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Buy SJS ART-HD-RC Remote Controller online at Flipkart. For TV Airtel SJS ART-HD-RC Remote Controller Colours: Black
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SJS T.V-Lcd-Led ART-HD-RC Remote Controller - SJS :

Buy SJS T.V-Lcd-Led ART-HD-RC Remote Controller only for Rs. 599 from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping.


SJS ART-HD-RC Remote Controller Features

  • For TV
  • Airtel
SJS ART-HD-RC Remote Controller Colours:
  • Black

The lowest SJS ART-HD-RC Remote Controller Price in India is ₹320 at Flipkart.
Buy SJS ART-HD-RC Remote Controller online at Flipkart.
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SJS ART-HD-RC Remote Controller Specifications

Types of Devices Controlled TV
Brand SJS
Color Black
Model Id ART-HD-RC
Series T.V-Lcd-Led
In the Box
Sales Package Remote Controller
Covered in Warranty 7 Days Replacement Warranty for Any Technical OR Manufacturing Issues.
Warranty Summary Before Order Please Match Your Remote Control Model No in Disply Packing Box & No Warranty For any Physical Damage/Burnt(Internal & External)

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SJS ART-HD-RC Remote Controller Reviews from YouTube

Good Budget RC Transmitter. Cheap 3 channel Austar AX5S Controller.
RC Rockcrawler Conqueror car review
The Best RC Car Radio - Here's what makes it special
Best RC radio transmitter for ANY budget
can i use a flysky reciever with the austar transmitter
Hey thanks so much for the video, question for you - I have the exact same setup but i think the receiver went bad - is there another receiver i can buy that will bind with this transmitter? I didn't want to have to buy the whole kit again with another transmitter -- thanks for your help!
Hahhaha, in Australian Pesos, "Tewentee five dollas," is a Fitty! Great reviews Tomley. This Habit, err,, Hobby is kickin freckle nowadays, so much for da monnies compared to back when?
how is range?
Rcmoment $26.99 free 1-3 day shipping us warehouse
I’m looking for the best electronics,including a transmitter, for a WPL B24 Kit. Any suggestions on the best combo for WPL would give me a great place to start!!
Can i use a winch on this?
3:26 That's what I needed to know - thanks!
Bit late to reply but these handsets are brilliant to use. And you've still got control up to 200 yards.
I've tried to power-up the receiver with four AAA batteries. All I can get is a short blue blink of the receiver, then, nothing... doesn't work. The batteries are good. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
Thank you brother because I want to buy cheap GOOLRC REMOTE AND ESC+MOTOR
Does anyone knows how to bind hs 18311 an upgrade transmitter to the receiver? Need help urgently.
Does anyone know why when i turn off the transmitter the motor starts running on its own until i shut off the receiver?
this transmitter is a garbage! its not sensitive, the adjustments are not enough, its hard to control the car with this, you can get the dumbo rc x6 for almost the same amount, it has better reviews.
I b purchased one of these off eBay for $17 from denver #### I don't remember the digits. Yep, they sent me a 3 Ch TX and a 4 ch RX that won't work together. Then offered a whopping $3 in compensation for my troubles. 31 emails trying to get a compatible 3 Ch TX to go with my TX ( was happy with it too ), BUT, " SORRY " and " we appologize " and a $3 refund, then a full refund ( they said they sent, DIDN'T ), was my experience.
can it be bound to multiple receivers for car switching?
Awesome video it's super useful, does it come pre binded??
Can you tell how to connect with the 3rd channel
Is this waterproof receiver?
it is Waterproof
Rock car
I have this car, this car is awesome👍👍
Bought identical, how do I stop one remote controlling 2 cars at once??
I also bought from Amazon
Mine has a problem The whells dont tyrn left and right
Please bata bro
How many time to charge it
Plz make a video of this car that hou to waterproof this
Am buy this car but the car is very slow
Same one I have... I see you're has the hidden message like mine on the roof and hood. I had it for a few weeks before I even noticed this hidden in plane sight... In the roof of says "we are"... In line with that but skip to the hood it says "all being state monitored"... Made in china... That's not part of the theme of the truck... That's a direct message from a Chinese citizen who can't get the truth to the outside world trade for the life and conditions of his people.
Super car
Kya ya car pithoragarh mai bhe melage plzzzzzzzzzzzz sa answer
amazing drive
I am orderd and waiting for 10 days it cost 1272 in flipcart
You crazy. This car speed test
I have buy this car from Amazon same colour same remote
My crawler is the same ,no changes
artos pinches anuncios 😡
For "best bang for the buck" check out the TURBO RACING TB-TX2.
