Sigma 14mm F 1 8 DG HSM Art lens For Canon

Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ Amazon.

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Buy Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) online at Amazon. Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) . Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) available in Colours: Black

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Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) price at Amazon - ₹142,900

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The lowest Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) Price in India is ₹142,900 at Amazon.
Buy Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) online at Amazon.
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Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) Sigma 14mm F/1.8 DG HSM Art lens (For Canon) available in Colours:
  • Black

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So now I know how good is 14mm Sigma art and that you like some incel shit. I came for the former but I leave this channel for the latter.
Can u post a video about how you calibrate the auto focus ? I've been facing major misfocuse issues with my sigma 17-50 f2.8 on Nikon d7200. And I used to think that the sharpness was the problem, It turned out it s not ! The focus was the major issue.
Sorry new to photography maybe a dumb question but is this compatible with the canon mirrorless? Looking to get into photography and I have a canon eos r.
But you had the EF version of the lens, there is also a Sony E mount available or am I wrong ?
Great review. I'm considering picking one of these up for architectural video with my RED Dragon-X 6k, which has a sensor with an approximate 1.25x crop (from 35mm) in 6K, making this ~18mm. I'm wondering about the barrel distortion, and if you have tried to correct it using premier's built in barrel distortion tool?
Quality is good for the buck that you will spendすs you need to use a tripod to lessen the movement to get a better picture. Over all its good.
I liked the video after hearing the Jordan Peterson reference lol. love it!
Hello Chris, I know of two lenses that I'd love to see you review, they're not very well known and I think they should be, they're both very interesting offbrand Chinese lenses that, however, have some interesting properties despite being ridiculously cheap (about half the price their equivalents would be normally). The first one is a 100 dollar extreme telephoto lens that has the focal range of 420mm - 800mm, here's a rather obscure youtube video on it, it outlines the main properties of the lens but is nowhere as methodical as I would like, that's why I want to bring this lens to your attention in case you wanted to shine your light on it (would probably be a great contender for weird lens reviews). And here's an amazon link for it in case you wanted to check it out > The second one is a low-key clone of the Canon 50mm 1.8 and costs ONLY $50. It is, however, a legitimately bright glass that gives you good out-of-focus backgrounds, I'd be really interested to see what you think of that one as well. I am not sure how to order it but here's another obscure video on it I hope I am not asking for too much. Giving those lenses attention is by all means your choice, I hope I don't come off as entitled for reviews. I just think you're by far the best reviewer out there and I'd love to see you take a look at them, especially the first one. Thank you for your great content, have a nice day.
Sharper than Jordan Peterson, that got you a thumbs up.
Sharper than Jordan Peterson OMG )) you nailed it with this one !! :)
This lens is primarily for Astrophotography and here it really shines. I use it for taking pictures of the Aurora Borealis in Northern Europe. If you are into Landscape, you wont use 1.8 but more 5.6 or 8.0. So no need for this lens of you are into Landscape only. In my opinion.
Fantastic lens,sharp!
Good review!
"Sharper than Jordan Peterson." So funny
Thank you.
hahahahaha "sharper than JP"! I just bought the 12 rules the other day :)
Every time you use a converter or adapter you are introducing a chance of an error that was not originally taken in to account by the manufacture because the product was simply not intended for this use. Later trowing the product and manufacture under the buss buy testing it with adapters on camera that was intended for really shows nothing about the product it only shows that the user is ignoring the manufacture instruction and then is complaining about the final result. It is like buying shoes 2 size bigger filling them up with different insoles to compensate for the size differences and then complaining that the shoes are really not comfortable .
That Jordan Peterson bit made my day! Thanks for a hallmark quality review!
I have a similar problem with my sigma 20mm f1.4 when mounted on sony a7rIII using the sigma adapter
How do you calibrate focus?
What do you think would be better for astro photography/timelapse between this Sigma 14mm f/1.8 and Sony 12-24 f/2.8 G Master? Thanks in advance!
