Cute New Dalmatian Sitting Attractive Quality 101 Dog (Medium)

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Buy Cute New Dalmatian Sitting Attractive Quality 101 Dog (Medium) online at Amazon. This Cuddly Toy Is In Vibrant And Striking Colour That Will Attract The Attention Of Everyone This Soft Toy Fits Perfectly In Bedroom/Living Room Cat...

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Buy Cute New Dalmatian Sitting Attractive Quality 101 Dog (Medium) online at Amazon.
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  • This Cuddly Toy Is In Vibrant And Striking Colour That Will Attract The Attention Of Everyone
  • This Soft Toy Fits Perfectly In Bedroom/Living Room Catches Eye, Will Give Them Endless Hours Of Fun-Filled Playtime'S Stuffed Toy Is A Good Companion And Adds Endless Hours Of Fun To Your Kid'S Playtime
  • Soft And Cuddly Filling
  • Perfectly Fits In Your Car And Makes Your Little Ones To Enjoy During Travel As Well
  • ( Instill A Love For Wildlife And Introduce Your Children To The World Of Animals With This Furry Little Plush Toy)

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That brown one is literally me in a puppy, the way he passed out tho!!!!😂😂😂 4:34
My dachshund just died this morning my stress reliever is gone
집안 곳곳에 굴러다니는 인절미들 😭😭😭 3:25
I have two smooth hair Dachshunds. Both males. I am waiting on my third one. He is a week old so far. My oldest one is 12 years old and has started with some minor back issues. He is a red dapple. And then my other doxie is a brown and tan. The one i am waiting to get is a Amelia doxie. Also male and smooth hair. I love my babies so much. They are truly worth the money at least to me. They are protective, loving, funny, and just excellent dogs to have. And no you cannot just have one. I love this channel. You have great material. Thanks for sharing.
My Dachshund is a girl and also i have a boy
Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall? Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz. Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss. Mein Furz riecht wie faule Kohl.
I have a Dachshund mixed with a Rat Terrier. Love love love her, and she me.
You couldn't pick 3 owners with personality? These 3 are boring lmao. Not watching the rest
Thank you for this video!! So many people have no idea how to deal with dachshunds
“Dacksoond”?? “Dash hounds”?? Dacksands”?? “Dogshound?? *”noodlehund👍”
Hound in German means DOG
I want an already trained 1
Potatoe with legs
Hund don't mean hunt(ing) Hund is the German word for dog xD
Please check out my NEW Channel! 💕 I post cute, FUNNY videos of my three Dachshund babies!! 💕🐶🐶🐶💕
Why do they have to pull their neck so high?
Hey all, check out my sentimental dog paw tattoo video on my channel 😊
I have a Yorkie puppy but I also really like these dogs. Especially the brown ones.
We have a Doxle(Dachshund Beagle) mix, Daisy is long like a Weiner dog, has the colors(Black and Brown) of a Weiner dog, and the face of a Weiner dog. But the rest of Daisy is all Beagle, she has the longer legs, the beagle tail and the beagle bark. She loves to be around us, and has the loving nature of a Weiner dog.
Harness are better you don’t choke them so much with harness
After seeing cesar millan videos, we get this bad boy a treadmill aside from taking him out.
Great advice, thanks
When you were talking about his form shows, he looked up like "my FORM you say? This form??"
lol her west coast accent is so strong...and she keeps saying why-ma-rhy-ners lol
Can we say that is so similar to vizsla?
Why they cut their tales?
Why are their tails clipped 🥺
The Dogs are ok - the Lady is a Patin in the neck
Owned Weims for 20 years. Onto my 5th (I had 4 at once, Mother and 3 pups). Fantastic dogs to own. Can be a nightmare if not trained properly (my 1st was destructive till she had her litter). My current Weim, Poppy, has been a dream dog. Well trained, well socialised with other animals and children (we have twin toddlers), and well cared for. Similar in nature to Boxers or Dobermans and other high strung breeds in terms of playfulness and energy levels, but without the high strung element of their nature.
My 4yr old weimaraners love to snuggle. I have 2, and they hate being outside, I'm lucky if I can get them to stay outside for more then 30min. at a time.. They are both very chill, but my boy does have a playful side whereas my girl is very low energy. They have separation anxiety from each other, not from me, I can leave and they are fine, but they will not leave each others sight (Vet visits are a nightmare). I tried walking them separately, and it was a no go. Mine were crate trained when they were younger, but a year ago I started leaving them loose in the house when I have to leave (6hrs has been the max so far), and thankfully they have not been destructive at all, no potty mishaps either. We made the mistake by sleeping with ours, and now I'm lucky if I have a blanket over me at night, they hog the bed for sure, I miss being able to stretch my legs or lay with my legs straight. We also allowed them on the couch, so I have to always have a cover over the sofa, and it's rare the family fit with the dogs too. We created a few bad habits in them that we struggle with, yet continue to do. MISTAKES I have made as a weim owner: If I were to do it again, I would not allow them to sleep on the bed, their cuddles are great but I really miss my bed space and sleep & I would prefer them to sit/lay on the floor or dog beds and not the couch. My dogs seem to be on a 4hr restroom cycle at night (during the day they average 4-6hrs), so I feel like I have 4yr old infants. I've tried to stop the bad habit WE created, but they will pee on the floor if I don't let them out and I'm just to tired to deal with it at night! So I give in and let them out (more or less) at 8pm, 12am, 3:30am, 6:30am, and they go pee every time! Needless to say I have been sleep deprived for 4yrs! We have cut water after a certain time and feed them earlier but it doesn't make a difference. I've told them to lay back down, but they won't. It doesn't matter if they are in their personal space or not, they will go pee anywhere if we are home and don't let them out when they want, for whatever reason it hasn't happen if we are not home. When they need to go potty, they go to the door and scratch at it to let us know it's time.
Ours is great with our kids especially the baby but has become more protective since the baby. We will start greeting visitors outside now and see if that helps. Thanks for the tip!
I love my weim! He’s at my side 24/7. We go to the park for at least 1.5 hours to run and play everyday , sometimes 2x a day. He alerts me when a package is delivered at the front door, a bird(s) perching on the fence or when the neighbor cats visit our back yard. He use to dig but has learned I don’t like it. I five him bones to chew on, games to play or a big long with frozen food or treats to keep him busy between walks/ play time.
I was super interested in this video but if she says umm one more time I might go crazy! Hella annoying! #weimaranerareawsome #ummm
You got a nice ass on you woman
When I lived a block the beach had a roommate that had a Weim and I pitched in on the dog-sitting duties. Some of the best years of my life 😊 And of course, the Weimaraner lady has a ginormous *rock* on her finger😝
hello from Tennessee thanks for sharing. I have a Weimaraner too, please check my channel out - John @ The ProCut
Bullshit, don't crate these dogs.
I’ve had 2 they are nuttier than a box of frogs,I was painting the wall with emulsion and as quick as I was painting the dog was licking it off.
My Weimaraner is so dumb but so special