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Skullcandy Push Earbuds Bluetooth Headset Price in India - Buy ...

Skullcandy Push Earbuds Bluetooth Headset (Green, True Wireless) · With Mic:Yes · Bluetooth version: 4.1 · Wireless range: 100 Feet · Battery life: 12 hrs | ...


Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds (Indigo Blue) : ...

Break boundaries with Skullcandy's new truly wireless headphones. Whether you're in the city or beyond, Push gets you 12 hours of music from two earbuds ...


Skullcandy Push True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Price in India ...

The Push Bluetooth headset by Skullcandy might just be what you are looking for. It features a 12-hour battery life, the option to control each earbud ...


Skullcandy Push Active True Wireless Earbuds, Voice Control ...

Skullcandy Push Active True Wireless Earbuds, Voice Control Bluetooth Headset (Black/Orange, True Wireless) · With Mic:Yes · Smart Feature Technology · Hands-Free ...


Skullcandy Push Bluetooth Headset Features

  • NOTHING TO HOLD YOU BACK. Forget what you thought you knew about how wireless earbuds should look and feel. Push is changing the game with bold color, a sleek fit, and music you can feel
  • TURN IT UP Stay in control of your audio with a double tap. The right button turns up the volume. The left button turns it down.
  • TAKE A CALL Tap either button to answer and end a call. Press the left earbud for two seconds to reject a call or put one on hold, Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • ACTIVATE ASSISTANT Triple press either button to have your assistant help with sending a message, setting a reminder, and much more
  • THE PERFECT FIT. Our original FitFin ear gel design comfortably tucks into any ear, giving you a fit that won't fall out
  • Upto 6 hours of playtime with each charge and an additional 6 hours with the included charging case.
  • Skullcandy Customer Care Number 0120-4341341 & Customer Care Email ID- for customer assistance
  • In-the-ear Headset

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Skullcandy Push Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Charging type USB
Playback time 6 Hours
Standby Time 12 Hours
Bluetooth features Auto Pairing, Media Remote
Bluetooth Profile A2DP AVRCP HFP
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Range 10 meter
Compatible Models Media player, Mobile Phone, Tablet
Connectivity Bluetooth MicroUSB
Design In ear canalphone
Fit In the Ear
Open or closed back Closed Back
Type Wireless
Call control Answer/End
Music control Play/Pause
Replaceable earbuds Yes
Box Contents Earphone, USB Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card
Brand Skullcandy
Model Push
Title Skullcandy Push
Warranty 2 Year
Microphone Yes
Driver type Dynamic Driver
Impedance 16 Ohms
Magnet Material Neodymium
Max frequency response 20000 Hz
Min frequency response 20 Hz
Sensitivity 100 dB/mw
Physical Design
Colours Psychotropical Teal
Eartip size Large, Medium, Small
Headphone housing type Plastic

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Skullcandy Push Bluetooth Headset Reviews from YouTube