I just got it! Can't wait.
I own this lens to shoot Astro and it is truly flawless for that function. I was blown away by how sharp it is.
Dude, where's your second loudspeaker. 😳
Isn’t dat if you use 1.8 .. u hv blurry image ? Help pls .. instead you shoot on above 8 to have all in view ?
Hi what about Sigma 14 24 DG DN for mirrorless?
The BEST Astro lens on the planet! This lens is the sharpest lens I have ever shot with. I use a Move Shoot Move tracker for Milkyway images. I also use the Nikon 14-24mm f 2.8 and the Sigma 14mm is sharper has better contrast and color rendition.
Great review, thank you! My Sigma 14mm 1.8 is shipping to me right now.
Whats the best lens for either Canon T8i or Canon 90D? I mean the best lens not best budget. THE BEST. I need the price to be under 1200$. Also is Canon T8i or Canon 90D good for Astrophotography? Which one between the two is better?
Are you on fire as your so stoked :), thx for the video, I do astro photography and youtube videos about it, this lens is a real gem for the Milky Way on the Canon EOSR.
9:08 is UFO?
thx, definitely buying instead of the 14-24mm version
Realmente pelos testes, parece excelente para astrofotografia.
Thanks a lot. Very helpful.
Thanks for a great video Adrien. I have been following your aurora photography for a while now and really enjoy your timelapse work. Question since I recently got this lens for my D850. I still have some coma at f2.8 but certainly not as obvious. Do you think maybe I just got a bad copy since you claim its completely gone at that aperture?
Thank you.
what do you mean with coma? do you mean chromatic aberration?
Who you are using samsang in viduo dont sigma??
Excellent review, thank you !
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I’m considering purchasing this lens for my Sony a7R ii for Landscape photography. What are your thoughts about that?
Yo, those photos really suck. I mean it.
I would use this lens on my eos R for the 4K videos with crop. So it’d be like a 24mm.
Stupid wide. I love it
Wear some proper pants!You look like an old man trying to act like a teenager!
girl is not model material tbh!
nice commercial , but not wide enough, get the Laowa 9mm . 1/3 of the Price !!!
Thank you SO MUCH for testing this lens on model, I really needed that to make my decision. Everyone is testing this lens for astrophotography but I had to see how it works with model as I want to buy it for the same purpose. Thank you again :)
Waiting for the RF wide angle prime lenses next year. 18mm and 25mm f/1.2
Nice Video. Showing the ISO settings would be very nice. Are these photos you showed, edited or raw?
The shot at 2:58 is why I would get this lens! Very helpful C200 footage, cheers guys!
Awsome video/info
I knew I recognized that tree! Hello to my St Pete neighbors! Thank you for this review, been looking into building out my Sigma Art collection!
which lense u use for vlogging? that your background so much blur when u vlogging
What LENS should we review next?!
Hi Film James, great video! I loved the song starting at 3:13, do you know the name of it? Thanks.
U should take snaps in natural light all r not professionals like u
I just watched your super helpful video regarding this lens on YouTube but I did have a question for you as I’m seriously considering buying it. I’m starting a food vlogger channel and would like to use this lens to film myself and the food in front of me while I’m eating. I wanted to know if this lens would be able to focus on something really close if I choose to raise food right up to the camera like a spoonful to achieve a “macro” type effect so the viewers can get a closer look. I’m able to easily do this on the canon 10mm - 18mm but the problem is that lens is not good in low light and doesn’t have that awesome Bokeh. I really wonder if the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 can do the same.
can i put it on sony apsc without any adapter ?
hi wedding k liye lu ya na lu
Sir btaoge. Kitne tak ka miljaye ga market me
Sir eski praise kitni he
What about Sigma 30mm 1.4EX Art lens
Hello sir......mer Ko canon ka 135mm..f2 ke lens ke bare me pucha na tha ki photography ke liye kesaa h....
Sir please make a video on best photo and video editing leptops in India
I want buy #Tamron 18-200mm lens how about that #Kunal
ish lens ki care ke bare main bhi bataye
aaj tk tripod pr kisi ne video nhi bnaya
bro aap tripod pr video bnao
thank you brother.. can't wait for my lens to arrive..
Very nice
Sir Canon Ke Camere me Live Mode Me With Extrnel Flash kese burn karenge live mode me external flash burn nhi hota koi aisa flash ya trigger jiske sath flash burn ho plz rply
Sir video shoot karne ke liye kon sa camera sabse achchha hoga plz bataa
Sigma or temran 17 - 50 lence kese h sir Kuch is ke bare jan kari Jan Na tha....
Very nice lens.. Please give a review of Sigma 150-600 Contemporary tele lens for Wildlife photography
Sir plz tell about extender/telephoto... Can we use them in 55-250 for wildlife photography... And what are options available to buy cheap in India... 🙏🙏🙏