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Buy SJS TSKY-008 Remote Controller online at Flipkart. For Set Top Box Tata Sky SJS TSKY-008 Remote Controller Colours: Black
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SJS Set Top Box TSKY-008 Remote Controller - SJS :

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SJS TSKY-008 Remote Controller Features

  • Type of Devices Controlled: DVB-T Boxes
  • Color: Black
  • For Set Top Box
  • Tata Sky
SJS TSKY-008 Remote Controller Colours:
  • Black

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SJS TSKY-008 Remote Controller Specifications

Types of Devices Controlled DVB-T Boxes
Brand SJS
Color Black
Model Id TSKY-008
Series Set Top Box
In the Box
Sales Package Remote Controller
Covered in Warranty 7 Days Replacement Warranty for Any Technical OR Manufacturing Issues.
Warranty Summary Before Order Please Match Your Remote Control Model No in Disply Packing Box & No Warranty For any Physical Damage/Burnt(Internal & External)

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I've bought one but when u pull the trigger it go's in reverse
Hi, is it possible to operate a 3 speed transmission with this transmitter? This receiver seems to be a great option, but the manual is horrible. Please let me know how we can control a 3 speed transmission on the 3rd channel. Thank you so much for your quality videos.
Great review 7 of my Tamiya rc's need a trigger style transmitter the lippo one you mentioned might be the one
Great video! I feel good buying this one. Building a XLX2 and love the lipo battery controller. Ill pick one up. Thanks again!
Wow! 10 models?! Thats great!
Live the t shirt? Thanks for the info.Just bought this remote.
Try and get parts and don't tell me ban good have them all I need is a five dollar part it is directional part bBehind steering knob Regs Rob
That radio is a piece of crap falls apart very fast compared to the STX2 and that transmitter is not very good but better the that VOMIT!!!
i have bot flysky 3 and 6 love the 6 the 3 is ok but not a 6
What truck is at 4:46? The red one?
Is there a Flysky 7 channel pistol grip?
Hello rc review hope you are doing well love your videos take careBy the way are you filipino?
Great review,I have just ordered this for my Super Clod Buster build.
traxxas remote is a real pain in the ass if you go take your rc out and dont bring the manual with you and turn it on and the settings are messed up your screwed mine did all the time i got so mad and destroyed it.! rc cars are supposed to be fun why make a remote that comes with a textbook ! flysky is what i have now the one thing about is they have poor soldering inside
I already have one but when I reverse the sevo glitch it's a new servo and new receiver I asked the hobby shop they say it's the radio problem and it's a new radio (GT3B)
I have just recently bought the fs gt3b, great radio. However i drove it for 20 minutes not even and my reciever shorted or blew or something. There is power to all other parts of my rc but when the reciever is plugged into power the light will not turn on or respond to anything. Im stuck qnd dont know what to do. Im new into the hobby and wondering if maybe my esc could be the problem or if i should get a new reciever and try that out.
I bought this FlySky gt3b to upgrade the receiver on my HPI RS4 and my T-Maxx
Omg thank you
Can you do 4 wheel steer on that radio?
How many rcs can u program to work with this remote
Exactly what does he mean when he says, "'s kinda ghetto" ?
Are the batteries interchangeable between the original and the bebop 2
Parrot=plastic toy
Poorly executed review, and seems skewed. I saw a lot of the video you posted that seemed very detailed to me. You talked of pixelation... That can happen with any video if you are facing the wrong direction, or wind is gusting... You showed a shot into a sun glaring off water on what appears to be a early morning misty foggy kind of situation and want to trash the camera. Then you show perfectly focused sharp footage, so which is it? Seems to me you had a falling out with Parrot and have become the DJI Fanboy. Thats sad. I have the DJI Spark, and bought the Parrot Bebop as a backup, and for more stability with YAW shooting video, plus its a great flyer, with much more flight time than the Spark. In my honest opinion, you did not do the Bebop2 justice with this review. Now the Skycontroller has been upgraded and size reduced, which make it an even better deal now. You should redo this review and think a little more about what you say, as opposed to what you show. Thumbs down on this review.
I have the Bebop 2 and I love it!
Will the bee bop 2 work with the bee bop 1 sky controller.
Whats better DJI spark or Parrot Bebop 2? And is this worth the money?
Good review. It seems like this Drone is rubbish. Ok for a present for a kid but nothing more. The size of the controller is a joke.
Did Parrot update the software or something? I'm seeing recent sample videos and they look SOOO much better than the samples here... da fug!?!?!
Every other review says video is great, 1080p seems good to me
Wtf is wrong wth your camera? Look up other bebop 2 videos
Do you have to use an iPad for the sky controller cam
Good review !!!
how do you make all that info on screen .i have bebop 2 with the sky controller, but nothing shown on screen after recording just the recording..i see vides upload with all status of drone
