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Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder Colours:
  • Black

Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder Specifications

Battery Type Lithium Battery
Connectivity & Display Features
Display Size 2.64 inch
Wifi Yes
Brand Sony
Color Black
Effective Pixel FULL HD MP
Maximum Shutter Speed Auto Control Range (1/8–1/10,000) sec
Model Name SONY HDR MV1
Optical Zoom fixed lens
Sales Package 1 camer
Screen Resolution Type Full Hd
Series Music Video recorder
SLR Variant fixed lens
Type Camcorder
Wifi Yes
Image Features
Slow Motion No
LCD Screen Size 2.64 inch
Media and Software
Wi-Fi Yes
Optical Sensor Resolution (in MegaPixel) FULL HD MP
Sensor Size 1/2.3
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor And Sensitivity Features
Maximum FPS 30 fps
Maximum ISO 12800
Sensor Size 1/2.3
Sensor Type CMOS
Shutter Speed
Maximum Shutter Speed Auto Control Range (1/8–1/10,000) sec
Sports And Action Camera Features
Slow Motion No
Storage & Power Features
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Optical Zoom fixed lens

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Sony Hdr-mv1 Music Video Recorder (black), Sony Hdr-mv1 Music Video Recorder Review sony hdr mv1 specs
Sony HDR MV1 Music Cam Review (Includes sample clips)
Sony HDR MV1 Music Cam Review (Includes sample clips)
Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder
Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder
Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder review
Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder review
Sony Music Video Recorder (HDR-MV1) Elly Awesome Drumming
Sony Music Video Recorder (HDR-MV1) Elly Awesome Drumming
that woman sounded great, never encounter that quality of street music to be honest :( great city for music so it seems !
You know what they say, "sound is half the picture" in this case video is the second half.
7:45 is amazing
I owned a Sony action cam that looked similar to this. Sony promised all sorts of accessories they were making for it, but none of them ever got released. Sony immediately stopped supporting it for some dumbass reason. The camera also overheats very easily. Last Sony product I’ll ever buy.
I love it that you just passed by that Rolls & Royce there like "There's a car... Moving on", I would have flipped to see something like this so close by, only seen one on the streets very briefly here (then again I'm Brazilian too so yeah). Still, the vehicle that most interested me in this video was that little street cleaner, never seen a tiny one like that! The sound quality is definitely awesome for a pocket camera, even through the Youtube compression it does show. That interface was definitely made for touch, no doubt. Weird that it doesn't use it when not recording, of course it makes sense when recording but when it's in menus and such it's a bit weird, even tho I just hate touch screens altogether.
3:20 The Sony Action Cam Model FDR-X3000 Has A Better Fitting SD Card Cover And It Has Stereo Mics!
Good review , thanks 🐰
Amazing Work 👍
You had my interest, but as soon as I heard David Bowie space oddity, you now have my attention.
I thought he was gonna say record your own porn
video sucks. audio just ok.
Its £350 - aye right
I can see a SMALL difference between the 720p and 1080p recording modes, but it is BARELY sharper at 1080p, so it definitely is a low quality 1080p if it even fits that pixel count.
7:07 That jazz combo playing "Gloria" reminds me of Mr. Bean conducting the Salvation Army band in the Christmas episode.
Is it better than the stupid Q2n, when i plug a line in i have tons of scratchy sounds, horrible.
6:43 I just love how this guy is casualy walking with his hands reversed chilling 😂
I always love to see Sony product review from you!
So you just have to guess what you're filming?... another great Sony Idea like proprietary connectors and file types...
Encore un super produit kon trouve plus nulle part au bout de 4 ans ! F..K ........
Any old Sony with digital tape and stereo mic at 4 feet sounds better than those SD card camera. I know because I have a Olympus camera records 24 bit 96 Hz with all sorts of settings and my thrift store Sony digital tape video camera blows away both that camera or a mixing board with condenser mics on my daw
Was that band from 1991? Ill only accept yes as an answer.
sounds crap
