SoundPEATS Q29 Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

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SoundPEATS Q29 Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds price at Amazon - ₹25,038

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SoundPEATS Q29 Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

SoundPEATS Q29 Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds Specifications

Technical Details
Colour Black
Connectivity technologies Bluetooth Wireless
Special features in-ear, earbud
Batteries Included No
Brand SoundPEATS
Colour Screen No
Includes Remote No
Item part number SP-Q29-BK-US
Item Weight 159 g
Product Dimensions 2.5 x 2.9 x 1.7 cm

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you sir have to go get your test levels checked
Hi i have ordered this product but i am bit unsure that i can use these earfones in gym or not ? Can i use them ??
Can u please help me with the stereo connection.I m not able to connect them on stereo method so can't use both of them @ a time
Wait qcy or soundpeats? They looked the same! Which one is the original?
I bought this product from online it is very good but one earpod is suddenly loosing connection and again connecting
May be you get a defective one?
Can these ear buds activate Ok Google ?
will it be good to buy a single earbud. I have seen an offer in which there is a single bud. Does a single bud will also have connection issue. plz reply asap
great video!
Ahh, I just ordered the AirPods (O2 have a great student discount on accessories!) but I hope they live up to the hype. If not, these sound like they're pretty good, especially for the price!
I'm 2 like!
Nice, might look into buying these, a lot of wireless earbuds tend to have Bluetooth issues, even the more expensive ones from £200-300, good and informative review 👍
Anyone else having problems pairing them independently. I can get the right side to pair up immediately but the left side won't work independent of the right for some reason. If anyone is found a way to fix this let me know.
I got em for 15.39 you are right the bass is weak but for what I paid they are great for the office. Same buds come under the name Boupower Q29, if you want good bass try the Bose but they cost a lot more than 15.39
Do you live in Arlington, TX? I ask because of your shirt.
Plzz can u tell me ?? Bass power is good or bad
U keep saying u have other earbuds that are better but u never say what they r. What r the better choices?
Can I connect 2 phones to 1 QCY EAR Bud set. ?
How they compare to Q16?
Try using the larger ear bud tips for better quality bass and I would say the bass is okay but the problem is that it isn't punchy and neither is the treble. I wouldn't say it's noticeably worse or better sound quality than the average apple earbuds.
Now those look really nice , and that price just seals the deal.
those are nice headphones I'll take a look at those a little while ago. (Ford GT)
I got these yesterday and loved them in use. Today though I've found a fatal flaw, it won't recharge. At all.
Love that intro music J! Nice set of budget buds too! 👍
nice video review of the wireless air bubs
I can't get both of them to play @ once
Steve help with this stereo mode connection
How can I order another set of ear tips?
Is it Bluetooth 4.1 or as of now it's 4.2 compatible?
Hi Steve, is this earphone compatible with Samsung Gear Sport or Note 8?
What about sound quality sir
How is the bass on these?
Hi! Thx for this nice review! One question i cant get answered anywhere: How is the battery life? Not a single review i found on youtube mentioning that. And on the official site there is no informtaion either! What is your experience? Please help! greetings
Nice review, thanks
Bro i want to ask does these earbuds has volume control buttons & previous/next song buttons ?
What about the Q 29 SoundPeats I really want some of the wireless if you could give me some ideas would really appreciate it...
I bought the syllabus D 900 and never could get them to connect to anything, happy I bought from Amazon got a refund...
how much is the audio delay?
What mic you use
Does they pair or work with a iphone 6s?
my left one wont pair does anyone know why. i followed the steps perfectly
How do these compare to the QCY Q29s? They look exactly the same.
Hi Donavan, great video and thank you for recommending Comply™ Foam tips to your viewers! Shoot us an email at because we would like to give you some tips to try out :)
Don't buy comply tips for these, at least not the ones linked in description. It makes the earbuds too big and doesn't fit in the charging case
How do you answer a phone call to this thing? Because everytime i have an incoming call and press the right button the music plays instead of answering a call.
wow u got so many. Why dont you just get an airpod. I bought a q15 and it died after 3 hours of use. I returned it back to amazon.
For q29, what comply foam would u suggest? T-500?
Nice review Donovan. Sounds like a nice alternative to the Samsung Icon X and a more affordable price of you don't need the activity tracking number features.
very good review