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singing fish acoustic guitar [41x16 in,blue] : Musical ...



Singing Fish Jm41c-201blp Blue High Gloss Is A Handmade Cutway ...

Singing Fish Jm41c-201blp Blue High Gloss Is A Handmade Cutway Guitar With 21 Frets With Rosewood Fingerboard ; Product Type: Guitars Acoustic Guitars ; Sold by.


singing fish acoustic guitar [41x16 in,blue] : म्यूज़िकल ...



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  • Key specs are not available.

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Singing Fish JM41C-201BLP Acoustic guitar Reviews from YouTube

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Best Guitar For Beginners | How To Buy Your First Acoustic Guitar In India
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Look at his face, Those who bought cheap guitar don't deserve music.
Looked up this vid after using this guitar for about 3 days. Just started and don’t know much. Thought I just sucked, which I’m sure I do, but I’m gonna send it back. Thanks for confirming my hypothesis.
10:02 that noise... I was so concerned 😂😂😂
"You have to tie the strap-on behind the nut" 😅
I have a classical Guitar, Alahambra, and it doesn't have fretsigns either.
I want to learn how to play guitar I was going to buy that one but now I’m not sure
I bought one of those in black, and yeah, the bridge was ripping off. They must not have used very strong glue.
instead of troat that away , you schould gave that to a poor we know thats not so good but , was beter give that to a poor
What camera and lens did you guys shoot the opening cinematic in? Did you grade with a lut? I see some fellow camera nerds over at alamo
100 percent don’t buy that for a beginner Ibanez Yamaha and fender make great beginner guitars good enough that guys that play really expensive guitars when we play what we consider are beginner guitars are actually impressed I played a beginner Ibanez the other day that thing played like butter and playability is the most important for a beginner then work up to a guitar that has better tone later but the ones I listed their beginner guitars don’t sound amazing but they don’t sound bad either
You practically roasted this guitar! Haha, good job.
Yeah. I know. I am done with 100 dollar pieces of crap.
i had this guitar when i was like 8 i think and it was what made me get out of guitar for like 5 years but i got a good 100 dollar guitar a couple years ago and i’m happy i got back into it
Mine is for 30 dollars😂
Enjoyed the humorous beginning. Good review. p.s. I would have put a nylon set of strings on right away.
Im using this guitar as a bow to hunt birds
Could someone recommend a good guitar for beginners? I don't know anything about guitars and I would like to learn how to play!!!! 🙏🏼💯
I have a guitar like this and by the look of this, it looks and sounds like “Kapok” brand guitar....which was the guitar tht I started playing on for my first few years...and yes it was a terrible guitar indeed🤣🤣🤣...cuz another tht he said abt the accent being high is cuz...there’s no damn truss rod 🤯🤣...which is wht damages the situation more so yeah if I had a kid who wants to learn how to play the guitar, I’m sure as hell i ain’t getting him this one🤣
I'm sure at some point he ungritted his teeth
The one nice thing is that the neck is not too wide like most classical guitars. I wonder what would have happened if you had changed the strings to nylon before tuning.
Bro paise to nhi mere pe toh kese sikhu
Sir my budget is 4000 suggest me a good guitar to begin to learn. Shall I prefer buying from online
I like your video n I am going to buy an acoustic guitar n I am a beginner n my budget is near 5000 couldn't you please suggest me which brand or which guitar should I buy?? Please do reply it's urgent...
Hey Brother. How are you doing? Can you suggest me any semi acoustic guitar? I am a beginner and I prefer online buying. My budget is 5-7k and I don't want to compromise on quality. As I am a beginner and it's ok if I don't get semi acoustic in this range. But if you are aware of any good semi acoustic in this range. Your suggestion would be really helpful. Also suggest size.
Sir nice background music
Sir I'm lefty! so, which guitar should I buy please suggest me
Please upload a video on Dotch MD 150c!!!😍 I'm about to buy my first guitar. And I want to buy Dotch MD 150c. I love the way the guitar looks and sounds like. I've been able to come to know that 150c is a premium quality guitar and dotch is a reliable brand but unfortunately there is not much information available on the internet and YouTube about this particular guitar. If you do an in depth review on 150c, that would be very helpful to me and hopefully to so many others!✌️
Please recommend me the best guitar under 35k please please please 🥺🌈
Can you list down the names with prices as u are saying so fast then its like listening ur video many time to compare
Sir I am a left hander I am not finding a good guitar should I buy a right oriented one ?Will it be hard to learn opposite oriented one as I am planning to learn from youtube
Howz havana guitars
Bhai mujhe samjh me nhi aa rha ki mai kaise sukhi bajana.. Meri finger sahi se batti nhi hai kuch bta de please??
How is kaps 1000c
Can you review Sheeran guitar???
Sir kadence ki guitar achi hoti hai kya?
