres rare moon minerals
Awesome Video !

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