I thought whether I should purchase HDR-MV 1 for hamster shoots and saw the specifications. The shortest shooting distance of about 30 cm is useless product! Is it? Even if the closeup is the longest, I want to limit it to ~ 5 cm. I was disappointed with a bad video camera HDR-MV1. If it is wide single focal point I would like to say short the focal length.
Thats a real joke! Awesome that sony load up a vid with such a big mistake.
those girls SUCK!
This is a joke, that camera don't make this video. Beware!!!!
That awkward moment when you stop strumming the guitar, but the guitar continues to play anyway. 1:43 Also, I feel like you should be able to hear the room in these recordings. Theres like no natural reverb at all. everything sounds like an isolated track. I call shenanigans.
of you sing like a shit, you can record that shit?
Hello , I wonder if it is possible Puts the date format and time for recording videos with the DDR -M1 camera, thank you very much
Hola, quisiera saber si es posible pone el formato de fecha y hora para la grabación de videos. muchas gracias
how long can you record?  I have a DSLR but it over heats after about 20 minutes as it was not created to be a camcorder.  So how long can you shoot with this camera?
esci le tette
another cam ad.. shot a camera other than the cam they are advertising.. when are companies going to realize that this is bad marketing? When you use a high end cam and then cut into the lower quality cam you are advertising it automatically makes the lower end cam's footage look worse.
my fuckinggod.... I love this bullshit attitude. TV ad of TV demonstrating "rich color" etc. what? I'm watching this on MY TV and what it shows it shows with it's fucking initial quality. It cannot show "increadible colors" and make you see how fucking cool it is. Another idea - camcorder ad. You make a video obviously using hi-end lens unavailable on a fucking camcorder and make a postproduction mastering then you show this to "demonstrate" how good this fucking camera is. WTF? I'm not an idiot.
This demonstration was totally confusing.  You couldn't tell which shots was used with the actual video camera.  It kept cutting to presumably the professional cameras.  Was the soundtrack made using the camera?  The way this film was constructed seems a bit misleading from Sony. :(
Is this video filmed with the camera?
Thank you for sharing your awesome video it was very helpful
With the view screen on the side, it looks like this camera would be incredibly awkward to use. I'd like to as Sony's designers; Why??? I wouldn't waste my money on this ass-backwards POS.
Hello Elly you got the camera Sony MV1? Is it working fine?
You're adorable
The shaker made me like
is that better than zoom4qn ?
You are hilarious! loved your video. Good drumming too!!
Hey Elly, nice drum beats - and that was some good slapstick fun 😄 I’ve used the Sony MVR for the last few years to record my drum videos (so I can learn from my mistakes). I use the mixer/line input instead of the x-y mics, though ...just moved from an electronic drum kit to an acoustic - here’s a sample music video for you and your viewers - the Sony cam is really good:
if you turn a video / audio with the sony camera and then on youtube is released as automatic sony music copyright on it?
You blabber too much!
Great review , thanks ! Have you tried the Zoom Q8 ? I have heard great things about the Zoom cameras , just wanted to know if you have compared the two? Thanks again !
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You are awesomely funny. Are you related to Harry Enfield by any chance ? Thanks for this great video, and I will check the Prices of this Sony Music Video (HDR-MV1)
You are a babe
oh ,wait, you're not really loco.
oddly enough, i can't stop watching
you're wasting my time
I can save people some time... This camera isn't that good... I own one and for the cost you should be getting better quality and a zoom feature which you would get with a point and click camera that has video at a comparable price. They're banking on impulsive buyers who want an easy point and shoot video camera but you get a camera with better quality for same price and learn it...
does this work with mac?
Question: How do you set it up accurately without seeing what you're doing? There's no pop-out screen, is there?
Thank you. Very informative video. Made my decision not to buy the camera easier. Very poor video quality. Not your video but the camera.