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Shure SE846-BNZ+BT1 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones with ...

Brand, Shure ; Colour, Bronze ; Connectivity Technology, Wireless ; Form Factor, Over Ear ; Connector, 3.5mm Jack ...


Shure SE846-CL-A In Ear Earphone, White : Electronics

Shure SE846-CL-A In Ear Earphone, White : Electronics.


Shure SE846 Wireless Earphones with Bluetooth 5.0, Sound ...

This Shure-se846 is a Pure Ear Bliss !!! For people in the website making fun of this earphone, don't make fun of something before you understand ...


Shure SE-846 Sound Isolating Clear Earphones Wired without Mic ...

Model Name. SE-846 Sound Isolating Clear Earphones. Color. Clear. Headphone Type. In the Ear. Inline Remote. Yes. Sales Package. Shure SE846 Earphone.


SHURE SE846 Blue Sound Isolation Earphones : ...

SHURE SE846 Blue Sound Isolation Earphones : Electronics. ... Sennheiser Professional Audio IE 500 Pro Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic ...


Shure SE846 In Ear Headphones Features

  • Quad hi-definition microdrivers: For extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance
  • Patent-pending earphone design with groundbreaking low-pass filter: Provides previously unattainable deep low-end performance of a true subwoofer without sacrificing clarity or detail
  • Customizable frequency response: Adjustable sound signatures available (including balanced, warm or bright) via changeable nozzle inserts and removable, metal nozzle
  • Sound isolating design: Prevents outside noise from interfering with your audio experience, whether on-the-stage or on-the-go
  • Unmatched personalization & comfort: Detachable cable with wireform fit allows for easy replacement and customization and provides a secure fit
Shure SE846 In Ear Headphones

Find the best deal on Shure SE846 In Ear Headphones at Snapdeal Flipkart Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Shure SE846 In Ear Headphones Price in India is ₹75,026 at Snapdeal.
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For a comprehensive understanding of Shure SE846 In Ear Headphones we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Shure SE846 In Ear Headphones Specifications

Additional Features
Flatwire Yes
Foldable/Collapsible No
Sweat Proof No
Bluetooth No
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Brand Shure
Color Transparent
Compatible Devices Mobile, Computer, Tablet, Musical Instrument
Designed For Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Personal Computers, etc
Headphone Type In the Ear
Headset Design Canalphone
In Sales Package Earphone
Model Id SE846-CL-A
Wired/Wireless Wired
Performance Features
Deep Bass Yes
Noise Cancellation Yes

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Shure SE846 In Ear Headphones Reviews from YouTube

