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Sony MDR-EX110AP Stereo Headphones Price in India - Buy Sony ...

Sony MDR-EX110AP Stereo Headphones (Black, In the Ear) ; Complete Control · Smart · Android App. Music ; Style & Comfort · Sleek · Comfortable. Ear · Silicone. Cool ...


Sony MDR EX110AP/B - headphones with mic : ...

Sony MDR EX110AP/B - headphones with mic : Electronics.


Sony Headphone MDR-EX110 LP Red : Electronics

Sony Headphone MDR-EX110 LP Red : Electronics. ... This premium quality headphone from Sony has been designed to deliver the best quality music ...


SONY MDR-EX110AP Headphone (Black)

EX110AP... Good earphones only at 1k, but not the best at this price, surly it disappoints base lovers,I bought this only because of successful reviews and mic.


Sony MDR-EX110 Headphones - Blue Features

  • In-the-ear Headphone
Sony MDR-EX110 Headphones - Blue Colours:
  • Blue

The lowest Sony MDR-EX110 Headphones - Blue Price in India is ₹1,154 at Snapdeal.
Buy Sony MDR-EX110 Headphones - Blue online at Flipkart Snapdeal.
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Sony MDR-EX110 Headphones - Blue Specifications

Additional Features
Additional Features Dynamic Type, Hybrid Silicone Rubber Earbuds, L-shaped Stereo Mini Plug
Bluetooth No
Connector Plating Gold Plated
Cord Type 1.2 m Y-type Cord
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Weight 3 g (without cord)
Brand Sony
Color White
Compatible Devices Mobile
Headphone Type In the Ear
Headset Design Canalphone
Magnet Type Neodymium
Wired/Wireless Wired
Performance Features
Frequency Response 5 - 24000 Hz
Headphone Driver Units 9 mm
Impedance 16 ohm (Power On)
Maximum Power Input 100 mW
Sensitivity 103 dB/mW (Power On)

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Sony MDR-EX110 Headphones - Blue Reviews from YouTube

