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So Sweet Erythritol Antioxidant Weight Loss Product 250 gm Reviews from YouTube

Q & A: Weight Loss: Stevia & Erythritol
Keto Sweeteners: List of Approved Sugar Substitutes- Thomas DeLauer
Dangers and Benefits of Erythritol
Erythritol: Like Sugar Without The Calories?
Most grateful for your time in helping complete strangers via YouTube.
Stevia hurt teeth Yes or no?
I was using a mixture of stevia and xylotol and found it did not leave any aftertaste. I was told that erithrotol was a better choice. After using a stevia & erithrotol mixture (couldn't find erithrotol on its own), the aftertaste is very strong. Which substance is causing the aftertaste and is xylotol a bad choice?
Did you look at the glycemic index of some non-nutritive sweeteners like maltitol? Its very high and can spike insulin contributing to insulin resistance. Absolutely agree about stevia and erythrotol. Both low glycemic indexes.
As long as thebsteviabisnt cut with maltodextrin. I stack up on no sugar added chocholate from Trader Joes. Has malitol which i think makes me flatulate. Not sure if its the inulin but i take the tradeoff for no sugar. Got used to drinking black coffee with no sweeteners. Its manly too. I dont roll up to starbucks and order a venti decaf caramel machiato with 2 pumps of cinnamon. Not a masculine order.
I think it is not necessary, even counter productive to remove sweeteners, the access to sweetness in diet. If you want people to stick a dietary regime you need to have some rewards included. I don't see any personal issues with sweeteners and including them in diet and they certainly haven't affected my fasting, HbA1c or glucose tolerance readings. So for me, if I want my curry to be a sweet one, I can add a few mg of aspartame near the end, and it takes exactly like a normal sweet curry. Bearing in mind I eat no fruit, very limited vegetables, and carbs around 5gm/day on average.
Nowadays I don't use any artificial sweeteners, but the damage has already been done.I am here mainly for your opinion on K2. Here is my dilemma. With a quintuple bypass using veins for arteries, forty percent of my liver and gallbladder removed with cancer and a recent multiple hernia operation I have been taking K2 mk7 from Miso to clot the blood to stop the bleeding in my stools. But I also had been taking extra large portions of food like garlic and ginger to thin the blood. Any ideas on how to balance them out?I have been watching your videos on K2. They are very pertanent to my case, but very complicated.
Thanks for the video good question stevia has an odd taste to me. I now have tea and coffee with half and half and no sweetener. I wonder about this sugar alcohols.
I use Stevia as well, however I have seen a study ( I don't remember the name now) that indicated that even the use of 0 calorie sweeteners like Stevia nevertheless caused an insulin response.What do you think about that?
So whats the issue with Monkfruit?
As a sweets-addict, I've tried just about everything - am presently combining liquid stevia with liquid Hermesetas (cyclamate+saccharine purchased on eBay and imported from the UK where it's legal) but I'm pretty sure that ultimately I'll have to let go of the whole sweet-thing entirely because it spikes my blood glucose.
I agree with your point on the bias of the studies on obesity and diabetes in those that use non nutritive sweeteners. They cite these as caused by the diet drink or whatever when obviously the obesity and diabetes were the reason for choosing diet sweeteners. I like most of them and don't worry about the risk, because the risk of sugar outweighs the risk of non nutritive sweeteners. I usually use saccharine in coffee.
I use it and like it. So far, no ill effects or sugar spikes.
Great video Dr Brewer
Thank you very much for the wonderful videos
Are there any studies to see if the specific non-nutritive sweeteners elicit an insulin response? And, beyond that, is there a minimum amount to promote such a response? I only use 1 packet of erythritol in my morning coffee.
I feel OK with both, and use often. There is also a sweet herb called Sweet Cicely which used to be used in England instead of sugar.
Use glycine as a sweetner to get away from the monk fruit, erythritol etc. It works amazing and cuts the craving immediately - even just lick it off a spoon
Excellent Podcast .I am a stevia addict , any sugar alcohol sends me to toilet laxative
Allulose is good but expensive. Stevia has aftertaste
Very informative...thank you
Hi Thomas! Do you know if these sweetners are approved or not? Thanks!Acesulfame KYacon syrupSaccharinNeotameDextroseSucrose
A number of years ago I found that my mother had been drinking almost exclusively Diet Coke because she said she liked it the taste. I still question whether or not that's an actual valuable statement. I told her that aspartame has some really seriously bad side effects. And yes it does indeed affect glycemic index. In many people it has shown to have quite and aggressive glycemic response. But what I told her was that the side effects are numerous and maybe link to the incidents that she was explaining to me of being short of breath. She had stop smoking at least 30 years before this time frame. She was also living in South Carolina which is not the best climate for people with lung issues. After she was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Not only did her physician asked her, but she ended up in a study at Duke University and a very first question asked by both her position, the position he sent her to, and Duke University was do you drink diet coke. At day said there was a concerted link between aspartame and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. So it may not cause a keto response but it most certainly will kill you!!!
aspartame is a pesticide! If you think it is fine then you're a moron!
Hmm i came here for xylitol
just by Thinking about sometime sweet triggers my hunger lol
My issue with keto is right at the honey.Honey has benefits.Of course dont go eating tons every day...But a bit in tea here and there isn't bad...even about a teaspoon a a wont make you fat.Its probably better then aspartame every day..between honey and aspartame...long term health wise..I think honey would be better..But you make it all about the response on keto... but long term aspartame over time is far worse.If someone is eating right...they're not gunna have an issue with some honey.
