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Solar Hydrogen Production: Processes, Systems and Technologies Book Reviews from YouTube

Green Hydrogen Production in India - Importance of Green Hydrogen - UPSC GS Paper 3 Energy
Solar hydrogen generation demonstrator based on bifacial photovoltaics
Solar Power Plant for Hydrogen Production
Record solar hydrogen production with concentrated sunlight
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India needs to invest in research and development more and more. Great lecture mam
Hydrogen gas is explosive. So you have to be extremely careful while handling it. Few millijoules of energy and it can explode.When it burns , you can not see its flame.These are some of the negatives of Hydrogen gas.
pls do topic abt carbon footprint ..thx for the nice video...really helpful
Bat kra tha.Nice info
Nice explanation ma'am
Mam is just wow
Thanks ma'am I love you
Currently the whole nation is suffering from O2 scarcity...Government should take initiatives to produce more and more O2 inspite of any other production work...
Thanks maam
So beautiful information..
If each house hold buy solar cooker ,then imagine how much lpg we are going to save in a single day being a tropical country
Clearly understanding
First comment
China has build up already
I am waiting
Thanks for the share.Very clean way to produce HHO.
oh man oh man this could change shipping forever!
Been thinking the possibilities of this hybrid hydrogen generators. With the combination of advance turbines: wind/ water.
Why not speak yourself. A robot smacks of a scam
Do you have a reacher paper for this in pdf
f a prototype of a hydrogen reservoir with you reduces the volume of the gas by 70% of its size without loss of energy at normal temperatures
What is the name of the company doing that ?
Have you deployed this systems to scale "10MW" ?
But isn't the catalyst very cheap regular iron
Very good idea
Looks good but 1kg hydrogen per day ?
Why do all these people want to use solar hydrogen in cars? That's the most wasteful use possible. It's also not obvious how this can compete with $6/kg for hydrogen produced by conventional renewable energy, especially since that energy will be essentially free in the near future because of the production and load mismatch of solar facilities.
1kg hydrogen production per day. How big is that prototype? Is it scalable? Also, it seems to use energy to follow the Sun. Does it require fresh water? or can you use sea water?
Real game changer
Decentralize the power supply stations and rebuild the power grid. Concentrated sunlight - solar hydrogen production - can become very useful defence weapons against big-govt as well.
This then does not add to the Thermal total of earth system as if not concerted Heat from Sunlight is adding to the Thermal total. And using any kind of fossel fuel is also adding to it. We should work more hard on this subject.
In Jabalpur we were working on this subject using Molecular Membrane to split water. And have it collected separately. This is a very exiting line as it's very clean energy &that too green.
Any updates on this?
Water and light does every thing for us
We take Partner in all Country on Atlantic or Ocean
So this is really happening. I did a study on my own in 2008/2009 with Wim Smit, a pioneer and a true legendary man in the realms of wind- power. During our dialogues I suggested friction power to create the intense heat you get from the sun. I saw this short introduction to what you are doing and I thought, Wow! I have to get a connection. I am just a passionate guy, very much into renewable sources. My father bought a beautiful spot (400m2) near Ommen in the Netherlands. This place is not just any place. It is a former vacation resort that has a cooperative called Calluna. All of the homes are on old school energy. All the inhabitants are actually living here throughout the year. The Ommen Counsel is aware of that. So is the province, as well as our government and many, many potential supporters. So, lets get it on! I want you guys to introduce your magic to real people in need of going off- grid.
Great to see.
" highest in the world" numbers please.
Nice but wonder about what happens after a major volcanic eruption like the one in the 530s that blocks sunlight for a year or more. We should still have an energy backup plan and more importantly store lots of food as well.
Could you use a trough geometry instead of dish and concentrate the solar energy along a line rather than a point? Then the collector only has one degree of freedom.
I wish I hadn't kept falling asleep in science class...
Looks very promising for proof of concept level. Having intrinsic storage avoids the limitation of conventional solar power -that market value goes to zero at peek production.

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