Sony Alpha ILCA-99M2 DSLR Camera (Body Only)

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Buy Sony Alpha ILCA-99M2 DSLR Camera (Body Only) online at Amazon. 42.4 Megapixel Body Only 3 inch Screen Colours: Black

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  • 42.4 Megapixel
  • Body Only
  • 3 inch Screen
  • Black

Sony Alpha ILCA-99M2 DSLR Camera (Body Only) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Sony
Display Type LCD
feature Up to 12fps at 42.4MP continuous shooting with AE/AF tracking, World's first 79 hybrid AF cross-point array for unmatched AF tracking42.4MP full-frame sensor w/ no low-pass filter up to ISO 102,4004, 4K movie recording w/full pixel readout in full-frame or super 35, 5-axis in-body image stabilization optimized for full-frame sensorHigh bitrate XAVC S5 , S-log, slow/quick frame rates6, 4:2:2 HDMI out, 4D Focus hybrid phase AF w/ 79-point sensor plus 399-point on imagerWi-Fi/NFC code for easy file
Flash Modes Description Auto, Flash fill, Slow Synchro, Rear Sync, Flash Off, Wireless, High Speed Sync
Has Auto Focus Yes
Has Image Stabilization Yes
Has Redeye Reduction Yes
Has Self Timer Yes
Included Components Rechargeable Battery NP-FM500, Battery Charger BC-VM10A, Power Cord, Shoulder Strap, Body Cap, Eyepiece Cup, Micro USB Cable, Accy Shoe Cap
Item model number ILCA-99M2
Item Weight 848 g
Manufacturer Sony India Pvt Ltd.,
Max Shutter Speed 1/8000
Metering Description Multi-Pattern;Center Weighted;Spot (Standard/Large);Entire Screen avg.;Highlight
Model ILCA99M2
Model Name Alpha
Optical Sensor Resolution 42.4 Megapixels
Optical Zoom 1 X
Product Dimensions 7.6 x 14.3 x 10.4 cm
Screen Size 3 Inches

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A-Mount Resistance!
Why would I buy this over an A7RII? Does it focus better?
Sony a99 II, still good today!
For the a-mount there weren't many digital full frame digital cameras. Two very similar Sony full frame a-mount dSLR cameras a900 of 2008 and a850 of 2009 Two Sony full frame a-mount SLT cameras a99 of 2012 and a99 II of 2016. Sony wasn't very dedicated to full frame a-mount digital cameras However plenty of APS-C a-mount digital SLR and SLT cameras have been introduced even since the Konica Minolta a7 digital of 2005 and a5 digital of 2004 with IBIS before the purchase of Konica Minolta by Sony in 2006. Does the Konica Minolta a7 dSLR of 2004 rings some bells? Probably the same scientists that created the Konica Minolta a7 digital in 2004 created the Sony a7 in 2003 too. Also Minolta had introduced the a7 of 2001 and a9 of 1998 film SLR cameras before. So the a7 and a9 cameras have a great history. Film SLR and dSLR cameras were named a7 and a9 only in Japan.
Like the 4/3, ATG was correct again. The A mount is dead for years.
Want a99iii and a77iii to come out!
i like the A mount system
Thank you for this... i'm glad I watched it all the way through. I was on the verge of buying a Sony a9ii but something tells me I should wait. Mirrorless is about to take over the world. I own a (dead) Sony a900 that I purchased back in 2009. A few grand worth of lenses as well... full of mould! thanks to living in an old house in the tropics. Suffice to say that I'm a little nervous about bringing expensive equipment back home. Firstly, I will invest in a 'dry cabinet'... and because my bundle of a-mount lenses that need to be sent away for cleaning (if its not too late to save them).. cannot be used at this time... i'm thinking well what the hey.. buy a new lens for the new camera.. which would probably be an e-mount anyway? or something new?
Defunct? Not. It's very good!
im just now finding this camera and it infuriates me that this camera has an awesome articulating screen and the a7 series do not. i would pay 200 more if that screen was in my a7iii
Why would the full frame mode have less IQ than the crop sensor mode?
3:12 Jordan's jacket is purple, 3:19 the jacket is blue? What's up with that?
I just love a99 ii
Snow on the ground on June 27th. Damn, how long is your Summer? Two weeks??? You have no Spring. Not for me. You could claim sanctuary status and migrate to the U.S. on the grounds of freezing to death if left in Calgary, Canada!
Is that guy half Asian ? Not bad looking ehh ?
Weird, d850 got so much hype, because of the high mp sensor and frame rate but the a99ii still doesn't seen to get any attention.