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I just bought this and i was shocked at how pitchy and distorted it sounds because i was under the impression that Sony was a good brand as i owned a good headset from them years ago. These are shitty and they weren't even their cheapest
I used one of those MDRs as a belt for my trousers. Worked better than in my ears should.
Mr Oluv u are 100% right about sony110
you are right,It is the crap that sony manufactures cheaply for the Indian market
Now I want your playlist.
Just bought a pair of MH755 will compare with my Blon 01 which shares the same kind of graph but with more detail in the 6-8k region
Im done looking for a "budget" (under $100) IEM and finally ordered a re-cabled pair of Sony MH1. They still blow everything away sound wise, imo. Even with their shitty cable, they're still worth more than any of the chi-fi stuff out there.
Which one should I choose? Jbl t110 or Sony MDR-EX110AP?
What in ear do you recommend price to 20e?
Guys, you know if the Sony MDR-EX115AP is more balanced or have this peaks and treble?, i hate that excesive treble
What a shame that Sony MH750 have more fakes online than real ones :(
Dont listen to this dude hes crazy hater :D This is super comfort earbuds even he agrees imagine how much it means from hater to agree that is somewhat good. Yes some sounds on this headphone will be trash. But i played my favorit songs a bit they sound so clean like im using super expensive stuff, reviewers will be like that they find weakness they grab on and hold on it for dear life to prove they expertise, its not a review its a rant. There are better sounding earphones im sure but its cheap and extra comfortable. And they cancel outside noise like you wouldnt expect they are very similiar to previous expensive model i had known for cancelling sound
I realize one thing, if your review video is short, than that product is crap in your opinion, and thanks for the review, really helps me decide
i have a pair of these, and I know this is exactly what was being said, but they geniuinely sound much much MUCH better than the recording that was played which simply felt painful. listening to music on these is actually good, not at all what it sounded like in the recording
can anyone tell what song is that at 2:13
song name?
99% of people are not audiophiles. I listen to alot of music on my phone, so Im not an audiophile, and I like these headphones.ur just too senzitive and picky. I'm like this with fountain pens. You probably write with 1 dollar pens, but I have over 100 pens that cost more than 250 to each his own.
Did you try the MDR-1AM2 ? Ps: your videos are the best
Best reviews of earphones by are a true music enthusiast I would say.
What's the difference between these and 110AP model?
My MDR-EX110LP lasted for only over a year but then a cable broke. I was really surprised how good the sound of these low budget earbuds was. Do you guys know any other earbuds with a similar sound quality but better durability ?
i used them for about 1 year and have been great just take care of them and there good the silicon is very good and sometimes i forget i have earbuds in haha
DO NOT BUY THESE. I have bought two pairs and they break very easily. (loss of sound)
@Nakul khanna- TechboY what about sound leakage
it's ear piece not headphone.
These are really good headphones, I really recommend them
Is this earphones good for electronic dance music
hey !!just wanna ask does this have a good quality mic
Which one is better : Sony MDR-EX 110 LP or Sony MDR-EX 50 LP...if someone could explain it why and if someone have experience with them...:)
nice video bro, but do it have mic button
Thank U Nakul this video was really helful for me to decide which one to choose among Sony MDREX110LP andSennheiser CX 180. i have orderd Sennheiser CX 180 as u v said volume output is pretty low in Sony MDREX. . also i see cable packaging not up to the mark.thanks Again !! bro !!
My store only sells the Ex110ap's are they worth it to buy?
The MDR-EX100AP (old version) is superior in that the serrated cord makes the headset much more versatile but making the cords tangle-free.The MDR-EX110AP (this new version) is superior in that the bass is a lot more clear/upbeat.Yes, I can hear the difference in sound although most people wouldn't. Sony took a step forward with the sound quality, but two steps back with the cheap-ass cord.These headphones are terrible for it's price. $29, really? These are nearly regular heaphones; the most you should spend is $20 for these mediocre heaphones. They're definitely better than the $10-15 heaphones, but still nowhere as high as double/triple-cost. Honestly though, for anyone thinking of buying these headphones, don't. The price isn't worth it.Buying cheap $15 earphones, I went through at least 3 or 4 in a year because they are so cheap. I would recommend the MDR-EX100AP because the serrated cord makes the heaphones last a lifetime. I've had them since the beginning of 2014 and they are STILL alive. These newer MDR-EX110AP, although superior in sound, you should expect them to last less than a year as all headphones with cheap cords do not usually last with frequent use.Also, expect a lot of tangling with the EX110AP. With the EX100AP earphones, they would tangle only 2 times every three months And even then, it's not a pain to untangle. With cheap cords such as the EX110AP, I've had them for two days and they've already tangled three times and they are a *pain* in the ass to untangle.
Great video, Nakul! I purchased my Sony MDR-EX110AP/R earbuds, today as I severed the wire on my DiddyBeats ear phones. Paid $40 in Canada which is slightly better than buying another $80 pair of DiddyBeats. To my amazement, the Sony sounds a lot better with richer bass, moderate ambient noise reduction and a cooler design. Go figure!!
Wth mic or without?
Nice video men, I'm going to buy a pair of them. Do you use them a lot? How's the sound quality? :D
Sry, But please don't judge me for this video.Latest videos dekhneke baad judge karo
But where is mic
Pad pad pad
I have already bought
Baby ko bass pasand hai
It has heavy aux which makes your phone aux loose
I have this but its black
yes I bought this headphone before watching this video...I totally ear is paining right now....This is the only problem I am suffering from After usage of half an hour my ear starts paining so badly that I get headache
Sir which headphones are better wired or wireless ?
Yooo! Da Fuck you saying dawg? Do da headphones bump or what? Sheeeeit..... and give me 10 on pump 2...premium...
An advice, use some bright white light ,bcoz it's dull at the place where u unbox..
U are malu
pH pe baate kar sakte hai ?
Baby ko bass pasand he
What about Mike speaker
Actually it is not that loud
Paan thukke bat kr re baba
Nice information bro
Sale kaun si language bol raha hai, gandu
Does it comes with different sizes of eartips?
I need to know how you put the headphone on the little holder
I have these headphones, very good and clean sound! However it has a problem! I put the volume in every device at the maximum and still feels low... I have other phones that when I put the volume at the maximum it really hurts my ears
I Have A Pair Of Those EarphonesSo For All Of You That Want To Know Some Answers I Will Share It With You1. Does It Have Good Bass ?Yes !! It Has Amazing Bass !!It Sounds Nice And Clear With All Types Of Music With Good Bass2. Does It Work For All Types Of Devices ?Yes Ive Used Them On My iPhone And Samsung Phone And They Work Perfectly Fine3. How Is The Mic On The Earphone ?Its Great ! Had No Problems Speaking And Hearing Anyone On The Phone4. Is It Worth The Money ?They Are Good Earphones But If You Dont Take Good Care Of Them Eventually One Side Of The Earphone Will Stop Working.Bonus : If You Put On Both Earphones It Will Give You Noise Cancellation ! Meaning (You Will Only Hear To Your Music And Wont Able To Hear Nothing Around You ! )
No volume control? That sux!
Does the mic sound ok?
Does it's mic work with PS4 Controllers?
Crap, after one year one headphone stopped working...and of course only one year warranty...crap
Hi, does it have a microphone to use with android?thank you
I had these for over 4-5 years and they recently broke from water damage. I bought the newer model and they still work amazingly for the price!
do you still use them
Would it be good for Sony Walkman devices ?
How's the comfort? Could it possibly hurt my ears?
what about the sound quality when listening to songs like countdown by hardwell? specially base.
is it compatible with android and windows phone?
many people says tht they have HiFi tecnology is it true? what about the quality of the audio?
how about the mic quality? is it noise reduced?
What about bass?

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