$1000 Earphones! (Shure SE846 Unboxing & Test)
Shure SE846 Review: Are They Worth $1000?
Shure SE846 Review | ABBDRUMS
Shure Se846 Review: My $1000 Dollar Daily Driver Earbuds
do you guys think we will ever reach DOLBY ATMOS through Headsets for Example : A TV watching Headset that Replicates a full 9.1 Dolby Atmos System? Maybe it already Exist
I want that hoodielet's see the back
Lol i thought he got hair transplant then i noticed It's old vid.
For less than 2000 , I don’t buy it !
This are better than bose ?
I'm going to stick with my airpods
Together with Tidal this could actually suffice for a travelling audiophile. And an iPad. Done.
1000 bucks? Shure why not.
Wait this video is 6 years old ⁉️
It's not an investment
This video always makes me want to spend $1000
Are these still worth it?
How mach you have changed now manyou are too different with now
Damn he upload this vid when i was 4 years old
I have these my dad gave them to me and i didnt even know they were this expensive my dad just told me these are really good headphones and use them carefully
He is blown away even without burning them. Imagine if he burns them in and then try, he would be on cloud nine!
Funny thing is that these aren't even the most expensive IEMs in the market, I've seen a number that go for over double.
8:55 it hurt me a bit
I've had the 215's for 5 years and just changed the cables as one of the wires going around the ear snapped. (replacement cables cost me $35) I ve never owned better. I'm a true believer in this product.
I have been buying in ear headphones rather obsessively for about six years now. Love Westone even with quality issues, have eight or nine functional units. Have a couple dozen others, mostly established brands. Chi-fi is not there yet, mostly hype, little substance. As for the Shure 846, if you like balanced armature sound, and music or musicians you adore, these are amazing, period.
I have it. Also lcd2 and empire ears zeus. 846 isa great product. I use it with blutooth kabel and hear netflix 5-8 hours each day. For music 846 is really good. Zeus is rissy and dont like amps, 846 dont care. They can play well at any volume and the amp is no problem. I almost find anything I dont like in any HP/iem. Lcd2 has a weird midge range, very good bass. 846 has no really flaw.
Recently I picked up the new aonic 5 that has triple drivers. I can notice that the sound stage is wide and clear. However, I feel that it lacks bass. I realise 845 is performing much better at the lower ends as 845 has quad drivers with an additional sub woofer compared to aonic 5; which I think that that additional sub really makes a lot of difference. Certainly 845 doesn’t come cheap. End of the day it really depends on the user
i got more info about 215 than actually focused rewievs of 215, thanks lol
Awesome review! I truly appreciate the honest point of view. I have my SE846 for about 7 years and they still work like a charm and sound great. I bought them back in 2013 when I traveled to US because of work and since then I fell in love with the sound quality from this earphones when you hear a nice recording. In terms of build quality for the 7 years of daily use they already paid off their $1000 USD price, and with the clear model I bought I noticed that the shell started to crack in the joint as well for the internal rubbers to deteriorate causing loose internals (nozzle is loose in both earphones). I'm going to contact Shure to see if there is a way to restore my SE846 even though my new pair is on their way as I purchased them as a Christmas present . I know my current SE846 are way out of warranty, but if I can pay a little to send them and get them restored with a new shell and new internal components (rubbers and other deteriorated ones) I will do it with my eyes closed to get back in shape my good old companions.
I have the 425 ,535 and 846 ,very little difference with an average source but try them all with a good source or even a well driven portable like the A&K XB10 and the difference is huge. If you are just plugging into a phone or laptop get the 535. If you have a decent amp/DAC they are worth the asking price £600 UK atm. Incredible audio when fed right. The black DAC you are using there won't hack it at all you need the red as it pushes 2.1 volts which makes all the difference. I returned the black when I realised it was far too weak.
I spent the amount just cause I wanna be the only guy in the gym with them. It would be 'highly unlikely' I would ever meet anybody else with them.
My 535 snapped into two after few years of use. The flex cable was torn and no replacement available . For that price they should really make the case out of metal specially 835. RHA earphones does it and will be buying from them soon.
The 535's are just as good. I have the 846's but have had more pleasure from the 530's which are now the 535's
Oh Man U got deep pockets. I will be extremely if I get 535 using it as my daily driver
Hi Mark, I got my Sure SE846 (CL Version with the transparent case) and the RMCE-TW1 for Wireless (bluetooth) connection adapter without any cable arround me yesterday (10th December 2020). However I can't confirm that the SE846 are worth 1.000 Dollars. I tried the different fittings for the ear and also tested some high quality (FLAC) files to find a reason why these earphones are so much more expensive than a 200 dollar earpod pros. Neither me nor my wife can really confirm that they are worth the money. I do not hear the subwoofer, which is one of the selling points for this product, which contains build in subwoofer and many other things that are supposed to improve the sound quality. I can confirm that the quality is really good, but any Sennheiser in-ear or lower than 300 or 200 dollar ear phones also have good quality. Hence overall I would not do that again and send so much money on ear buds. I can only advise anyone who considers buying them to at least test them with different fittings for the ear. In my opinion they are really not worth the amount of money. And the most important point of all: This product is over 6 years old. The oldest review video for them is from 2014. I can't even find thunderbolt or any other adapter directly from Shure to plug the 846 to my iphone. Cheers
Can you please tell us more about the phone call quality? Is it possible to call with them?
I just purchased these earphones and the Bluetooth adapters that go behind the ears, and I was expecting to be blown away by the sound but I'm not I tried the cable connection and Bluetooth and I'm just wondering what could possibly be wrong. For $1000 I should be amazed. Any ideas?