I feel like aspartame should have been a red check mark.Personally think using honey(raw honey!) Would be better.
Is it safe for your long term health? No, point blank.Who told you that? Wheres the evidence? Your brain sits in your biceps
exactly the info for which I was looking thank you!
Doctor Sam Pak introduced me to a certain amount of amazing research derived from ancient eastern traditions that have already made the Asian world among the most healthy as well as longest lived parts of the world, Find out more here about allulose? And Truvia?
Thx 4 the info. What about xylitol & ogliosaccharides?
what about allulose?
Thank You! Great information!What about maple syrup!?
What about Allulose sweetener?
Tom - Dr Fung disagrees with most of your green checks.
So I just found out about this video as I am looking to make gummy bears, mainly for my sister (she isnt so much on a keto diet, but she has to make sure that there's no gluten in her food). My family will continue to stay with stevia (with the exception of my mom who turned to monkfruit). I dont plan to switch to monkfruit for now since its so much more expensive than stevia and also im a college student. I do plan to study stevia, monkfruit & erythritol more in depth to better understand it. Im also happy that you cleared up the info about sucralose since my dad has become so obsessed with that & I highly doubt that he will want to switch (maybe because his brain is just so used to the taste that I doubt that his brain will want to change the habit). We shall see. But thank you for posting this video.
Has anyone tested insuline response to erythritol?
Are kosher pickles and beef jerky, keto if so that's 60 percent of my diet!
Thanks, Doc. Do you have anything to say about allulose? I've heard of Swerve, but I can't find it here in Europe. I ordered allulose from iHerb, and hopefully, I'll get to try it in a few weeks. Kinda stoked about that.
Bought monk fruit with this as a powder, hot flushes and stomach pains. Never again. Half teaspoon
Hi, Dr Berger, would explain about Allulose if good or bad, Thanks!
Id like to know how they make it and what they make it from
Thanks for doing this. I have never used sugar in baked things and some of the 'keto' recipes I see have SO much erythritol, they just aren't very appealing.
I immediately swell around my midsection...fluid, not gas. It's the second I swallow it. Absolutely insane! Goes away by morning but... I'm just an odd ball
Thanks. More confident in using it now...
Thank you.
Mannnn it keeps sending me to the toilet!! all I made was lemonade ..
It's bacteria poop!!! Why do people eat this?
Does it destroy good bacteria in stomach?
Short, sweet and very informative. Thank you Doc. BTW, Pun unintended.
Thank you for confirming.
Every time I've used erythritol I have felt bloated and gasy. Unfortunately, it's a no for me.It's a shame, Stevia doesn't bake well and I cannot find Monk fruit where I am.
Am I the only one that gets a sore throat and ulcer on my tongue after I have erythritol
It makes drinks taste awful i just bought a bai drink, I can taste something not right in it
So it's poison
only major downside erythritol has is it still stimulates cravings for sweets.
Another doctor on Youtube said all artificial sweeteners raise insulin. They don't raise blood sugar, but do raise insulin.
It kills dogs! It's a toxin like msg, kills the brain, cancer causing poison! Shame on you dr berg alot of people trust you and you're just selling out! Your products contain it that's why you're pushing it.
Tastes the same? hahaha!Xylitol tastes very much like sugar though.
What xylitol?
Add a bit stevia and erythritol to your morning coffee and oh my it's haveanly. Enjoy....
Don't eat refined sugars period and get off it like i have completely. And if you fancy a piece of cake one day for a special occasion ie birthday, just use raw honey or molasses. These man made chemical sugars are dangerous.
If it makes you addict to sweet stuff then eat sweet stuff with erythritol inside. What is the problem? Issue fixed. Personally I have started erythritol and I do not see myself hooked to sugar or addiction to sweet stuff.
Cargill Truvia or Purvia Senomyx hek293 cannibalistic companies.How about sweet leaf or pure Stevia?
I been keto for about 7 months now, and I use erythritol and stevia throughout the entire time I've been doing the diet. As of now I've lost 80 lbs and feel great.. Glucose doesn't rise and I've been in ketosis the whole diet. There are days when I have something not keto but I dont trip because I know I'm stay consistent with the macros
erythritol makes me puke
Make sure to get non GMO version.
My doctor told me to use erythritol instead of sugar bc I've got to be wary w/ glucose. (I'm diabetes prone or smth idk I'm 14 and with such a complex medical situation I tend to tone it out) So yeah, if a professional nutritionist told me to use it, I'm sure everyone else'll be fine.
This guy copied and pastel an article on the same subject.. what a piece of shit
It does NOT taste just like sugar.
Put it in your netty pot(not too much) or just squirt a solution of it up your congested nose..It will clear the snot.
But what about this study?: Students that gained weight and fat mass over the course of a year had 15-fold higher levels of erythritol in their blood compared to those that did not gain weight or lost weight.Erythritol is a sugar alcohol and is used as a sugar substitute low-calorie sweetener. This study also found that it was metabolized through a metabolic pathway (pentose phosphate pathway) important for the production of NADPH which is used to produce fatty acids and subsequent triglycerides and the energy can be efficiently stored in the form of fat.
Honestly I tried Swerve and it doesnt taste sweet even though they advertise that its just like sugar. It is not sweet at all. There is no taste to it really. I did feel bloated with it. Im just going to stick with raw sugar but use less.
You look like Indian batsman Virat Kohli!
It doesn't taste like regular sugar, it tastes more like salted sweets.
Is having a Bai drink once a week in place of a soda not a bad idea? Or is the stevia and erythritol in Bai something I should avoid?
Sounds better than sugar
Anyone know a cheaper source of it?

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