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SJS URC-26B Remote Controller Features

  • For TV
  • Samsung
SJS URC-26B Remote Controller Colours:
  • Grey

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SJS URC-26B Remote Controller Specifications

Types of Devices Controlled TV
Brand SJS
Color Grey
Model Id URC-26B
Series T.V-Lcd-Led
In the Box
Sales Package Remote Controller
Covered in Warranty 7 Days Replacement Warranty for Any Technical OR Manufacturing Issues.
Warranty Summary Before Order Please Match Your Remote Control Model No in Disply Packing Box & No Warranty For any Physical Damage/Burnt(Internal & External)

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SJS URC-26B Remote Controller Reviews from YouTube

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URC Complete Control Remote Programming Tutorial
Can u make power Bank module please
How can I learn these things from books or are there special programs that can help me
Is it possible to implement sequential LED? like ford mustang tail lamps
Nice! This could be useful if you replace the LEDs with a relay. Could you say what is the purpose of the capacitor ?
, ?
Super Video Sir Good Work
Tengo que armarlo SrE gracias
Tenga ese placer patrio de ser gente con mucho favores ,por eso es mi feudo social de mi buena fe. Nacin repblica de colombia ante tu magestad tu genio,gracia por todo ese mundo social ,es verdad de todos ,as es verdad todos etc
Good idea my friend
First comment
Super brother
Aapse bat kar ne hay pl send your number
bt 136 ka saath lcd kasa attach ki hia
Sir iska circuit banay aap plz
Don't buy this thing guys. I bought it after my friend recommended it. 4 months later, it stopped working, for me, and for my firend too. Now the manufacturer told me to send it to his factory, that is in Rajasthan, under my own expense, and if issue is under warrenty, they'll *repair* it and send it back. Didn't receive anything after that.
Bro please send circuit diagram
Maybe isme timer nhi hoga , remote sab variant k same deti h company but main controller par depend karte features.
Bhai. Colar. Ke ly konsa use ho ga
Isko banana sikhaow.sir
1:42 the bulb's wires are so close together in this shot, I got anxiety that they would arc! Please be careful, tape the connections
Is the triac switching using zero-crossing? If it does, then there will be not much humming, unless it does phase cutting
Very nice . I need the circuit diagram. Could you help me?
Nice job brother
Link open nahi ho raha hai , Price bata do
Thanks so much for explaining this in detail- what a fabulous tutorial.
@LetsDIYIt - I have the MX-990 and the CCP software. Your tutorial gave me what I needed to get it going, so thank you so much for that. I would like to import my own image to use as a button image. I created a button using one of the existing images. On the button properties, there are import and export links. I exported the current image to see what format it wanted. I created a new image using the same format (jpg). At first it said it was too large and needed to be at most 240x320. I created an image which is smaller than this and tried the import link. It seems to work, but the image on the button is never changed.Can you give some advice on doing this?
I recently bought a URC MX990. I got the software but I`m lost when it comes to using it. I did everything you showed n your video but got lost at punch through. I`m willing to pay to have it setup.
Where do you get this software?
Very thorough. Appreciate the content.
I have about 10 devices, but only the Roku can use the RF. Everything else will not do RF. Why?
I did not get a response to my post below but I have solved that problem by downloading the program from my remote. I now have two other issues to which I could use some help. Several custom icons from the uploaded programming did not transfer during the download. They appear on my remote and I have copies of all the custom icons stored in a folder on my computer. How do I transfer these images to the new version of CCP so I can add them to the the program as I move forward. (EDIT) I just figured this out. Create a folder with the custom icons that you want to be able to access in CCP. On your computer, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Remote Control, Inc\Complete Control Program\MX-890\Images, (substitute your remote model if necessary). Next, copy your folder and paste it in the Images folder. Restart CCP and you folder with all the images will be there. I still need some help, however. I could use some advice on how to add YouTubeTV to this remote. What I want to do is to create a one-button way to access YouTubeTV/Live from the program bar on my LG Smart TV. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm using yamaha RX-A6A but there is no comand to set enviroment to play music on all cahnnels or go back to Movie style or AI, is there a way to program that comand if is not listed on IR database?
Meanwhile I just programmed 100 different Harmony Pro remotes... JK. But, harmony Never failed me, clients, saved countless hours, and moved on to other projects. they're all working perfect to this day. I will miss them. Affordable and reliable with actual tech support that would connect remotely OTA and update/modify/resolve issues. Good ol days.
Great Video, do you have a file for a MX 990 that we can use as a example? like a basic setup Samsung TV, Yamaha Receiver and cable TV, New Tv's with the ARC o eARC and CEC you wouldn't need the Power command to the receiver. Thank you
I have a client that wants his favorite TV channel's program as favorite buttons. What's the best way to do this?
I replaced my remote and have two RF light switches. I'm stuck, I can't remember how to program the remote to control the light switches now that I've swapped out the remote. Would you happen to know how? Again, the remote is already programmed, the old one can still control the lights, but the new one can't. From what I recall, I pressed a combo of buttons on the URF RF light switch, then something on the remote... but I can't remember.
Nice tutorial. I wish they allowed us to update the CCP software. Makes no sense that the end users can't get updates any longer.
I have a functioning URC system based on a MX-890. I have used it every day for the past several years. The problem for me is that I have moved to a new computer and getting Total Control installed on the new computer with the software my dealer, (now out of business), gave me is proving to be very difficult. I can install the software but it will not allow me to load my programming. Any thoughts on how I get past this roadblock?
I would like to see a video on how to create custom graphics. I'm just a home user and don't want to pay $99-$259 for Blackman Custom's graphics packages. I'd be interested in seeing the animated graphics as well. It would also be great to see some advanced programming techniques and basically how a pro thinks about a design for a remote. I've got my macros setup and working, but are there better/more efficient/prettier ways of programming? The other question I had was around IR repeats and "press and hold". I've got an nVidia Shield (2017) that I put a FLIRC module on. I programmed the FLIRC using the MX-990 firing Denon DVD player commands. In the FLIRC software, I used several different layouts to listen for those Denon commands and send the Shield that translation. It was a mess to setup, but it's worked stably for years. I'd love to know how to do "press and hold" in CCP so I can access some long-press menus in the Shield.One thing that threw me for a loop was I wasn't able to get the PROGRAMMING menu to ungray the options for layouts/devices/etc. I finally figured out that I in the SYSTEM DESIGNER window I had the MRF-350 highlighted, and not the MX-990 remote. After that, it worked as normal.Thanks for the video!
Cannot get the power off macro for Tivo to work. I can pm the macro layout if you have a second to look at it.
I have an AppleTV 4k (newest model), I noticed there are several version of Apple in the streaming media player. Any ideas of which one I should be using?
If they would allow dealers to supply software and a customer specific login, I might consider this control. But NO WAY am I buying a F'n Remote that requires you to go to a dealer every time you want to change something. Hopefully everyone thinks the same way and stops buying the products. Maybe then, the company will make it available to those that want it. Then, YOU as the individual can decide if you still want to pay someone to program it for you. If not, hope they end up selling to someone who can. This is bad for dealers too. You'll be looked upon worse than car dealers! Bad enough making an appointment to take your car in, now you gotta take your GD Remote in to have someone change it for you Ridiculous! Sorry for the rant and this is not directed towards this video creator... :)
Can I connect this remote for multiple tv that is the same brand and model and operate them independently?
Hi Folks, I have an MX-990 remote and need to use integer type variables. My software (version 4.12.0302.6) only offers boolean variables. What software version will I need? I don't have an account at URC. Thanks

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