A mount is perfect for growing from intermediate to advanced photography, you can find the focal length you enjoy and then find the lenses that give you the best results in those focal length. The shear options of lenses is a selling point especially if you aren't the type that just burns money. On my system I have probably spent about 2,500 total for the body batteries, 5 lenses covering from 11-400mm and with a Max minimum aperture of 4.0. I tripods and other accessories are very expensive so building up around a camera and finding a comfortable spot is a luxury that I don't many other cameras have especially because most won't be able to afford a lens that they can use to just get a feel for a given focal range.
It's a great experience to hear, read and see Canonazis and Nikonascists mocking at Alpha first and then complaining about their archaic sturdy piece of plumb with fragile analogical-like mechanisms for taking a single picture. C'mon! Alpha is pricey, it costs a lot but what they are offering are products that are made for every extreme situations, every top notch feature from every kind of task that Canon and Nikon split between cameras like fixing the archetype of high resolution=low speed and low resolution= high speed plus better behavior in darkness. Sony, appart from creating the technology all camera brands use, they aren't as false as Canon by saying "our cameras are made for cinematographic video" (true on Sony, false on Canon), and Alpha is humble enough, they don't say "I Am Speed Compressed" (Nikon D500 users? Hey! Did you know that the A77 is six years old and is capable to do THE SAME things your €2000 D500 but at a price tag of just €1450 WITH THE SHARPEST LENS INCLUDED? (ZA 85 1.4) Well, Nikon D500 has more things, but still uses a Sony created sensor). Canonazis: Dual Pixel AF? Yet your God not only reduces the color hues you're always preaching off, It also boasts a new processing algorithm that makes the video AF more fluent... But slower and inaccurate. And you complain about Sony stealing your translucent mirror technology? Hah, at least Sony DOES NOT ONLY INNOVATE, *THEY ALSO EMPOWER THE CLASSICS.* _Hypocrites..._
A mount Studio shooter here. Used it to shoot model photography
I had an interesting conversation with Zeiss concerning the Zeiss lens they made for Sony....We are talking about the Zeiss (sony) 135mm f1.8 lens....Zeiss does not support or service this lens, if the lens was made for nikon or canon, yes, but no service for this lens made for Sony....I called Sony, they told me, even though i bought that lens from their online store when it was operating, cost 1,798.00..... Sony does not support or service that product, they told me to contact Zeiss....This is just another example of Sony's rotten no good customer service....I would urge everyone not to trust Sony on any level.... I would say any negative so called ranting on Sony they have it coming.........
Purchased this camera today. I started my DSLR Life with the Sony A200 many years ago. Took a big leap from this to the A77 and then the A77 Mk2. So far i am really impressed with my upgrade. Thanks for this review, Oh and i love the outtakes
Can you make a comparison video between the A99 m2 and the a7r m2 and show the photos and video taken from them?
My question is and the flash? No, there? And why?
It's a shame that this camera has not received more attention as it really is excellent, and for some, especially when using big, heavy fast glass, the DSLR style ergonomics are just more comfortable than the ergonomics of the e-mount cameras. The e-mount cameras are obviously the main focus of Sony's attention, and they have sexy specs for sure, but if this is a-mount's swan song then it is one hell of a way to go out in style
Did you run test for A99II over-heating when shooting 4K video? Sony told me it should run 30 minutes before overheating. I get about 12 minutes and then it gets progressively worse after shutting down to cool off. I got it just over a month ago but they're trying everything to get out of fixing it... I'm suppose to turn off stabilization, tilt the viewer up so the back gets more air, turn off the viewer, or basically turn off all the function you need for shooting video.
This camera is seriously underrated.
Thanks for your review John. I use the A77ii and I would change to the A99ii but there's two reasons that stop me doing so. Firstly is the price and secondly is that I need the extra reach that i get from the A77ii. Being an APSC body gives me that 1.5 extra reach on my 70-200mm f2.8 lens. I shoot a lot of wildlife and it's hard to get close enough. I use a 1.4x Tele as well and this gives me a 147-420mm f4 lens. This works great for me!! Thanks again John for your review. You're doing a great job. Cheers.
Great review as always John. I'm going to add this camera to my A-mount family. I was thinking of making a decision between this and the A7RII, but I don't want to mess with adapters or buying new lenses right now.
thanks for the review. I just have a few questions. when do you start to see noise? could you do a review with the vc a77ii vertical grip? If I were to get the a99ii, I'd most likely get the grip as well for the additional battery power. I'd like to know how much a system like that weighs. I currently shoot with the Nikon d4s and I'm considering switching systems.
pls reply John! im thinking. to get it to upgrade from old a37. just stickin to A mount so i i don't have to buy new lenses and I want a good aftermarket support but it' doesn't matter if it shoots crispy 4k like a6300. a99 worth for me? my main priority is to shot video and bit of part time photograph
good review!!