Thank you so much! You saved us, boht he detail mai aur clearly smajhaya aapne!😀😁
What is your opinions about vault ea20 please reply fast
can i buy signature gogo's guitar?
Is polo AM-1 CMRDS good?
Which one is your favorite? Also, feel free to drop any recommendations in the comments!
My grandma bought me the Yamaha back in 2006 and I learned Jack Johnson songs on it. It's still my only guitar and I love it.
That riff sounds like the one from 'wolves' by Selena Gomez
I'm impressed with the sound of the Harley Benton. My next acoustic buy will be that very guitar. I bought a HB TE 70 RW and love it. My # 2 choice would be the Yamaha. #3 Orangewood Guitar. I have never been impressed with Fender acoustic guitars. They look good and are heavy tanks that will last, but lack the bottom end I like. Perhaps a solid top one would be ok.
The video is great as usual, man but make a cover of Autumn leaves! I didn't want that to end
Anyone know what song he’s playing at 11:47
Hi good day , i am left handed, i would like to start playing acoustic electro guitar , i have short fingers , what do you suggest, thank you, email:
I am starter and i took fender cd60, to me at start she sounds great, i just learn about tuning and all but for 120euro im good with her for now
my first guitar is a 25 year old guitar my father bought for like 30 euro
The melody in 7:07 sounds familiar, does someone know if is a song and its name?, I’ll appreciate it 🙃
I've had a discussion with someone who claimed you can't buy an instrument for this low price. I know those guitars are pretty playable and sounds ok. I wouldn't want to keep them for life in my collection (unless i needed something cheap to take outdoors) but those are all a beginner will ever want or need. Ad a few bucks and with yamaha fg800m or the cheapest Dowina you'll find some that you will actually want to keep for life so there's that, if you can add just a little bit, do that, if you can't, you're gonna be perfectly fine.
My first guitar was 20 dolar
I can make every guitar sound like 10$ :(
no musical instrument under 200dollars/euros sounds better than Harley Benton
I think from this it obviously depends on who is holding the guitar!
you call them affordable but price of those guitars in my county with taxes are 1700 2000 liras, dude its like the half of minimum wage here, even more maybe!!!
I really wish to have a orangewood guitar but still i cant afford it. ☺
Thank you for this video. I am a musician of over 25 years (main instrument piano). I've always wanted to learn the guitar (which ironically I started with but now that I know, being a bad one, used to cut my fingers and I soon played it like a bass guitar which I play well now). This has given me some sort of direction to finding a cheap great sounding guitar to my fine ears for now until I learn and invest in a more expensive one in the future. I have settled on buying the Harley Benton for now to learn again as an adult musician learning a 4th instrument even though I've not played it yet (Thanks to Covid and no stores open to go find it). Thanks once again.
I can make any guitar sound cheap.
Cheap??? On what scale?
The way I got an Amazon ad on this 😂😂
10 minutes to unbox and another 11 minutes until actually start playing. I would highly suggest a bit more editing and being more selective as to what you leave in the videos. WAY too much superfluous info.
you can also use your facial expresion to tune the guitar
You really need 28 minutes to do a simple review?
I also buy in Amazon that's not good 😑
Takamine Jasmine is a good value for about the same price.
Great video ! Good Information for people who do not know a thing about guitars . Entertaining if you know a bit about them .
Is it just me or does the whole body look twisted
I bought a $300 Eastman PCH1 series GACE - Blown away by the quality and sound. I have not tried the Yamaha, but it looks good. For the home noodler, probably all you need.
Spend the extra $ and get a mid range Taylor or Martin acoustic guitar. The quality, playability and tone of those guitars are worth it. You'll enjoy playing so much more than you ever will with a cheap instrument.
Phuck Amazon, most un American company around
Amazon lies about delivery times and often pulls a bait and switch. I'm done with Amazon.
i have a blue guitar my dad bought for me off amazon when i first started playing. The action is sky-high (even after adjusting the truss rod), and the strings that came with it felt like steel cables. As you could imagine, it was extremely difficult for me to play any chords clearly, it left my fingers aching a lot as well. It sucks how people dont understand their consequences for buying an instrument, especially for someone else, that fights back so much when you try to play it.
The one constant in the guitar world is the face that everyone makes when tuning the high E string.
It even comes with its own garbage bag. So, there's that...
Great video Chris! I’m curious: what part of the border are you from? Laredo? Eagle Pass? RGV? Del Río?
You even reviewing this is disgusting. Stop giving money to Amazon. Support small businesses if you want them to exist at all in 10-20 years.
I started cracking up when he was tuning the high E, great video!
Yo that's weird. I was also getting a yellow Batman vibe off that rosette, buddy.

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