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Buy Silicon Power (SP016GBLFU240B02) 16GB DDR4 Desktop Ram online at Amazon. For Desktop 16 GB Memory DDR 4
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Silicon Power (SP016GBLFU240B02) 16GB DDR4 Desktop Ram Features

  • DDR4 intern geheugentype
  • 288-pin DIMM geheugen form factor
  • 2400 MHz kloksnelheid geheugen
  • 16 GB intern geheugen
  • Pc/server component voor
  • For Desktop
  • 16 GB Memory
  • DDR 4

The lowest Silicon Power (SP016GBLFU240B02) 16GB DDR4 Desktop Ram Price in India is ₹18,999 at Amazon.
Buy Silicon Power (SP016GBLFU240B02) 16GB DDR4 Desktop Ram online at Amazon.
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Please go through Silicon Power (SP016GBLFU240B02) 16GB DDR4 Desktop Ram full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop Silicon Power (SP016GBLFU240B02) 16GB DDR4 Desktop Ram at Amazon at the best price in India and save big! With a low price / discount / promotions, for a great value.

Silicon Power (SP016GBLFU240B02) 16GB DDR4 Desktop Ram Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Silicon Power
feature DDR4 intern geheugentype288-pin DIMM geheugen form factor2400 MHz kloksnelheid geheugen16 GB intern geheugenPc/server component voor
Manufacturer Silicon Power
Model SP016GBLFU240B02

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Silicon Power (SP016GBLFU240B02) 16GB DDR4 Desktop Ram Reviews from YouTube

Silicon Power 16GB DDR4 2400 Review
Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine RGB 32GB 3200MHz Review
Cheap Samsung B Die Silicon Power X Power Turbine DDR4 3200 Kits
Me watching other ram reviews: "These guys are so quiet. Lemme turn it up." Me coming across this video: "My ears! They're bleeding!
Won't run at 3200 in Ryzen Crap Memory
can i use it on gigabyte h110m motherboard,which is support only 2400mhz highest.
Is it compatible with this motherboard asus-prime-h470m-plus.
Hi it is comfortable With this motherboard ASUS ROG Maximus X Code S LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 Z370 ATX Motherboard '' and the spu is Intel i7 8700k
Pa djes dzoneee nema te ki kišeeee 😅😅😱🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 kace watch doga zezancija po gradu? 😅😅😅
And finally ki leba
Can overclock 3000mhz?
$105 at Umart now...
Good for ryzen 2600x?
Hey bro. i want to buy 4 modules of ram memorys for 32gb. cause i found an offer of this memories it will work? what do you think?
hi, I have a question, if those ram memories are good to be working on a dual channel?
$79 NZD in my country :() thanks for the review
I've been told that this memory is old, "unkown" and had already been deprecated. is this true?
Is this ram worth buying?
Hes back! Awesome video Sean! Agree that the free space needs utilising, an addressable light bar would be perfect. Otherwise it's a very good performing stick! :)
so this is a steal at $83 us?
There crap I can't get to run full speed in Ryzen 3700X
great video
These look really clean. Great video!
So is it good
They changed they chip to SK hynix now instead of the Samsung b die..just bought them last week and very disappointed.
just got a 3200 2x16 kit for $98.99
I just bought the 3600 Mhz version of these 16gb. I am curious though. With my 5600x I'm seeing people say that if you have 4 stick of memory it could have a performance boost up to 10 percent. Are these sticks dual channel as in they take up 4 lanes, or are they single lane. I am wondering because I am considering getting another pair of these if I need to make my system run faster.
I bought mine on 12/2019 and was not Samsung B-die but Hynix.
and did run for xmp or docp ?? and its good for 3200mhz and 3600 mhz???
i am not good in pc i will buy this for my 3700x on b550 it is good ? 2 what b die mean ?
How do you know for sure they are B-Dye? Did you run Prime 95 or some other app that can tell you what the RAM chip is?
can i have this ram with a ryzen porcesador?
i got a pack of these coming tomorrow can't wait to get them, even if they are crap b die LOL still be cool and i'm planning on using them on my 2nd build my 1600AF i think it would benefit from it, i have trident-z 3200 and they have hynix so goes to show ya more money isn't always better but hey price sounds good to me to be able to get them higher than stock anyway
can you show a video of it with thaiphoon burner?
Could you post the best performing over clock settings I just bought this for a ryzen build but I'll have to admit I haven't purchased a CPU yet , just FYI if specifics matter , but what I can say is I'll be going latest gen if that helps
Those are K4A8G085WB-BCRC chips, the lowest binned B-die (aka crap B-die). They won't do thight timings, expect 3466 15-18-18-35-1T at best. You can get to 3600~3800 but you will need to loosenup the timings quite a lot and therefore reduce the overall performance.
Hey man i need your help. I'm an amateur but I want to build a new computer. I'm thinking MSI B450M titanium mother board with Ryzen 5 2600 CPU but I don't know which Ram to get. At Max i will be editing images in photoshop but I'm not a gamer AT ALL so i want to save as much as possible on money. I think I'll stick to the recommendations AMD recommends for this built and I'm looking at corsair vengeance LPX 3200mhz 2x8GB 16-18-18-36 for $150AUD or the G skill expensive price at $350AUD flare x or Triden z 3200mhz 14-14-14-34 2x8GB. I heard these are both B-die but don't know if that's true? What Ram do you recommend for my motherboard and CPU? I got radon 250 graphics card btw and Samsung 860 evo ssd. I want to save money and don't know if the hefty price tag of $350 is worth it? Thanks
They maybe Samsung: but those timings are most likely Samsung D-Die or E-die not B-Die.
Samsung B die's are all at least 3200MHz with 14-14-14-34 timings. Those 16-18-18-38 timings are trash
I got 2 16gb 3200 kits(32gb) of this ram for my ryzen 2700x build last month and it's fantastic.
UK link not working not sure if it's just me.
Great video, Mike! The last time I got Samsung B die ram for my Ryzen 1800x it was about $270 CAN! (GSkill 3200 CAS 14). These are $120 CAN! A total steal.
That's a really good price Mike. I bought my ram in December when it was still fairly expensive, LOL.

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