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Buy Sony SWR30 Smart Watch online at Amazon. Sony SWR30 Smart Watch . Sony SWR30 Smart Watch available in Colours: White

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Sony SWR30 Smart Watch price at Amazon - ₹10,990

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The lowest Sony SWR30 Smart Watch Price in India is ₹10,990 at Amazon.
Buy Sony SWR30 Smart Watch online at Amazon.
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Sony SWR30 Smart Watch Sony SWR30 Smart Watch available in Colours:
  • White

Sony SWR30 Smart Watch Specifications

Body Features
Dial Shape Square
Strap Color Black
Strap Material Silicone Strap
Ideal For Men, Women
Style Code SWR30
Type Digital

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Sony Smartband Talk - SWR30 - REVIEW
Sony Smartband Talk - SWR30 - REVIEW
Sony SWR30 Smartband Talk Review - includes new watch faces
Sony SWR30 Smartband Talk Review - includes new watch faces
Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 Review
Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 Review
Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 Review Xperia XZ freebie
Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 Review Xperia XZ freebie
Support Google maps?
Made in which country?
what is the ghost screen ?
This band work's on Samsung ???? Because I wanna buy it ! Please respond quickly .
Does it work with apple
Hiya Jim you didn't include if watch is actually waterproof.
Answers all my questions, think I'll jummp on one soon, thanks!
Поздрав. Hello and regards. Really useful video. Keep the good work. See you around.
does it connect to bluetooth speakers and can you put music onto the watch?
why is the notes of phone calls or messages in my Sony SWR 30
great review! I know the Smart Band talk is a little old now but I look forward to getting mine pretty soon. thanks for showing off a lot of great features...
Great cheap smart watch!
why is mine fading? the color turned blur. anyone got the same problem with me?
if it gets scratches put it on the inside of your hand it will get scratched but there's less chances
its possible to read/reply whatsapp messages by voice?
Microsoft Band Is Better
Hi Jim, at your video 8:20, shows a REM sleep indicator. Is that just your assumption? or can LIFELOG really determine DEEP SLEEP and REM SLEEP?
Hi jim, do swr30 have a heart rate sensor?
a lot has chaned. u can read most of the messages (messenger-with FB profile picture, wapp,viber-with profile pic) even partially answer them and in the most cases the whole text (even my Emails) is shown. u can at the most cases control the youtube by voicecontrol as well as google search with some of the questions answerred back by voice.
Hi Jims, The notification only appear when SMS come? What about whatsapp/telegram or other chat app. Thanks,
How do you set a small notification icons on the main screen in the top left corner?
can the SWR30 do heart rate monitoring?
How to connect it to iPhone
That's what I was looking for :)
Great video mate 👍 just ordered mine from amazon for 45pounds!! Down from 130pounds!! Also invested in a screen protector for 2.99!!
I m not getting notifications Mostly, It's showing blank, CAN u help me
This band is driving me crazy How i can reset the step counter on this band?? I want to zero it every day And can't figure it out
Can you change the clock display? Thanks! :-)
no backlight nor heart rate monitor, that's a bummer, shame on you Sony! I was totally into it because of the e-ink display. Hope the next version, if they'll be any, will make my wishes come true.
can i use it with Moto X Style ??
but can you see the display under the sun?
Is it good for use of a sports tracker?
I watched without sound so maybe I missed something.. why was he trying to tap with his whole finger and not just a finger tip?
Why each call comes into my swr30 not display the name or number of the caller ? can you help me please.... pairing with samsung galaxy v
Wait go back the screen is unreadable in the dark lol.
The clockscreen can be completly redesigned from your phone in my smartband, you can even select any picture to be shown always
The smartband 30 is Bluetooth 4.4, and the xperia z2 Bluetooth is 4.3, will it work on the z2 ???
Hi, so, should it be ok with nexus 5 with lollipop?
I fully agree with the video narrator.
De Smartband draagt zeer comfortabel. De wekfunctie werkt prima; je wordt wakker gemaakt als je in lichte slaap bent, tenzij de uiterste wektijd is aangebroken. Mijn partner merkt niets van mijn wekker. De activiteitenregistratie zou volgens zeggen beter kunnen maar voor mij is die van minder belang. De Smartband is voor mij een mooi en prettig te dragen horloge met extra gadgets. Ik vroeg me af of ik ze echt zou gaan gebruiken maar in de praktijk blijken ze toch heel handig te zijn. Hier een link naar de gebruikersgroep op Facebook;
Really? Touchscreen? Press hard enough and you will break it. As it's predecessor it supports "tap" on device function...Do your research first, please....
Can you use this on a tablet to take calls and stuff like that
Those of you who are wondering the NFC is on the top left FRONT for Xperia XZ, you can even see the NFC logo if you still aren't sure, go look it up in the manual of the phone before commenting and embarrassing yourself.
SONY xperia is the best
Is this smartband onlh work for sony? Not for another ios?
This band work's on Samsung ???? Please respond me cause I wanna buy iy
Samsung fix your software!!
do u want to sell that gear to me?
Not getting notifications, Any solutions??