I ahve one of the Noble NB4 radio systems. LOVE IT. There is no doubt that it might be the best radio system for the price.
The only reason I want one of these is because I can use it left handed. But I am actually right handed. Just feels more natural to use it that way. If anyone has any recommendations for a lefty friendly transmitter that doesn't cost the earth would be greatly appreciated.
Damm bro was that your lambo forged carbon🔥
Hello from México kev, the crawler steering mode is for chance the steering like the hbx devastator, once you choose it, if press one button, you change of front steering to rear, both, or crab mode
It's REALLY nice for 179, jeez. I've had $400 radios that didn't have that level of fit and finish. Hold this, then hold a similarly priced Spektrum. I love their airplane systems, they're great. Lots of technology, and a SUPER reliable link, but they feel like RTR build quality unless you get the top end models. I do love my DX10i though.
Mr. Talbot, I was wondering if you could do a video on changing the receiver and controller from the Radiolink brand (like the one you use on your speed record RC) on the Traxxas Xmaxx 8s, and still be able to use the temp probe wiring please. Thank you so much, and greeting from North Carolina, United States, Keep up the GREAT Content!!!!!!!
Hey bro, is this radio compatible with: X-Maxx 8S, Slash 2WD VXL and E-Revo 1/16 VXL's receivers ?
i just want to see you try set up a tranis radio haha i'd give you 10 seconds before you smash it off a wall lol, looks nice with plenty off options to set your car up the way you want and not that expensive, just try getting the futaba equivalent if you think it is!!
No easy to use throttle limiter on the dumbo ? What’s range on it . Is it self binding Thanks
Same as the servo
Are you still running this transmitter?? If so how’s it treating you still after a year??
I bought this controller after your recommendation. I love it. I am now thinking about buying a X maxx after watching all your videos about it. What's the best controller for it? Should I run stock or bind the noble to it?
do you have a vid explaining the features on the wltoyz 10248 1/10 scale radio if so can you link it to me if not could you make one :) ?
God I want to order it from his link because it’s cheaper then anywhere else but they won’t deliver to me in the US. HELP
Just got my noble yesterday. Whooohooo. Compared to my spektrum dx5rugged, feels Awsome in the hand. Solid piece of kit. Can't wait to get her all set up
What servo is that on the steering?
Love this radio especially with the Newly released 8ch firmware. Forget Modified FS-GT3
Is there any way to replace the battery inside the pack? It will not last forever, and in 2 years, it will probably be near impossible to get a replacement. Just wondering if the battery pack is serviceable, or if this will be a disposable TX in a couple of years when the proprietary battery stops taking a charge.
I have 17 RC so I would need 17 receivers?
I just bought my new rc truck and the remote broke on like the 3 day and I was wondering like.... can I hook up any remote? or like how would I connect it to my car?
i dont get how people like wheel over stick
Hi, how about range of the Flysky compared to the Dumbo, some say Dumbo has range of 400-500meters, any info about the Flysky range?
Hi, apologies for the total noob question here, can the fly sky (or really any other “nicer” controller) be used with an RTR in place of the one that came with the car
im looking for something i can use for a tyco 27mhz RC suzuki motorcylce...anybody, any suggestions???
I wish transmitter reviews would include trigger travel. I've got 70/30 and really dislike it, seems to be popular though and so it's easy to buy one, as it's a secret knowledge no one wanna share it seems :-)
What is the best type of remote control for rc boat?
What is the best type of remote control for rc boat?
How can you not like the GT3b? Ive owned one since 2012. Ive got it fully modded out and its still doing work to this day.
Will any of these work with a Tamiya tt02 ?
No mention of the range on them . Can’t see an easy to use throttle limiter on them ?
So for the DX5C. If I wanted to use that with a Traxxas Slash VXL. Do I use it with the Traxxas receiver or? And If so, does the AVC from the radio work with the Traxxas stability? Thanks.
I want to buy
does a plane radio have longer range than a car radio?
My Dumborc X6 went tits up after a month of use. 😡
The name kind of turns me off to begin with, but they have it spelled "DUMBORC" on the outside of the case, but spelled "DUNBORC" on the inside, under the cover... Pet peeve of mine...
Dose it have gyro?
I can't see the full image of the Transmitters in the video
will this transmitter replace any RC control? (Car) ... thanks sorry for my ignorance idk

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