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Buy Siemens 7 Kg Air Vented Dryer (WT34A202IN) online at Flipkart Croma TATACliq Amazon. Front Loading 7 Kg Capacity Siemens 7 Kg Air Vented Dryer (WT34A202IN) Colours: White
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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SIEMENS 7KG AIR VENTED DRYER WT34A202IN at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from ...


SIEMENS 7KG एयर वेंटेड ड्रायर WT34A202IN : घर और किचन

SIEMENS 7KG एयर वेंटेड ड्रायर WT34A202IN : घर और किचन. ... SIEMENS 7KG AIR VENTED DRYER WT34A202IN ...


Siemens 7 Kg Air Vented Dryer (WT34A202IN) Features

    • Large display with time-remaining indicator showing the time until completion of the programme.
    • Duotronic moisture sensor: sensor-controlled technology prevents laundry from shrinking when being dried.
    • softDry drum system for extremely gentle drying.
    • Rapid 40': 40 minute quick dry programme
    • Front Loading
    • 7 Kg Capacity
    Siemens 7 Kg Air Vented Dryer (WT34A202IN) Colours:
    • White

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    Siemens 7 Kg Air Vented Dryer (WT34A202IN) Specifications

    Technical Details
    Brand SIEMENS
    Color White
    Manufacturer BSH
    Size 89 Bottles

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    Siemens 7 Kg Air Vented Dryer (WT34A202IN) Reviews from YouTube

    A Video to show you the difference between a Vented and a Condenser Tumble Dryer
    Siemens WT48Y780AU 7kg Condenser Dryer reviewed by product expert - Appliances Online
    Review and Demonstration of Logik LVD7W15 7kg Vented dryer
    Siemens WT45W492GB 9Kg Heat Pump Condenser Dryer
    very good information .. thanks very much mate ..👍
    If I don't want to put a vent in the wall or mess with the plumbing (I live in a rental) than a condenser dryer is my best bet as I'd only need to have it plugged in??
    What cooling medium is used to cool the condenser?
    Thanks X
    Best klass A+(Heat pump), 260 kWt/years, 0,5 kWt = 1 hour, 80 minute = 5 kg. Work AEG T75370AH3P
    Hi guys / I also have a question, which of them behaves more delicately with the clothes / that is which method spoils them less / at least theoretically I think the one who spins them less / that is the one who dries faster / but maybe someone knows better from practice
    Very thorough explanation. Thanks
    Well explained, thank you!!
    Very useful video, thank you for the upload.
    The condenser dryer takes a lot longer to dry when compared to the regular, vented, dryers, usually a regular dryer takes between 45 to 75 minutes to dry about any load. That's my experience with them. A dryer that takes more than two hours, doesn't matter if it is a Bosch, can't be that good.
    Great video
    The vent looking thing on the front right hand side of the condenser... What is its purpose?
    The most important info was excluded, and that is that the condenser style dryer uses a refrigeration system to dry the clothes, and this gives many more things to go wrong with the dryer. On top of costing several hundred dollars more than the standard vented style dryer. You are far better off sticking with the standard vented style dryer.
    So the heat from the condenser dryer is vented back into the home, instead of outside? Doesn't that create more of a load for central air conditioning?
    Thanks strait to the point.
    Worth mentioning that condenser dryers return all the heat to the living space. This can be an advantage in wet, cold weather as it will warm whatever space the dryer is located in, reducing the load on your central heating slightly. It can also be an issue in summer when you don't really want the extra heat in the house! Condenser dryers also work better when used in a cool and well ventilated space, the performance drops when temperatures rise. For this reason it is a good idea to keep the door to whichever room the dryer is in open when it's operating, especially if it is in a smaller space such as an under stairs cupboard or small utility room.
    I don't know the difference between the condenser and vented and I am looking into my kitchen if the space near the sink is for dishwasher or tumble dryer.there is a plug in that space and there's no holes and I watched ur vedio explaining the condenser dryer which u can plug in only and that's why I decided to buy a condensed dryer.thank u for ur good explanation of everything such as energy,speed,time,and regular cleaning
    Thank you!
    Hi like the video, do you know what is high setting as used different combinations and still damp on occasion, i like hot continuously for ½ a hour to dry clothes. Thanks
    Awful tumble dryer fire risk with these don’t buy one
    I have exactly the same used 2 normally. Want tu use today and doesn want to start the end/anti-crease button light and canot switch it off do you know how to make it work?
    I ha ve this tumble dryer not bad for price. Miss reverse tumble though and can be tad noisy but I guess you can't help it with vented ones.
    Needs a PCB
    Was the scoop i saw in the vid the unilever scoop that you mentioned?
    Very good presentation
    Do you know what is the name of the gray caoutchouc on the door drom the inside?? Mine was cut in half and i am trying to order a new one
    Excellent video: covered the operation of the dryer thoroughly. This was important to me because the manual was not provided in English. Thanks!
    Great video thanks! I have a question, been using this tumble dryer for 3 year, however the fluff now bypasses the filters and accumulates at the bottom of the condenser. is there any way to clean it, as the dryer takes now hours to dry 1 load....Any advice much appreciated!
    Hello. We have this set up so that the water collects in the pull out drawer. Sometimes, this drawer is empty but there is water in the bottom of the machine condenser compartment. Can you explain why there is water in the condenser compartment [behind the drop down flap, on the front of the machine].
    at 1:43 , Is that time 4-19 is 4 Hours 19 minutes or 4 minutes 19 seconds?
    Is there special shelve for shoes to use while drying?
    I have this model of t/d I love it. To get the best from the machine I recommend you remove both filters and clean after each use.There are two things I wish the machine had 1: A warning light to alert the user that condenser drawer is full. 2: Reverse tumble dry although this dryer is amazing at taking care of clothing it's rubbish at drying sheets they end up in a ball resulting in wet and dry patches.This annoys me as the machine wasn't cheap. That aside I would still recommend it.

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