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Small Satellites for Earth Observation: Selected Contributions Book Reviews from YouTube

How are small satellites changing the earth observation industry?
Small Satellites, Latest In Earth Observation Technology.
Earth Observation Satellite Explained In HINDI {Rocket Monday}
Tiny satellites and a new view of humanity | Hard Reset by Freethink
J I think he is a good I think I have eusjjsjejejejmsm and I think it would is better to go siskmw the game but its not like a game its that its not cool lol I hate it I cant play it ueueueeueujOapqpqpalallalsmxmxndnd I cant wait play this video is it a game its a joke lol lol its cool I love you I hate you I hate this stupid game lol I hate this stupid stupid thing bot you have to get it a day I hate
Any good companies to invest?
Nano satellite's could have less mass and move faster, in theory some interesting things happen the faster a object move's through space and time, if a nano satellite of barely any mass, moved fast enough, things that small can move faster much easier and go to nearby suns much quicker. Hopefully the nano satellite's spiral, as they move through space, maybe it will somehow put energy into its system's, sort of energy transference, like and is convection and like a battery, their is life.
The background music overwhelms the voices.
They put thousands of satellites up everyday but theyre hot air balloons and also help with win directly, all u need it a is a reflected just like if u put the tv remote behind u , it will bounce back, how satellites work, For something that heavy it would cost to much because its too heavy and we need to take a lot of telly earning 30% of Microsoft just to keep it in the air(space) not other specs, but THE USS Station is outside of the axis rotation, go explore n learn for yourself, YOUR EXPERIENCE IS LIFE, dont take what anyone says unless u physical experience, n its ok to have theorys but theyre not facts.Kizzer415
Guess what happens when u reach 2020
The music makes listing to this video so annoying.
How do make femto satellite
Very good I liked and suscribed
send mini satellites to the moon with lunar landing capability with simple robotic machines to explore and begin establishing bases
It just a simple technology, many countries can make, nothing is proud of it.
fucking stupid loud music
Happy new year for 2020
So cute where can buy it?
Thatz why they worship the cube!! Satan's deception
Small Big Is Big The New
Can can that small satellite transmit data and where can it get power ?
It would be cool to see a real picture of some of these "satellites" in space. No, you get CGI.
Thanks a lot :)
Radarkonse spectrum me chalta hayredio webuvya koyi our
Did I see you explaining a motorola procuct. ? Are you Mubdi ? Saw a little message on APRS about satellite comms and I love that topic. N6GRG
Earth observation settelite or remote sensing settelite khy ak hi h please reply
Sir I want to know that in liquid rocket engine how the combustion chamber work in hindi
Sir 2 baar dislike dabane par dislike nhi hota h....
Lhc pr video banao
May you provide pdf file as well?It's really helpful for better understanding.PDF file of each of your presentations is required.
As your subscribers reaching 40k my heart beating very fast, as I am waiting for 40k movement .but why videos not coming daily sir?
Hello sir you really work very hard for making videos and your videos are also informative but I like most is Rocket Monday and Future Friday. Can you make video on Time ,Time travel, light speed locomotive etc Pls sir.
Multi & hyperspectral imaging is amazing as it can tell which country is producing which crop and in how much quantitiy. Amazing tech.
Sar laser diode Ke Upar video banaye
SpaceX is putting thousands of satellites in LEO , Jeff bezos is planning same and many other companies is also going to put those satellites , How these satellites will affect our earth observation capabilities , keeping in the mind that starlink satellites is already messing up with astronomical observation
Review on fuji film xa7
I learn many new things from your videosthansk a lot sir
Thanks sir
Bhai future friday ke liye vaccine ya anti viral medication ke bare main neya video kesa hain?
What would you like to see this used for?
Anybody know where to get that geo/image data? is it only available from google earth pro?
maybe stop putting your nose everywhere
If the governments cant do it the people will!
So basically we can personally blast a rocket and throw our modded smartphones in space and we get unlimited free internet, like starlink.
where is the public access?
Yeah lets send a Bunch more trash up there BC thats exactly what orbit needs .....
More World Economic Forum jargon. "Hard Reset" for what purpose? Monitoring Earth everyday? Who consented to have their land monitored 24/365? That kind of data allows ridiculous logistics capabilities to government/ESG monitored corporations.
Really like the narrating voice!
Nano statelite lunch ..what happened..
Wow this is the best thing since sliced bread
That spy aspect of the technology is what gives me the irk. We are not ready to be that open to each other, especially globally. I fear that might trigger some sort of tech war and eventually lead to nuclear wars.I think this should be contained by permits, if a country provides a permit for surveillance in some parts then yes, but not all. And they too could have access to the platform
*Thee earth, not 'Thuh earth.'
okay so to those people who are concerned about thw space junk, that is why he said it only has a short life span because at the end of its life it will fall back to earth and burn during re-entry, so don't worry about them. And thats why the United States has its Space force. All modern satellites now are designed to fall back to earth or fly back to earth on the end of its life and either burn on re-entry or be directed to the Satellite grave yard in southern atlantic. The Only worry is privacy.
And they Blame India for Space Trash. I think they have forgotten what they have done to both earth and space. The waste and all the toxic waste by westerns
More space junk for less....great
We are the gods
They point out Chinese and other Nefarious bad guy's committing atrocities, When in fact probably 90% of time this system will be used to spy on American and other Western countries citizens. Funny how they forget to mention this?
I love the smell of bullshit in the morning lol

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