This is not a drone for commercial use. This is for the average person who likes it as a hobby.Wind resistance is bang on it will hold its own in winds up to 30-30 MPH although this is wind tunnel tested. I certainly would not try this with my own Bebop 2.IF you are looking for a great drone for a great price, that's fun but can get you some good video and stills ( nothing wrong with 14mp and 1080p vid ) then this is a good drone. Return to home feature very useful for beginners and its very forgiving in flight.Its not commercial use quality but its not far off, and there is not much that can compete with it in this price range.Im afraid your looking too hard for faults in a top quality drone. Just for the sake of it. MW Technology
I subsribed
this guy is obviously a dji lover, he is completely incorrect to. he said the blades get in the video but they don't on the dji, that's BS the dji had blades showing in video all the time. I could go on and on, he just loves his dji and therfore hates anything else. I love how he cuts up the skycontroler saying you could still lose signal, but not on the dji, lmfao. what a complete idiot
just so everyone knows the bepop 2 has the same camera as the first bepop
Best price around sold here the sky stopped it's silver box now
Make a video on latest sky q ultra HD 1 terabyte and 2 terabyte 4k android hybrid set top boxes
Nope skyq ERRROR
I agree it's a wonderful piece of kit, I do hope that yours will last longer than mine as it crashed within a few weeks of it being installed. I'm now waiting for an engineer to either repair or replace it. Wonderful review though, thank you.
hi i am downsizing my home to a 1 bed flat . and cannot get virgin media . i am going for skyq . can i connect my pc to the system on wireless with the multi room box . yes i have a bluetooth adaptor dongle .
Great Video Chigz, informative. I am looking forward to seeing the 4K tv and touch remote functionality
pity the broadband aint that good
If only Sky want to enter Poland to get rid of this dumb Canal+
Can you use your viewing card that was from your sky + hd
Can we watch all live tv channels in 4K with this ?
How long have you worked for Sky then mate?
This may sound like dumb question but do you need to have the sat cables connected to the box for it to work?
If you are an existing Sky HD customer who upgrades to Sky Q, does an engineer need to come out to install?
yesss excellent vid clear straight to the point. you have helped me as im getting sky q soon but first need new tv's like asap still on scart leads. just like to add something to your vid if you don't mind - sky customers now have something called VIP longer you stay with sky more rewards you get down load the app and register
I am a new user today. Question - can one still pre-select programmes in the TV guide so they play liveaujtomatically when broadcast?Mark from Bournemouth.
Very well put and edited.
Just changed over from bt tv. When it first launched, it's box and software was really good, but a few years ago they had upgrade and it was a back step. Won't go into detail but I knew that sky was better, but I couldn't justify the price difference. Ok now you can get deals with bt but prices are getting closer to sky but quality not as good. So I'm off sky q here I come
How do I mark the font larger. Have tried to go to accessibility where it says you can find the font but not showing on mine
Excellent review!! Well done sir!
This is like my dream but holy shit. The Vizio Phone app does all of this. Why tf would you buy this piece of shot
Think of buying a cheap Android with it blaster like the one from mi and install all apps you want this remote is a rip
Can I use it to adjust my bed ?
Lmaoo this remote sucks there's basically an app for all this devices and functions on our phones, omg I'm dying great scam
so how do i use this in a pub with people watching NFL
Can you imagine having to replace the screen on your TV remote?People are charging their desk chairs and plugging in their mouse pads these days2018 technology is wild
Does it work with a ps4?
This looks like more work than its worth.
This device seems slow to responed to input and not one for kids
will this control all my devices? PS4, TV, Denon Receiver, UHD Player, Japanese TV box? can you micro the remote to switch from Movie mode to game mode quickly?
Does it have a full keyboard
Does it work with XFinity X1?
Sounds like an auctioneer in training, excellent narration, quick &concise. :-) With that said, this remoteis what I've been preaching for years. It makes all the sense in the world. I see this device as a prototype for future remotes. Button remotes are dead in the waterOn their way out with those 300lbs analog TV's.
This seems like it would be more widely accepted if they took the software approach instead of the hardware approach. Most everyone has a smartphone which is more powerful than this device and could easily control all of their smart devices, were the software there.
This is no smart remote. Why would anybody buy this? LOL You can get a unlocked android phone thats more powerful for $50 off Amazon and install all the remote apps you need, such as Xbox, PS4, Your cable provider app, and a 1 of the 100 universal remote apps to control tv/audio and all of the android apps will out function Rays version of Android.
Thanks for the video. I'm watching because I want to see if I'm missing anything with mine. I bought one along side a Harmony Elite...the elite was returned the next day and my second Ray was purchased. Love it. I do have suggestions if a Ray employee wanted to contact me. =) thanks again
Seems like a really cool remote. Does this work with gaming consoles?
Awesome and informative vid!!!
i want it!! now if i only had $250 laying around LOL. Ive used harmony remotes for a long time and i have to say, the quality of Logitech has declined a lot, setup is a headache and the charger tends to stop working over time. The RSR looks awesome! simple setup and interface, plus a nice looking addition to the coffee table. hopefully i'll be able to afford one soon.

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