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Soil Geology Book Reviews from YouTube

GROWTH OF THE SOIL, by Knut Hamsun | Book Review
geology booklist
Geotech/Soil Mechanics Book Review | Gopal Ranjan and ASR Rao | Honest Review
The Best Geology Textbooks - GEOLOGY: Episode 2
Tremendously good video. I just finished this novel this morning and consider it the finest book I've read in the last twelve months. One of those all-too-rare novels, like The Magic Mountain or Anna Karenina, which seem to contain all of life. Just staggering. This was my sixth Hamsun novel, and immediately my favorite.
"His reputation is RIGHTFULLY MARRED..." What an idiot, hahahahaha.
I read this back in 1984 but I can still remember it - biblical and mythic would be right! It remains the only Hamsun I have read though. Obviously I was a much younger reader then but I didn’t really find his beliefs intruding too blatantly. Overall the story seems to be in the long established Scandinavian tradition of man farming the land and coping badly with change (Independent People would be another) but it is a powerful story.
Interesting review. I've read Hamsun's 'Hunger' and enjoyed it, if one can say 'enjoy' with respect to the physical and mental decay of the protagonist -- and I have his 'Children of the Age' and 'Segelfoss Town' on my shelf awaiting my attention one day. I've known about his past, and I'll leave it at that.
I want to read The Sharks by Jens Bjørneboe. What are your impressions of this author? If I’m correct he may be better known for a trilogy. All the same I am interested in discovering him and I thought I caught a glimpse of his works in a photo. I’m also curious if you’ve read Karin Boye?
I find myself reluctant to prioritize reading Hamsun. I have a copy of Growth of the Soil that’s published by the Modern Library, thus not this translation. If you’ve had any exposure to the previous translation, could you make a recommendation. Knowing which translation of a work to invest in is difficult! Regardless, I think if I were to read him, I would be most interested in either Hunger or Mysteries, probably Hunger. Have you read Everything Like Before (Kjell Askildsen) yet? I’m so obsessed. I’ve already read it twice and as long as I can keep renewing it (from library), I’m keeping it around to dip back into. As much as I want to just buy it, I’m still only 9 months in to a year long goal of not buying any books. My resolution does have one exception: I can spend up to $50 on work by this year’s Nobel laureate (announced October) if I should so-choose. But that’s besides the point: Askildsen stories, man! Sometimes very reminiscent of some of the icier Vesaas vibes; but that’s only apparent sometimes. Most of the time, very unique. Would love to see a review! Also, would love to hear your thoughts on Jon Fosse and Dag Salstad!
I was watching a video the other day of Michael Silverblatt talking to students (at Cornell I think?) and somewhere in the autobiographical sketch he gave there was a watershed moment when his younger self realized -with horror!!-that the direction of his reading had turned him into ". . . a fan!", and that he needed to somehow course correct in order to be a better reader. I think his implied framework of not being "a fan" of any author, including those whose works you cherish most, is interesting: possibly helpful in relation to the 'art-artist problem'. With most of my favorite books I find myself reading against a nagging awareness of one or another of the author's beliefs (one example: Dostevsky's overall big ideas are underwhelming) but I guess authors like Hampsun, or Celine or Sade really REALLY test the ability to compartmentalize. One thing to be said for engaging with these types of writers is that it muddles a flagwavy worldview according to which bad people are simply 'stupid', simply 'un-empathetic' across the board, 'uneducated'/ simply lacking a copy of David Copperfield, etc, when the reality is actually more disturbing and contradictory and hard to make sense of. Anyway, good topic.
Your reviews are so in depth and amazing, I’ve been juggling whether or not to invest my reading time on Hamsun. But now I think I’ll give him a go
Charles Bukowski was an admirer of Hamsun.
For ukpsc ..mines inspector
Books hindi me BHI h kya sir
When will u cover entire syllabus of geology ?
I want geology book in hindi for mine inspector
Sir, paleontology and statigraphy book are not on amazon , please share pdf of these with us
I'm completed MSc geology but there is no jobs in india ,only recommendation people got jobs, Govt have only limited jobs this sector , weaste of time.
Sir ye books gsi k liye bhi helpful he ?
Thank you Sir for this information....
I have best oceanography textbook name is oceanography :Muhammad faisal khan on you tube
Sir mining inspector ke liye konsi konsi books pdhna h aur kis writer ki sir plz btaye hindi Midiam books btaye sir
Sir could you tell me.... Upsc geologist prelims paper 2(geology) marking scheme
Sir can suggest objective type book for geophysics.
Stratigraphy ke liye volume 1 & 2 kyu nahi refer karni chahiye
Sir which is better sk ghosh or MP billings
is this for JAM also ?
Please provide N V Chalapathi Rao Sir's ppt
Thank you sir
sir oceanography and climetology kelie book...????
Thank you 🌹😊👌👍
👇🏻👇🏻Click on the links below to buy this book online Flipkart: ✅ Amazon: ✅
Please send whole book PDF on channel
Send pdf
For self study, which is better- Punmia or Gopal Ranjan?
In Mexico we use "Earth an Introduction to Physical Geology" by Tarbuck and Lutgens for physical geology or general geology courses. We know Prothero for his "Sedimentary Geology", we use it for sedimentology and stratigraphy, as well as Boggs. Winter is one of the best for igneous and metamorphic. Those atlas for rocks in thin section are useful as hell, especially the second that you showed. I know that book for well logs, but ive never read it. A classical book in Latin America is "Dana´s Manual of Mineralogy", maybe the most used book for geology students in all our countries (as well as Tarbuck).
Mam good morning
Can u please recommend me any good book for hydrogeology for UPSC GSI exam
Can you say ,all collage use the same books or different books ??
Can I have your Facebook account?
Wich book is good for anderstand the basics of geology ?
First , thank you my dear sister I from Somalia I am one of students studying geology in Somalia so I need these books how can I get, really these books is so important for me so please help me for these books🇸🇴📚📚
What organization would you recommend that will enhance my skills and knowledge as a geology student?
🌹🌹🌹🌹 very useful video
Thank you very much!!!!!
thank you but how can we get it pls?
Teach me how to became a geologist give me a guidelines plzz
Respected Maam I will buying "Understanding earth" But it's price too be large the price is in "India" 90,000 /- Amazon. But price is 15 dr. Can you help to me for another video.
You are my inspiration sister... Whenever I get bored of studying I'd like to watch you and then I would get boosted again 👍👍👍👍
Hello l am from Algeria l am a student of geophysics and l need to study geology so can helpe me and send to me books about geology this is my Gmail . Thanks
Hi Shy Lama ! What's you'r specialty ! ? With respect to career 😱🌞🌻
Really helps..
thank you very much can you give me an advice. this my second years i wanna be an angenier geologist
I'm Geology undergraduate from India..what types of geology should I wanna select for my next level of studies in abroad.. ! Help me out
Would you recommend repurchasing the geology textbooks that were assigned in the geology courses. We don't have enough time to read everything with sooo much classes. Also work part time

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