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Space and Sight Book Reviews from YouTube

Lost in Space - Season 1 & 2 Review | अब समझा ये Underrated क्यों है !
Direct space me movie shoot karege Tom cruise | Fake or real? Mission impossible hai? | Badal yadav
Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reviews Space Movies, from 'Gravity' to 'Interstellar' | Vanity Fair
SPACE MOVIES में दिखाये जाने वाला गलत SCIENCE | Debunking Space Movies
09:02 Because #lostinspace is produced by #legendarytelevision & 4 other production companies.
i recently finished all the 3 seasons nd yes i can say this series is much more better than other series, i was not able to stop watching it i mean the 2nd season ending was full of suspense i took 2 weeks to complete the 1st season bcos i was thinking it is not that much interesting but when i finished the s1 i just took 2 days to complete the s2 nd s3 it was so adorable series nd it should be one of the best netflix series but still it is underrated just bcos it has no 18+ content ? i thought there might be some mysterious ending of s3 but they just finished all the series i hope we will soon be able to watch s4 .
Bakwas series hei bacha sirf robot robot robot k piche pare rhta hei
Netflix is just focusing on quantity of new web series which are coming . They are making more and more new web series but they forgot the new season of series like lost in space . That's why i am not satisfied with Netflix the quality is good but they also have to see what people want they are just focused in the making of new web series. I love lost in space a lot and I want more season of this series and so may people like me are also demanded the renewal of lost in space but Netflix has Cleared out and that makes me sad about it
Judi is not adopted #S3
I also thought that this is the best series I have ever seen
Video starts from 3:00
Starting review by 3:5 till time many waster of time
Bhai mne 1,2,3 ek sath dekhe h
Tum ko tho sab movie mein kuch kami he lagta h tum he bana lo phir movie
Definitely going to watch this
This series is boring
Love this series
Sir please give a review on DR.STONE. it's available on Netflix.
Bhai koi best sci-fi series batana
Same happened with meseason 1 and 2 I watched on a regular basis. couldn't control to watch till season 3.
Lost is space i am watching right now and love it
Sir alive Netflix movie ka review kro
Brother add some related picture while talking. It will be more interesting
Best netflix please
8 marchlockdown ka side effect
Wo Tom Cruise hai wo kuch bhi kar sakta hai
That's what I like about Tom Cruise
Tom cruise is best actor .
abhi tak kuchh huwa nehi hain
No one can beat tom because tom is a legend bro I'm bug fan of cruise
Bhai ek saal ho gya ! Movie Abhi bhi nhi Aya
Bhai movie ka naam kay bhai wo to bataya hi nahi
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Excited for MI 7
Tom CRUISEis LEGEND️️️️️️️
Europe is not country broo
Tom cruise hai tonwo kuch bhi kr skta hai
What if Shot complete and camera is not on
Bro u are doing stupidity . How A person can do this. Don't make views and money like this. It is a fake news but still he is Tom cruise and he can do anything. His movies r great. If u have any problem then watch bollywood starkids remake films also dont watch his film when it releases
Tom cruise the legend
Everyone : How Tom Cruise Me:Elon Musk
"can Tom Cruise." Yes yes he can.
I suppose the drivers of production are not physics but emotion. Still, I think physics is excitingespecially in space. So why don't they bother to get some science advisers to ride herd on these people. I don't think it's nice to watch lies. Nature is plenty exciting the way it is.
every time I hear the line "love is the one thing blah blah blah" I could vomit. I hate that movie, sorry Kip, but the depiction of the black hole does not rescue what utter garbage that movie is.
This man is making me want to be an astronaut
omg his hatred/irritation of gravity is hilarious
Astronaut Buzz kill man…
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Best words are at the end. Superb
What a simp. lol
If there are people who can say they have seen it all, this guy is it.
I know there's no sound. But if there's alot of vibrations in direct contact with your suit. And that causes your suit to vibrate. And since there's o°2 in your space suite. Wouldn't you here the vibrations
What happend to suspention of disbelieve?
I once went down a half pipe and felt like I was a king then Hollywood destroyed those dreams
.Ok I need to watch Passengers.
The gun he was talking about is called a Drilling, which is German for triplet.
time stamps in the video are wrong: apollo 13 is mixed with martian
Sir can you please clarify my doubt. I have been thinking if metabolism will be affected by space time dilation? Will It be a. Just the age different or even physical ?
I absolutely love how Chris is with gravity and how he’s concerned how a little girl would see it
So bhailog, aapki favourite Science movies kaunsi hai? List do yar, unke peeche Science jo bhi ho dekhne maza zaroor aata hai ;) And, Download INDmoney app- Download INDmoney app from the above link & get free shares of Google* or download the INDmoney app from the Playstore/Appstore and use the code GETGOOGLE while signing up to get free shares of Google. INDmoney is a Super Money app that helps you invest in US Stocks from India with a completely hassle free experience. ZERO Commission in buying and selling US Stocks, ZERO charges to load US Dollars in your US Stock Account, Best FX conversion rate and the freedom to buy fractional shares. *T&C apply.
Bhai, bura mat maanointertainnent hai
Craziest space roast! . lol
Jab bhi scientific movies dekhte hai hum bhi ye hi sochte hai jo ye sab movies Physics ka laws ar rules ka satyanaash kar dete hai aur baseless scientific events dekhate hai. Thanks bhai jo aap iska upar video banaya.
Can you make a video on Tik Tik Tik movie
9:52 Funniest scene
I'm giving Gaurav content : pls make video of science behind old tollywood movies
That's why I perefer Zombie or AI science fiction
Ind money se NEPAL mai US stocks buy kar sakte hai kya
It's actually good and infact very important that these fiction movies keep on coming so that our imagination doesn't dies because of these movies only we were able to try and make some impossible things and some of you might be knowing about hacksmith industry YT channel he is making the 'avengers' things in real life and is successful in some things
It is to easy to laugh on others mistake , make your own one then we will rate it
Professional skills Toh gain ki Jaati haiMera Pati Mechanical Engineer hai Phir bhi main Usse Zabardasti Khaana banaane wala bana deti hu
0:04 the most funny secnce gravity ka baap
James web telescope ko hubble telescope keh kar mat dikhaou kiyou ki bhaot sarey new viewers bhi ho hotey jo jes web ko hubble samajh lengay so dont go on images real dikhaou
I saw Chernobyl while studying Nuclear physics in class 12th it was so on point accurate and relating to it was so easy So yes if real science laws gets applied in movies I can watch it and enjoy more as compared to fake or twisted laws ️️
you guys tell us fake stories you are idot
Mene 400 + hollywood movie dhekhi he

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