Your review on these IEM's was a joy to listen to. I appreciate not hearing all the daunting specs. I most enjoyed your honest comparison between the different models. Thank you!
I recommend these bluetooth adapters I get 55 hours of music playback on them. Enough so I only have to charge once a week while working. Also has usb type-c charging port. The official shure ones suck. The only get like 9 hours of playback, you have to clip to the back of shirt, the connectivity on it sucks.
Does anyone own this iem and the sennhieser momentum tws that can tell me which is better in sound quality?
What you like to say about apple phone and there relative cost they deserve 1500 dollars
Are they better than the senhieser momentum tws
needs Tsukuba circuit in the back
Hey. Please try out the RHA T20I To compare. Because to me I absolutely love the RHA, Especially when you compare the price difference.
What about jh audio
Shure 846 is the best earphone on the planet. But let you in a little secret. Try the $40 Mpow M5, I cannot believe they sounded almost identical. I must be crazy. Because I'm selling all my headphones after getting the Mpow M5
You can get custom sleeves for your Shure SE in-ears from Sensaphonics for 150$ (200 for some of the color options).
See you on this channel :))) earphones cover frequencies human ear cannot even perceive. so why pay that much for that kind of stuff?
I had them and sold them they promised a lot but failed to deliver
U should've went for custom with that price point on the 846, but hey. U experiment with your money and they are great
Own the SE535 and Campfire audio Andromedas. Looking at the 846s as well.
Man I really want to experience sound but I’m broke :( I’m someone who thinks Apple headphones sound good the best I’ve heard is beats and AirPods
better than Sennheiser HD600?
Shure KSE1500
Take the 2 pieces of foam out of the blue filters with a safety-pin (2 in each filter - 4 total - hold up to strong light to check) and prepare for audio experienced users swear by this setup.while the whites are nice, for loud listeners, they're too sharp, blues without the foam however are magnificent.
Shure your cable is a disgrace
The best one I've ever had! ‍♂️
I got a set of these last year for gaming and rockin' out, and DANG they were expensive but no regrets. They make my ears itchy after a couple hours, but I think that's just a me problem. If you have the money and you are thinking about pulling the trigger on these, stop hesitating and just do it.
great comercial
Enjoyed the review. I own these, too. The only quibble I would have is that they are definitely not neutral out of the box, with the standard filters. Even with the blue "bright" filters, they are objectively warm. The good thing is that they simulate a subwoofer, so there's a visceral sub-bass boost that doesn't bleed into the mids and doesn't obscure the highs. So it's sort of like the benefits of increased bass without the usual drawbacks thereof.
Study the Greats pleaaaaaassssssse!
Why do you play traditional grip?
Got the se425, get those or the 535s if you want something similar but not as expensive. Idk y he didn't mention their other models.
Please try out the RHA T20I To compare!
Just got the Shure AONIC 50's not $1000 but still up there at 400 cant wait to try em out.
Lmao Brandon
Youtube algorithm brought me , here's my comment: I own these , and they are worth every dollar. I bought them in 2015 , just changed the cable to a FIIO one and added a Hidizs Sonata Dac+ a FIIO Montblanc amp , streaming from Tidal with Note 10 Plus using USB Audio Player Pro app. Enough said , I just simply rediscovered my music.
Shure 846 is the best earphone on the planet. But let you in a little secret. Try the $40 Mpow M5, I cannot believe they sounded almost identical. I must be crazy. Because I'm selling all my headphones after getting the Mpow M5
not sure if you check comments for videos this way back but did you ever try using these for gaming as well?
I own the Shure SE 846 CL from the moment they appeared on the market and even now they have the same sound signature as the first day, even better. I also bought the Bluetooth adapter Shure RMCE-BT1 and I can use them without connecting the cables to the phone. They're a masterpiece.
I've tried them. They don't deserve the price-tag of $1000. I'd say Bose QC 20s sounded way better and fulfilling than Shurese846. They're also very itchy to ears. I wouldn't recommend them.
Someone please tell me what the style name of that adidas cap he’s wearing is, got to get one of them
Hello, would you tell which one do you like more for casual use and listen to music.se846 or camfire atlas?
You just needed a good phone that can play real Hi-Res audio, iphone insnt in this list belive .
Looking to get these for Xmas. I have the Boss QC 35's. I am aware these are cans vs in ears. Is there that much of a sound quality difference between the 2?
how do these compare with the AKG 5005?
This man need to listen to the campfire audio andromeda
Got eem! So, whatever about price, I think it comes down to what you want and how you perceive it. I have had mine for a year now, and they work well. a lot of stuff that comes with them (including a good design). I have had a bunch and the simple thing is this and it sorta counts when you purchase many things. Did you get what you wanted or needed and are you okay with whatever the price is/was? Enter compromise. if you okay with it’s not the “top of the line”. but you are alright with whatever you gave to get the thing you wanted. then do not buy these. If you really want to know the diff before the 5’s and the extra cost and where it went. get these. Imo- amazing? No. Better than some, yeeaaah, but I deal with the compromise
Which has better sounding quality between shure 846 and sennheisser momentum true wireless? Which one has a deeper, fuller, and heavier bass without distortion to treble and midrange?
I bought these back in April last year and it has to be said that they are utterly perfect. I disagree that they cause ear fatigue, but maybe that's just me using a good fit bud.
2:55 "I'm not really too shure" Lmao
Studio audio experience. You’re going to hear every single track in a song. These changed the way I consume music. You’ll hear things you’ve never heard before in songs you’ve grown up listening to!

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