First Look! : Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds REVIEW
UNBOXING | Skullcandy Push True Wireless Headphones
REVIEW | Skullcandy Push True Wireless Headphones (1 Month Later)
Skullcandy Push True Wireless earbuds Review
UPDATE! Even though at the time of this review neither the website or the retail packaging said anything about these being waterproof or water resistant they are now stated as being water resistant on their site.
Skullcandy push is interesting to me 4:36 They are IPX4
420th comment
Do I connect 1 or both in my Bluetooth settings? Only one works
Here's a list that helped me out. "/ In the end, I went with #10. 3:54
Funny, got these for FREE and I can tell you, their not worth the money. Ended up trashing them
why i hate them ? the sound comes with 1 second delay, i cant watch any videos, it just sucks just return them and get real earphones
push them into the garbage, and get some good products
Bought them bit they only worked for about 40 hrs total and o e of them stopped connecting and I tried everything to reset them and paire them again bit only 1 work s
Good thing I coped them for 16$lmao
Great informative video
Are some skull Candy better than AirPods/AirPods Pro?
Me who got them for 25 bucks new ight ima test them out
Second video regarding the skull candy wireless. To many bad reviews on skull candy wireless so maybe skull candy should stick their wired brands
I got mine for 30 on amazon
The ones I'm looking at say sweat proof
One of THE WORST if NOT THE worst set of printed instructions to EVER accompany ANY electronic device created this century. ONLY You Tube Videos made this product usable at all. I would ONLY recommend this product to Audio/Electronic engineers with a minimum of 5 yrs experience. Skull candy should be ASHAMED!
I wanna know about latency
Noise Shots X5 or these?
They always disconnect to eachother. Does anyone have any advice for it?
1 Month Follow-Up Review: head phones fit vertically not horizontal like most took me 20 min to figure that out they are great and cant hear a thing when i am out running great sound no sound canceling but they are louder then my other Bluetooth turbine set
Actually bought up a pair of these after my JBL ones broke and I got them for half price £44 in PC Currys home welder whatever the shops called nowadays and this is not an understatement I was absolutely gobsmacked and shocked how on earth Skullcandy can charge over $100 for these some earphones considering the technology is old I am the sound quality is very basic but it’s not decent bass it’s like sporadic and some in the engine end up having to turn them down halfway volume because they just so so loud and and the base is not crystal clear because the base is so high the mid range distorts everything low range mid range I can honestly say hand on my heart I bought some some good man earphones as an emergency backup for £15 in home bargains and they sound 10 times better than these things and that’s not an understatement that is 100% the truth The only thing that these earphones have actually got going for them is the after you’ve worked out how to put them in your ear and believe you me they got on this video is not making it up they are horrendously bad but once you’ve worked out your twisting into your ear they actually do stay in place when you’re running the problem is because they’re not sweat proof there’s no point in having themLike I said this is not an understatement this is 100% true they are probably the worst earphones I’ve ever had the misfortune to use or where
What a tool of a reviewer
I hate earphones that don’t seal. Which ones do you recommend
I bough mine for 30 dollars and they sound great you didn’t put them in right I love them
You put them in wrong if you read the manual that comes with it you would have saw how to put it in
Skdypush stands for (S) kull (k) an(D) (Y) push
I bought them. They're so damn ugly.
Ur review sucks bro I just wasted 13mins and 12 seconds of my life . Oh and don't blame the ear bud for not fitting blame ur ears they're fucked up
Paid review by apple bad video your mind was already set to hate this earphone . You can't even put those earphone in your ears how foolish PAID REVIEW BY APPLE
You look like the type of dude to cheat on your wife and then say that she didn't deserve you
Left Sony WTF-SP-700N for these . amd encountered the SAME ISSUES. 2 down, Taking these back. My Sesh are better than these.
Creo base ? Lol hahha
Dude you sound hella biased. Your not even wearing them correctly. So give a proper review once you use them right and lose the goofy heaircut.
This is the worst review I have ever seen. you had your mind made up before you even put them in.
Have them and they fit perfectly.
Why it pop up light while listening music
Dude, no offense like you seem like an ight dude so this ain't no hate comment but the reason it dont feel right is cuz yo ears. But definitely they should have changeable sizes for the fins.
SK Push. Great noise isolation. Not hard to put in. You trippin. Terrible connectivity to my phone and to each other. They frequently disconnect. They have 4.2 which is outdated bluetooth. I put them in my ears when I'm studying to block out sound. I dont turn them on. Looking for a replacement.
Good review. I bought these and had the same problem. They would not stay in place. Went back and for Jaybird vista those fit right on the first tryno magic formula no tutorials on how to insert a small speaker into your again “ I just put them in my ear “ lmao everyone so butt hurt.
Way to gain more followers. if I ever see your face on a video again I’ll never click it
I have to them and they fit in my ear and sound good if you put them in vertical then rotate them forward to were the rubber stick go under your ear
You treat them like trash when there not even bad Just bought them myself
This comment has nothing to do with the headphones. Hearing you a grown up "man" complaining during 8 minutes about how hard it's for him to put some headphones in his now? That sarcasm man. that sarcasm. To watch a critic talking to it's viewers in that way is the most fuc#### stupid thing I've ever seen.
Really bad reviewer
Nah you right my dude, awful buds. Actually terrible
I like these. I’m no Skullcandy guy, first tech I’ve owned from the brand. Let me tell you coming from Sony WF-SP700N these are a dream! 8/10 from me
Dude after a month of just using the Push for podcasts the right side started cutting out and it’s annoying AF
you are so annoying
You put them in vertical, them twist then down to create the seal on your ear.
dude! u r so sad! haha doing a video just cause people thinks u r and ahole i feel sorry for u man. btw this video was great be happy :)
i have no words with the comments
Bro your beard looks like someone threw an Etch A Sketch at your face and like 20 pieces stuck to it
Its the ear shape mine created a seal and had big bass I push them in the twist them backwards which causes the ear cartledge thing to wedge itself in correctly I have none of the issues you complain about . Theses are earbuds it is possible they are just not made for your ear type . I prefer actual headphones anyway bluetooth will never compete with a good pair of open ear cans so its a moot point Also you ate cramming the entire speaker chassis in your ear causing the seal to break do to the slant you have them in on
This video is why he only has a little bit of subscribers
This guy is a horrible reviewer
Lmao is this good you guys
U wack candy are great
Skullcandy : Solid as hell.
Mine die in the case. I’ve (several times) had the case left charging and the earbuds in it and I go to use them and the battery is depleted on the earbuds. So I take them out and put them back in then wait for the light to come on to charge and again. they are dead when I go to take them out
These are horribly built. I have bought one pair and had to return them for another because the right one wouldnt hold a charge, second pair, the right one just didnt wanted 170$ for these, but they were on sale 50% off, paid 80$ and honestly, that's 45$ too much for what they do.
U had me at 7 hours battery life
Does the right one only works when the left one is connected or mine is damaged ?
these are the worst headphone ever you will have pain in less than 30 min
How loud are they?
Rodrickveiws should watch this so he learns how to actually put them in
These sound damn goos for price!
What a useless video
Cow shit color.
is it sweat resistant
I just want to listen to music, outside noises don’t really bother me, would this good for me?
Oh no! No magnets and you have to press a button to open the case what a fucking shame. Too bad the one purpose they are built do they do well in
How much did skullcandy pay you for this “review”? These buds are garbage! I would give mine away, but nobody wants them. They’re trash!
Hi sir the right side is no voice to call its normal or no
Just got new set for 50 for the price cant beat them. I want galaxy buds plus I'll wait until price drop. I always do that let new wear off and get a real reviews. Plus any software fixes. Good review
Can’t get the right to sync with the left to use both. Currently watching this with just left audio. My beanie pushes the button sometimes. I’m glad I didn’t pay for these and this video didn’t seem to help with my sync issue.
Do they have a mic
I threw my beats away after buying a skullcandy headphone ! Beats are extremely overrated ! and "logo'' means shit to me !

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