When did "button" become "bud-done"? Butt'n.
john are you a pinoy?😀
what do you say about the lenses for a mount ...can it be used for wedding photography....?? i am preferring to switch from Nikon to Sony.... I am bit confused with what is perfect lenses for Sony a99 ii..
Hi John, Can you please do a full review on Sony Alpha 68? I didn't find any good review online.I am planning to upgrade from A58 to A68 please give me your suggestions on this .Thank you...:)
Soul Glo was funny!!!
John Sison Only do give aways if YOU want to. Not someone begging for free handouts. When at 12fps is it on locked focus? or tracking focus? Is it true 4K or the hacked up UHD? Good video, good information and nice to see outdoors and not in a studio. I loved the outtakes. Finally someone on Youtube with a sense of humour.
Superior to Canon 5Ds/r,5Dmk4, 1DXmkII
did you find the performance of this camera a lot superior than the 1st generation A99? is it worth upgrading? does it use the same batteries as the A99?
Hi John, at 3:25 with Sony PlayMemories on Adroid or Apple phone? If not what software used to get wireless live-view on cell phone & what max distances? Can it do USB Cable tethered or wireless live-view to a Windows? Well over 6 years, Sony been making live-view cameras, A900, SLT-A99/A77, and Sony Remote Camera Control (software for Apple/Windows) will not do live-view on computer. Olympus been making live-view cameras and their software provide live-view on computer.
Hello, I want to sell the sony a99 ii to buy a sony a7R III, to take sports photos ..... what do you think? Thank you
Have you updated the firmware on the camera yet?
Hi Jay, Great review, I purchased the A9 first even though I use A-mount lenses with the EA3/EA4 adapters and recently purchased a used A99m2 for more video work in addition to shooting stills with the A9. What settings are best shooting video on A99m2? FF or super35? The video looks soft to me compared to the video on the A9? and what software are you using in the video to change highlights/shadows ? Thanks again...
I seen your video you don't have to respond.
with this camera do you always have to have the those marks on the screen like rule of thirds, can you take pictures without those marks for aligning the screen?
Nice review.... That Groundhog animal thing .... lol.
ATG and Sony have closed the door on A-mount over 5 years ago. Just like Hasselblad & Samsung, the A-mount is dead.
Great only if Sony continues to develop A-mount. It sucks because all the 3rd party lens company stopped making the A-mount lenses. I want to try some Sigma Art series lenses but they don't make one for Sony and that really sucks but otherwise very good camera.
I've owned my A99ii since Feb 2017, 19 months. I still feel it's an amazing camera and have no desire for something better.
Love your videos. I have the sony a99ii and am considering the SAL70-400 G2 as I currently have the Tamron 150=600 and am not pleased with the lens.
thanks for the great and comprehensive video...the fact that Sony wants me to pay $200 more than an a7riii and $1200 more than an a7rii (same gen as the a99ii) is the only reason I haven't upgraded (yet)
I have an entire PILE of Minolta-mount lenses that I used on my Minolta Maxxum 9 film cameras. Will these lenses work on the A99 II? You did not mention these in your lens compatibility article. Thanks.
What do "DSLRs" have that this camera does not? You alluded to this, but did not elaborate.
have A/II, but A99II also a nice camera.very good,useful review.thanks.Allan.
Excellent Presentation !
I can’ t decide to upgrade my rx10 iii to rx10 iv or upgrade my a99 to a99 ii. I use my rx10 every day, but all of the photos what we hanging on the wall was made with my a99.
Good idea eye auto focus off stop the to hunting and missing shots
Scroll with the back dial you CAN use both dials to view images what a review!!! I just learned about this Sony A99ii. I was ready to buy a Nikon D850, however I after seeing your review as well as others I'm all in with Sony, I downloaded your RAW files and compared image quality to my Nikon D500...dude there is no comparison. I just became a Sony guy and there will be a Nikon sale going on in Oklahoma very soon. Thanks again for the awesome review.
hi bro im upcomming filmmaker. want to do shortfilms and web series. please suggest some budget camera . please give your contact number or gmail. my number 9849506060 , kishore, thank you.
Ippudu only sony a7 konacha a7s kadhu only a7
Bro sony a7 3 vs Sony a7s 2 which best
Nothing beats that a7s low light ability!
dileep gaaru meeru ekkuvaga canon & soni gurichi cheputhunnaru koncham nikon cemeras gurichi chepandi
1300d ke best lense chappandi bro indoor and outdoor minimum 2 lens chappandi
Brother nikon d7500 review please and is working wedding photography
Video lo cam+lens price
Bro lens name okasari cheppu
Super bro
price please
Hi Anna wedding photography ki Nikon d7200 camera tisukovacha
Hiii Bro