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Signature Musicals Beetles Guitars (White) : Musical ...

Signature Musicals Beetles Guitars (White) : Musical Instruments. ... Item model number, ‎WB010. Number Of Items, ‎10. Batteries Included, ‎No.


Signature Musicals बीटल गिटार (सफ़ेद) : म्यूज़िकल इंस्ट्रूमेंट

निर्माता, ‎Signature Musicals. मॉडल, ‎WB010. पैकेज डाइमेन्शन, ‎100 x 40 x 20 cm. प्रोडक्ट का मॉडल नंबर, ‎WB010.


Signature WB010 The Beetles Guitars Features

  • White beetles
  • These are guiters
  • This guitar is made up of wood and is perfect for the indian subcontinent
  • Key specs are not available.
Signature WB010 The Beetles Guitars Colours:
  • White

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Signature WB010 The Beetles Guitars Reviews from YouTube

Sound Like The Beatles | Without Busting The Bank
Pawn Stars: Guitar Autographed by The Beatles | History
"The Beatles" Guitar Collection
Pawn Stars: Beatles Memorabilia is VERY VALUABLE or VERY FAKE (Season 8) | History
Who knows what is the name of this blue superstrat with p90 pickups? 0:06
George Harrison used A red Gibson SG in 1966 to 1968. He use Fender Stratocaster. And John Lennon use Fender Stratocaster as well . On Rubber Sol.
where is the BUSTING version?
Should have went with a Casino
Nice good. Good job I love the simplicity and the Beaty of the Beatles songs
Pretty good! :-) That Viola Epiphone bass is a really nice playing/sounding bass :-) I own that Gretsch model guitar and it's great! :-)
No pink Crocs at the time of the Beatles though...
You forgot to mention, the fingers. You play great. But for beginners they gonna sound like crap whatever gears. lol
How's about sound like Freddie.and the Dreamers?
Funny thing is that the Beatles used Vox amps and Gretsch guitars only because it was pretty much the only rig for professionals those days, but in fact they hated the tones. George mentioned in of the interviews later, that when he heard about Stratocasters he immidiately started to look for one to finally dump Gretsch. And let's be honest - guitar tones were horrible in the 60's.
Avenged Sevenfold
The Epiphone is cool, but why not a Hofner Ignition bass? (Tbf, Epi looks a bit nicer).
I noticed that Rabea has tried a few guitars that wouldn't stay in tune, obviously because they are quite cheap. How about finding cheap guitars you would recommend as difficult to go our of tune but without locking tuners?
money aside should i get the duo jet or eph casino?
I play in a Beatles tribute band and use that exact guitar. Perfect for Beatles. Pickups are a bit thin for anything else but nails early Beatles.
Sounds good to me. How about "Traveling Willberries"(?).
Well done
Why is no one talking about the shoe on top of the equipment behind Matt??
LoL 😂
Felt pens weren’t even commercially available in Britain until 1967.
She thought that she'd actually get a quarter-million for it.
I think a certain president liked to sign with a sharpie, and he was a fake too!
Chuck it in the bin on the way out.
Ringo and Paul watching this video eating popcorn.
Alternative facts may be all the rage in politics, but a fake Beatles guitar is still a fake Beatles guitar
This lady reminds of the weird Landlord in Mulholland Dr.
bLaCK fElLt pINs
It was the lady in the back with the grey leggins for me
Takes a cheater to know one
I bet she did it before she came to the shop.
tiktok brought me here hahaha
I almost forgot!!! Ringo doesn't sign autographs
You can tell Rick is briefed before the show. He never waits on people with ordinary junk
Maybe one day the forger will be so famous the guitar will go up in value
If you lose hope you still got a fake signed guitar, not bad.
Don't put the guitar back on your wall. Put it in the garbage.
Anyone know the status on that item in the background at 0:43 seconds?? Up for grabs?
bet they just got a guitar for the show, signed it, brought it an actress and faked the whole thing for some drama and content
A few missing chaps!
I’d have to play them all, I can’t just be in a room of guitars and not ask to play some of them. I’m just passionate about playing, I love looking at them but if they aren’t played they gently weep.
But you need the epiphone texan
My boyfriend speaks highly of these guys, which is rare, hee hee. He did say they should actually do a video on the actual guitars of the Beatles...
Money can’t buy you love , but it can buy a shit ton of Beatles guitars , not bad either
He also use the SG on Paperback Writer the video
I believe George also played a Gibson J-200 in a sunburst finish.
They are all your favorites
Super impressive but why not use the correct Rickenbacker bass?
Thank you for youre fine work, hello good bye from Tijuana Mecico
10:52 Ah yes, the best Beatles piece, and she loves you. Combining and I love her and she loves you
Como puedo averiguar sobre una guitarra que perteneció y usó Paul Mc Cartey?
The red Les Paul was also owned by Rick Derringer before Clapton bought it
π R.i.p mark ,marked by tweeks to suggestive colour on walking mapped to negative psychological escape
That would be Zenith, not Zeenith.
That Zenith guitar is really cool in my mind because if it was in the store at the same time that paul bought his he could've actually picked that guitar up and played it a bit before choosing the other one for all we know
So, what’s your favorite band guys?
What is your guys ideal guitar mine is either d’angelico dc boardwalk in blue burst or a 58 sunburst strat
“And She Loves You”? - “And I Love Her”! Plus: George bought his Duo-Jet after missing out on a Strat that was ‘bought from under him’ by the guitarist from Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. He hadn’t ‘lusted after’ (or whatever) a Gretsch.
Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, Mondays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at
I mean if u have multiple random girls constantly at your mansion I wouldn’t put real items of high value for people to see
It doesn't seem that the man has every played a Hofner bass. Its "hi-tech aspects"? What does that mean? Not only that, but when I tried one, the action was HORRIBLE! Which proves how great a musician was Paul McCartney! (I bet that the Hofner he performs with these days is either not his original Hofner; or he has had some incredible overhauling done on it!)
Oh look it's Steve Grad a fraud , so happy he was kicked from the show
Paul is a lefty and that bass is a righty. And it's a repro, not a Hofner.
She’s like a weird cousin of Alicia Silverstone
Not many people were using a hofner in the 60s, people really only use them these days because of the beatles.
So she stole it from hugh hefner...
Give you $100 for the bass lady
what u do in the playboy mansion??? mmmm... nothing.. learning to play the flute
Steve Grad is a fraud !!!
i wouldve looked for other signatures of the same members then rather just see one that has been kept on file
How many of you could do nothing except look at her breast?
She looks really tall. Yummy.
You know she is mad thinking about all she had to do for that fake stuff at the "charity event"
All signatures are fake Waits outside shop I'll give you $30 Deal
Why guiter she can use her holes to earn more money right
If it is real, then we now where Paul’s stolen Violin Horner Bass is. He wants it back.
This poor girl is cute, and clueless. First red flag, Paul played a Hofner bass, NOT a cheapo copy. Paul is a lefty. This bass is for a right handed player.

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